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Is the gomen helping Pemandu make money?

Global Transformation Forum is an “event organized by the rich, for the rich and of the rich,” claims DAP Serdang MP Ong Kian Ming.

Ticket prices for GTF 2017 start at RM4,000, and reaching a ceiling of RM10,000.

According to YB Ong, the government gave GTF 2017 a subsidy of RM15 million. He also says in his press statement yesterday that revenue from the transformation forum “goes directly to a private company”.

The private company organizing GTF 2017 is Pemandu Associates Sdn Bhd. It is co-owned by its CEO and president Idris Jala the evangelista. Continue reading “Is the gomen helping Pemandu make money?”

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The joke is on Haris Ibrahim

Blessed are the flexible, for they shall accept Mahathir and Muhyiddin to lead the Dapsters

Last night at an opposition function in Padang Rengas, Muhyiddin Yassin proposed, “Maybe we can name the new coalition between Pakatan Harapan and Bersatu as Barisan Rakyat – Barisan Rakyat to fight against Barisan Nasional”.

Continue reading “The joke is on Haris Ibrahim”

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Price of ikan kembung has dropped to RM2 a kilo

In Sungai Petani, Kedah.

I’ve not been updating my blog since January. Sorry about that.

The earliest reader comment that was left languishing in my moderation queue dated back to 4 Jan 2017 (below) — from commenter ‘surrhead’ @ 2017/01/04 at 5:33 pm.

Surrhead had complained that the price of ikan kembung (in January) shot up to RM10-12 per kilo.

He will be glad to hear that its current price has gone down to between RM1.40 and RM2 — see this March 16 Utusan report. Continue reading “Price of ikan kembung has dropped to RM2 a kilo”

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You rocked, Ridzuan

Lost Souls – a passing

Singer Ridzuan Hamid of Lost Souls fame passed away day before yesterday from a heart attack.

He was 44.

Ridzuan (Wan) fronted the local band that was the opening act for Bon Jovi at a 1995 concert in Shah Alam.

The music clip above Sister Golden Hair is Lost Souls’ cover version of the hit song by America. Below is Lost Souls’ live recording of Bread’s Everything I Own, belted out to a screaming crowd of 50,000.