Eating coach vs eating Economy Plus®

April 29, 2017 at 4:25 pm 2 comments

Start paying for the air you breathe? Actually I wouldn’t be surprised if Selangor and Penang were to introduce a ‘breathing tax’.

The international airport in nearly bankrupt Venezuela actually toyed with the above idea a couple of years back of charging its air passengers.

How much does your lunch cost you?

Below is what I had for dinner earlier.

I again had the same thing for lunch today.

I’d added one hard-boiled egg to complement my otherwise innutritious meal.

This is what it should look like when you normally open (unwrap) the bowl of instant noodles. The yellow fork is right on top.

A minor mishap

For whatever reason wrt my lunch just now, the plastic fork had slipped beneath the noodles and out of sight. This ‘disappearing act’ would probably not occur with Mee in a Cup or Mug but since the bowl is bigger than cup/mug, the fork somehow did its disappearing act into the void below.

It was remiss of me but anyway, when I poured hot water, I accidentally cooked the fork too.

To preempt this ‘freak accident’, I would suggest the product packers seal the fork inside the plastic together with the condiments — see below.

Helen’s suggestion

Maggi Hot Mealz was rolled out into the fast food market last year at RM3.50. Consumers then must have thought it too costly. Some supermarkets are currently offering it at a reduced promo price of Rm2.90.

Nonetheless, it’s still pricey to be eating simple or plain instant noodles cooked at home for three ringgit.

Maggi = 89 grams

Super = 75 grams

Although in terms of packaging the Maggi bowl is much bigger than a regular Cup Noodle but going by the net weight of their contents, the difference is relatively slight. Meaning, the noodles ain’t all that much extra despite appearances.

We’re just paying more for the privilege of eating out of a more luxurious sized plastic container (or maybe for the greater volume of air trapped inside). You might say that eating mee out of a cup or mug is like flying coach in a cramped economy-class seat.


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  • 1. Qalam Qabut  |  April 30, 2017 at 7:40 am

    RM3.00 untuk satu kali makan?

    Try my way… Pergi ke kedai nasi campur yang ramai pelanggan, sahih lauk sedap… Tapau lauk dan kari atau sayur kesukaan anda. Kalau campur sambal tentu tak sampai RM5.00. Balik rumah masak nasi saja… Ingat, anda solo, dan nak bajet untuk jadi bilioner satu hari nanti, so jangan ambil berlambak2. Lagi pun memang tak selera sangat nak makan sorang2

    Lepas empat lima kali tapau, aku rasa bajet RM5.00 tu boleh tahan hingga malam dengan menu yang lebih enak dari noodle. Hingga pagi esok pun boleh jika suka buat nasi goreng. Sambal lebih murah dan murah dibeli dari disediakan sendiri dan boleh diguna untuk perencah asas nasi goreng.

    Jika malam ni aku makan nasi padprik, pagi lusa gerenti aku makan nasi goreng perisa padprik untuk sarapan (dengan lebihan perencah dan kuah itu).

    Itu amalan aku bila tinggal solo.

    Helen, harga ikan kembung masih lagi atas paras harga RM10.00 di sekitar bandar SP. TAK AKAN turun! Siapa nak jual murah kalau dah boleh jual mahal.

  • 2. Helen Ang  |  April 30, 2017 at 9:04 am

    Setuju dengan Tuan QQ bahawa sambal / kuah lebih murah jika kita beli saja daripada masak sendiri.

    Dulu pun arwah mak selalu pesan bungkus kari dengan dua biji telur (harga masa tu 2 x 80 sen = RM1.60) kat kedai mamak berdekatan rumah. Lepas tu mak akan sendiri masak nasi.

    Waktu mak masih ada, okaylah boleh berjimat. Saya seorang-seorang agak leceh untuk masak nasi denga beras hanya secawan.


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