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Hannah Yeoh’s attempt reflective of Chinese eagerness to emigrate

Below are some graphs representing the results of an attitude survey of Malaysians.

The study was released to the press by CIMB in conjunction with May 13 today. Commissioned by Nazir Razak’s bank, it was conducted by three researchers from Oxford University – Dr Ananthi Al Ramiah, Prof. Miles Hewstone and Dr Ralf Wölfer.

The Oxford survey found Malaysian Chinese to be the ethnic group with the strongest desire to emigrate to a better country — see bar graph below.

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We can relate the study findings above to some real life examples to see how screwed up such Chinese emigrant wannabes can get when their Harapan to live in the West is thwarted and their ambition to settle down among Christian society is shattered.

Take Hannah Yeoh who once studied in the Tasmanian boondocks but failed to get Australian permanent residence. Since then, Hannah has been spewing her Anak Malaysia toxins like hot lava from a continuously sputtering volcano.

Her Bangsa Malaysia extremism represents a pendulum swing right to the opposite end of the spectrum (from a woman who had earlier desperately preferred to reside Down Under).

Hannah’s about-turn towards donning tudung and camping in mosques was likely done to cover up her personal disappointment and embarassment at being rejected by a white Christian country.

Malaysian Chinese are also the group having the least confidence that the government is protecting their community interests — see graph above.

Malaysian Chinese are furthermore the group that is least comfortable (or to put it another way, the group that is most unhappy) with Malays receiving special privileges — see graph above.

I recall Hannah Yeoh once berating a group of flat dwellers for wanting to set up their own Malay Residents Association. She thinks such people are racist.

Buddhists are the nicest to everybody else as the chart below – similarly taken from the Oxford survey – indicates.

Among the various faith adherents, Malaysian Christians are the ones receiving the coldest shoulder from Muslims. This survey result is not in the least bit surprising when we consider the grave suspicion with which the evangelista missionaries are viewed.


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2 thoughts on “Hannah Yeoh’s attempt reflective of Chinese eagerness to emigrate

  1. Very true indeed helen😃 especially regarding the born again christians such as hannah yeoh, with her snobbish ‘holier than thou’ attutute and ‘lupa diri’ wrt her chinese and malaysian roots and culture.

    Yup,buddhists in msia have always been more peace loving n tolerant rakyat msia😎…

  2. If people like Hannah immigrated to Australia, most likely they will be in a 9 to 5 job, living from month to month. But when she is in Malaysia, she earn big buck. Many of the immigrated Chinese make big buck in Malaysia. Then they will use the money they made in Malaysia to buy properties in Australia and immigrate there with large saving and enjoy their life there. They will then claim that they migrate because they are marginalized in Malaysia.

    If they were to start from zero, most of them will be going nowhere.

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