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Planting chillies and onions at home

Some people were wondering what I did during my 2-½ month hiatus from blogging.

In pictures …

Chilli seeds & fertilizer

Flower pots & bag of soil

Garden fork & trowel

Watering cans

Yes, the chilli seeds sprouted. Progress as in mid-January

How my chillies have grown — picture taken just now

I also recycle old onions in the flower pot. The bulbs will grow green shoots that we can eat.

Chillies are expensive. So are pepper seeds. A lot of foodstuff has gone up in price. Be that as it may, I have nonetheless no intention of rearing my own chickens as yet.


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

2 thoughts on “Planting chillies and onions at home

  1. We are growing chillies at home too! Papaya and lemongrass and turmeric too

    And why is your garden trowel so pretty?? Haha

  2. I am impressed. I’m especially impressed by the cute, colorful accessories. This reminds me of me when I first started gardening. Not sure about the whole gardening thing, but just knew I had to get me the colorful tools, the pretty gloves and the pots and planters.

    That was years ago. Now I just recycle soda bottles to start my seeds and for watering.

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