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RBA menyamar Muslim bagi mempertahankan Hannah

Sesumpah bangsat betul.

Sekor munafik nih yang membahasakan diri ‘Azhar’ (konon!) telah berkata di Malaysiakini:

“Do not chase shadows or imaginary ‘hantus.’ What is next? Blasephemy? Tolong lah saudara. Jangan malukan umat kita. YB Hannah is a true blue Malaysian.”

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3 thoughts on “RBA menyamar Muslim bagi mempertahankan Hannah

  1. No, i don’t think Azhar is a dap operative……..cos there are a lot of Muslims who has attended Methodist, Anglican, Convent schools, and stays Muslim…….These guys sees cross everyday. And they mix well……I am sure it’s hard for you to comprehend seeing a Muslim who has strong faith and mind, but there are many out there. Shows the teachers did well there….

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