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Of course thick skinned Hannah wouldn’t relinquish power for principle

In 2013, voters elected the coalition of DAP-PKR-PAS to govern Selangor. Pakatan was a package deal just as Barisan is a package offer.

Today, DAP wants PAS excos sacked from the Selangor government now that there is no longer tahaluf siyasi between PAS and the Menteri Besar’s party.

BELOW: Dapster calls PAS Selangor commissioner “thick skinned’

However when there was a similar breach earlier, where the tahaluf siyasi between DAP and PAS was broken, the DAP’s Selangor excos were deaf to identical calls for them to resign.

There is a symmetry to the positions of the three parties in the Selangor government. They are like three legs of a stool – DAP has 14 Aduns, PAS 13 and PKR 13. What applies to PAS must equally apply to DAP.

DAP Speaker Hannah Yeoh

Why must PAS withdraw when DAP refused to budge?

How can DAP presently demand that PAS be sacked when DAP itself had earlier refused to quit the Selangor government when the tripartite pact was dissolved? Remember … there is no more Pakatan Rakyat.

Currently, DAP is the party leading opposition state Penang while PAS is the party leading opposition state Kelantan. Both DAP and PAS are parties in the federal opposition. Their political standing is analogous to each other and on the same plane.

But what we see now is that DAP wants PAS to be subjected to one unfavorable rule while DAP makes up another entirely different and lenient rule for itself.

“No sense of self worth and self respect….fakes”

Face like chief Spanish Inquisitioner Torquemada

Rabid Dapster mob rampage against PAS Selangor

Look at the love-love-love comments by Dapsters in the latest Malaysiakini article headlined ‘PAS staying put in S’gor gov’t to stop DAP “mischief”, says Sallehen‘. Whatever they’re saying about PAS and PAS people is equally applicable to DAP and DAP people, don’t you think?

I’m copypasting verbatim the Dapster comments in Malaysiakini, and shall merely substitute ‘DAP’ for PAS and ‘Hannah Yeoh’ for Sallehen Mukhyi. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

BELOW: A Dapster ptuii PAS excos as all being “thick skin”

The Dapster tells PAS: “If want power and enjoy perks, just say so and don’t use other excuses”. (Do you hear that, Hannah Yeoh and DAP?) “Just admit that you want to have the cake and eat it.”

Another Dapster comment: “The PAS (DAP) members have been receiving high salaries and perks in their current positions. It is very difficult for them to suddenly give up all those goodies. So they are desperately looking for all sorts of idiotic and ridiculous excuses to cling on to their positions and hoping that the good times would continue. In short it all boils down to ‘cari makan’.”

More Dapster comments: “PAS (DAP) gila kuasa, gila pangkat”

 “Shameless Salih pukiyudin (Hannah Yeoh) just hoping to hold on to power in Selangor.”

 “It’s not low class but no class excuse! No principles left in any of them.”

 “Ustaz Sallehen (Pastor Hannah) should refer his Koran (her Bible) to see if wanting to continue to feed on his dedak is ok with his Almighty Allah.”

 “Hard to give up high salaries and perks.”

•  “says Sallehen (Hannah) spokesman for the pious … party”.

 “PAS (DAP) just a bunch of fascists. God will send them to HELL.”

•  PAS (DAP) speak in the tongue of the satan. I hope DAP (PAS) dont go down to such low … like what PAS (DAP) is doing now and how their hideous maneuvering to work with Umno (Mahathir’s party) which is a party of corrupts”

 “Stop telling lies, PAS (DAP) has proven it is full of deceit and greedy for power and money.”

“Don’t pretend la, holy ustaz[ah]. Allah is watching.”

   “Hypocrites and fakes.”

 “PAS (DAP) Selangor, partai keboloq!”

 “It wasn’t a DAP (PAS) MB that got locked up for corruption.”

  “This is bullshit from Salehan Mukyi (Hannah Yeoh). Since you decide to sever ties from PKR (PAS) and your leadership wants to work with Umno/BN (Mahathir’s party), it is clear as day that you must leave the Exco”

 “Tok Guru Nik Aziz (Karpal Singh) will turn in his grave. PAS (DAP) has lost all sense of logic and fairness. It is just attacking everyone disagreeing with them.”

  “Exhibiting the typical hypocritical symptoms as most of them have […] and mostly of that ethnic. Twisting of words to suit their self interests and totally stupid. So typical and totally no self worth and a disgrace to this nation. DAP (PAS) is a convenient punching bag and a boogie man. None of their added total integrity, if any left, added up be enough to compare with LGE (Hadi)!”

  “PAS (DAP) sounds confused.”

 “PAS (DAP) is a party yang cakap tak serupa bikin. PAS (DAP) is also found of name calling on those who don’t agree with them, using words like biawak, taik, kafir (Taliban). Worst still Hadi (Kit Siang) is willing to hug and embrance Umno leader (Mahathir, you mean?) who is tainted with corruption scandal”

 “Not sure why Pakatan is letting these (DAP) vermins to continue to spew such hatred and contempt for the Pakatan led government.”

 “For all the Islamic (Christian) credentials it claims, PAS (DAP) has no honour.”

  “Parti Islam (evangelis) konon – pendirian pun tak betul! Boleh berambuslah!!”


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