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TalentCorp still asking disgruntled Dapsters to come back

TalentCorp is something surreal that’s right up the TN50 alley.

Money down the rabbit hole

For all its big budget (many tens of millions ringgit annually), pray tell what is the real worthwhile – if any – objective of this smooth talking government-funded company?

Indeed, what has much hyped TalentCorp ever achieved?

See its latest report below for our gomen money ‘well spent’.

TalentCorp functions held in posh hotels worldwide

For many years now, TalentCorp officers have been happily globetrotting – gallivanting around Europe (see their past itinerary below), traipsing in Australia and New Zealand, Taiwan, Middle East and the four corners of the world – ostensibly for setting up career fairs that entice fresh grads to return to Malaysia.

Whatever makes TalentCorp think these Malaysians living abroad can be persuaded since they have chosen to remain overseas in the first place?

BELOW: TalentCorp ‘career fair’ in Melbourne and Sydney … also in London, Manchester and other attractive holiday destinations

Photo Gallery

International venues – below – where some of the previous TalentCorp events have been held.

What is the Food & Beverages bill incurred by TalentCorp over the last half dozen years, btw?

BELOW: Some of the five-star hotels that have hosted TalentCorp events

TalentCorp function held in this Middle Eastern hotel
TalentCorp function held at Royal Horticultural Hall in the UK

Recruiting sheeple in NZ?

BELOW: TalentCorp schedule attempting to attract Malaysian ‘talents’ in Brussels, Berlin, Frankfurt, Paris, Nice and many other Western capitals and cities


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8 thoughts on “TalentCorp still asking disgruntled Dapsters to come back

  1. Money like these should be spent wooing non-citizen with specialized skills like building nuclear reactor or fighter jets. Better use the funds on local student development than on UNPATRIOTIC TRANSIENT LABOUR WITH UNDESERVED CITIZENSHIP…

  2. Writing of fat cats and colossal wastes, did you know that Pemandu has been or is in the process of being disestablish?

    Didn’t know the word, had to look it up.

    Disestablish: to deprive of an established status; especially : to deprive of the status and privileges of an established church

    Hmmm. Shouldn’t the right word be “disbanded”? Like as in the thieves disbanded?

    And it’s mind boggling that the process of disbanding will end in two years. Furthermore, if they’re disbanded, oops disestablished, then were they contracted to organise the Global Transformation Forum last March, and at what cost to the government?

    I have so many questions and yet no one is answering. Sighhhh

    1. PEMANDU di JPM dah jadi PEMANDU Associates Sdn Bhd. (PASB).

      Adakah nanti akan ada JPM Associates Sdn Bhd ?

    2. The correct question is – at what cost to the people? It’s the people who supports the gov financially

  3. Talking about language. Isn’t Astro’s “The Voice” insulting non Mandarin speaking viewers and the National language itself?
    Astro has set a new standard whereby The Voice Malaysia is the first The Voice programme in the world that does not use the National Language of its native broadcaster. The Voice US, UK uses English which is the national language of those countries.
    Remember Malaysian Idol. The show was broadcast in English and BM which is the proper thing to do. Let us make lots of noise so that Astro reconsiders their Mandarin rule on the Voice.
    Popular international reality TV show The Voice has now made its mark on this side of Southeast Asia, with a new show aimed at Singaporean and Malaysian audiences.*

    The singing competition will now be adapted for the countries under one program, co-produced by mm2 entertainment along with cable providers StarHub (Singapore) and Astro (Malaysia).

    They’ve now opened entries to aspiring singers from these two countries, and they assure that they’re “on the search for true talents with good voices regardless of their appearances.” But there is one curious catch: you must be able to sing in Mandarin.

    “There is no restriction on race as long as you have a good voice, are fluent in Mandarin, and are able to perform Mandarin songs,” they state on the FAQ page on their official website.

    It appears that this version of The Voice is primarily targeted towards Mandarin-speaking audiences. This differs from the Singaporean adaptation of American Idol, where contestants sang in English.”


    1. no one stop u from getting the national language or eng version. cash is king mah.

      tanah pun banyak dah jual, sekarang jual talent mengapa bising sangat?

      1. Sebab Bahasa Kebangsaan Malaysia adalah Bahasa Melayu. Orang dari China yang ingin menjadi warganegara Malaysia kena belajar dan lulus Bahasa Melayu.

        Unfortunately Astro is stopping hopeful singers who are not conversant in Mandarin to participate. I wonder since when Mandarin becomes the official National language of Malaysia? Why must Astro set a precedent with the Voice franchise with the first non National language series in the world?

        HY, are you in agreement with Astro to have the first Voice series in the world that goes against the national language of the country? Well, I do not agree.

        Cash is king mah. The non Mandarin speaking Astro viewers are quite a lot . What happens if they move to HyppTV?

        1. i suppose the broadcast will be done on chinese channel, both msia n spore. its a mandarin show targeting mandarin speaking audiance, not limited to this region. i think this have much to do with commercial, n linguistic hegemony, similar to eng in the pass. we may try to resist this by having policy like bm n eng only program, but i doubt how effective this would be and whats the objective of doing so in this globalise/internet environment.

          i notice my kids know very little of tvb / hk actor actress. it seem their generation idol r mostly from mainland china, in fact they rarely watch astro. i dun know how cable tv could survive in the long run.

          personally i prefer a voice could have multi languages to reflect our msian uniqueness. but i oso know its always the official n national thingy that prevent this from happening. so one country 2/many system could be the way out.

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