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Meet the Katdarshians

Yes, I’m aware Hannah Yeoh is currently in the news and finally getting her well deserved comeuppance.

And I still maintain my position that DAP is dajjal, and Mama Dapster is a menace and mentee of (mentor) Grandpa Dapster.

But lately I’ve been tired and busy. I’m looking after seven cats and a dog.

BELOW: My 3rd generation cat











BELOW: My 2nd generation cat – mommy to the cat above 









BELOW: My 1st generation cat – mommy to the cat above








Who says cat and dog can’t …
… live together in Peace & Harmony


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6 thoughts on “Meet the Katdarshians

  1. Helen,

    I am looking after one indoor cat and 9 outdoor cats who are strays including 4 kittens whose mother just got hit by a car in front of my house. Next month, the kittens will be old enough to be neutered/spayed. I will trap them and send them to an animal clinic which charge a lower fee. I am a member of Triple R Pets, an organization which help Chicagoans to monitor the stray cat population in our backyard.. Normal charge for spaying is USD250 per kitten but through Triple R Pets, I need to pay only USD45 per kitten. My advice to people who keep pets is please get them fixed.

    1. Thanks for sharing.

      I’d like readers also to know that some vets (where I live in S’gor) do reduce their charges for treatment of strays.

      Six of my cats have been neutered. One last one – the alpha male – to go. Making appointment for him but he has to get into the (long) queue at my popular vet’s.

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