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Look at how pathetic KFC portions have become

It wasn’t the chicken I wanted. I’d only bought the newly introduced KFC item to get its double cheezy sauce.

Then I added on an order of one cheezy sauce, separately for RM1.80.


So this is what KFC advertized. See below how good their promo picture looks.

And compare what they marketed with what they delivered. The smallness of the cheezy dip portion can be seen by the sauce level — reaching to only about one-third of the mini container.

The retail price of the cheezy sauce above would be RM1.80 x 3 = RM5.40, and this is not yet counting GST.

Imagine for five ringgit and a half, KFC gives you these meagre dollops that you can see for yourself.

For those who like this product, we should source their supplier, buy the cheese powder and just mix the sauce at home ourselves.


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6 thoughts on “Look at how pathetic KFC portions have become

    1. Oh.

      I did try melting some cheeses with milk to get a sauce. My version did not taste as quite as nice.

      1. I bet u didn’t put the secret ingredient. Industrial strength monosodium glutamate.

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