Chariot race and the Daptizing of Penang

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In Ben Hur the movie, the battle of the chariots is a race to kill.

In Betelham (sister city to Jerusubang), it’s a matter of the DAP state government racing its RM3 million prosperity chariot against the 120-year old Lord Muruga chariot that has traditionally made its way from Little India to the waterfall Hindu temple on Thaipusam.

Yup, the ultrakiasu DAP state is pitting its 1.6-tonne, golden chariot against the old silver one of the Nagarattaar Chettiyaars that has faithfully trundled along over the last century to mark the festival in Penang.

DAP’s imprimatur for the new, 14-foot tall vehicle means bigger, better, faster and more furious. So expect the colour Gilded Gold to leave Faded Silver in its dust when the two rivals race pass the finish line at midnight — for details on the chariot race, see Athi Shankar’s story today in Malaysia Outlook.

Additional note: The silver chariot stops at the waterfall temple. Let’s see how the gold chariot plans to reach the hilltop, if it can. Remember … The DAP aims to be one up.


Gold chariot representing DAP is still a work in process

DAP perennially playing religious politics

It is in the DAP’s kiasu nature to always challenge the status quo so that they get to be No.1. Here they want to upstage the Hindus even though the DAP party leadership is actually spearheaded by evangelistas.

Same as their show of more Muslim-than-born Muslims through Hannah Yeoh’s Occupy Masjid campaigns, Lim Guan Eng’s buka puasa Facebook photo ops and Ong Kian Ming’s jaguh hashtag #sahur on Twitter while Inshallah-ing away, despite that they’re evangelical Christians and not followers of Islam.

Malaysia Outlook journo Athi Shankar characterizes the present attempt by DAP to muscle in on Thaipusam as “a venomous effort”. Said Athi: “It’s like prostituting a Hindu festival for political mileage”.

Furthermore according to Athi, recent dialogue sessions conducted by a prominent Hindu organization revealed that Penang Indians have not benefited much from the almost decade-long DAP rule which they felt to be a “government with the Chinese, by the Chinese and for the Chinese”.

Captain Francis Light Christianing Penang in 1786

Racist, racist, racist and religious bigots too

Christians BAPTIZE babies and converts to induct them into the faith. We see too the evangelical party now trying to DAPTIZE the other religions because, frankly, the DAP zealot leaders are just pure control freaks.

P. Dramasamy, the Penang Deputy Chief Minister II who is chairman of the Penang Hindu Endowment Board that commissioned the new golden chariot, is indirectly permitting the DAP to get a handle on Hindu religious affairs via the Thaipusam oneupmanship.

Hannah Yeoh pergi ke masjid untuk ma

Hannah Yeoh in masjid; where is Jakim the Guardian of Halal when you need them?

This politics of religion is as bad as the nazir-nazir penyokong DAP that threw open mosque and surau doors for the DAP evangelical hordes to enter and occuoy.

“But the naive and ignorant Tamil Hindus will continue to support DAP because they seem [to] can’t get over the feeling of having been ‘betrayed’ by BN and MIC. These naïve and ignorant Indians would be ever willing to be ‘toilet papers’ for DAP Chinese, who will continue to rule the roost in the island-state based on a racist agenda,” added the Penang-based writer Athi Shankar.

Qute fittingly, the Chinese lunar calendar is about to usher in the Year of the Rooster. No doubt DAP cocks of the walk will continue to strut, preen and crow to signal their religious virtue but they should beware the chickens coming home to roost. Their day of reckoning will come soon.


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