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Casus belli

The following are some Malaysiakini latest headlines pertaining to the Mama Dapster-Kamarul faultline: ‘Faced with derision, UUM lecturer flaunts academic qualifications’ and ‘Unfazed lecturer says Hannah Yeoh started it first, flays critics’.

You can imagine just how abusive the readers’ comments are, after being egged on by such highly slanted and incendiary pro-Hannah articles.

An evangelical hack by the name of Stephen Ng has the following Malaysiakini opinion pieces to his name: ‘Kamarul Zaman, stop the bragging’ and ‘Kamarul Zaman is a disgrace to the academia’ − the latter which echoes Kit Siang’s screed “Is Kamarul Zaman fit to be a lecturer of a public university?”

Stephen Ng is a mean spirited monkey who’s definitely reflective of his troop of like-minded (or ‘mindless’ to be more accurate) DAP evangelistas.

I suspect Gerard Lourdesamy is yet another evangelista in the malicious mould of Stephen. Anyway, below is Gerard’s comment:

(1) Gerard writes: “If he [Kamarul Zaman] claims that this was an academic discourse then why question Hannah’s faith and beliefs? Confine yourself to the policies of the DAP that claims to be secular rather than accusing Hannah of wanting to convert Muslims?”

Helen says: So, Gerard is insisting that Hannah’s role must be separated from the DAP. By the same token, Dr Kamarul must be separated from UUM. Hope Gerard will explain this concept of separation of individual from organization to the bonehead below called ‘voice’.

‘Voice’ commented on the same Malaysiakini thread as Gerard, “Who said what you [Kamarul] have did have nothing to do with UUM. No doubt you said or did in your personal capacity but dont forget that you was a lecturer employed by UUM. So, what you have said and did will reflect the quality of teaching and thinking in UUM.”

We can and should also apply the same Dapster argument on Hannah then: Who said that what you’ve done (preaching, proselytizing) has nothing to do with DAP? No doubt you claim doing so in your personal capacity but don’t forget that you are an Adun representing DAP. So, what you have said and done – by riding on your party and Speaker fame – will reflect the thinking in DAP.

(2) Gerard writes: “Look at the groups that are supporting him [Kamarul]. All are supportive of Umno and PAS and the Ketuanan Melayu and Islam dogma.”

Helen says: Congratulations! This ugly mob attack on Dr Kamarul has brought together even more Umno and PAS people collectively in his defence.

(3) Gerard writes: “Going by Kamarul’s logic the Holy Bible should be banned next.”

Helen says: Only little earlier, this very same Gerard had insisted that Dr Kamarul is Isis and Taliban. Now he draws on the illogic that an objection to Hannah mixing religion and politics is equivalent to desiring a ban on the Bible.

(4) Gerard writes: “Bottom line is that Muslims think they are far superior to everybody else and have a monopoly on the truth. Nothing could be more untrue.”

Helen says: Bottomline is that this blatant bullying of a Muslim lecturer by the Dapster-evangelistas is an excellent method of herding Malay votes to Umno and PAS. Nothing could be more true.

Those Chinese and Indians who are Buddhists and Hindus should pause a moment to assess the consequences of the evangelistas’ actions. You can no longer dismiss this blitzkrieg on Kamarul as the act of a handful of fringe elements such as Alvin Tan and his (then) girlfriend Vivian Lee, or rare individuals like Namewee or YouTiup.

This attack on Dr Kamarul is in fact widespread involving thousands of online and social media insults and fanning of the mob by partisan media personnel and biased media organizations.

Those who are supporting Hannah are the DAP, PAN, Dapsters, evangelistas, liberal NGOs & activists and church people … to name a few. Those who are supporting Kamarul are PAS, Isma, Muslim NGOs & activists, Awang Selamat and religious authorities people … to name a few.

Malaysia is very much divided into two − each side aligned with either Kamarul or Hannah.

If Chinese Buddhists and Indian Hindus are smart, they would distance themselves from the extreme hostility being displayed by the DAP evangelistas who are viewed as warmongers.


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6 thoughts on “Casus belli

  1. Sorry, i am with Hannah, she seems smarter than Kamarul, a so called NEP produced insecure doctor who knows nothing besides using race and religion as a political tool. PAS will easily fall for this trap -it’s religion ma….Umno will capitalize on it

      1. Care to explain how is she hypocrite? by practicing her faith? And now, practicing own’s faith is wrong?? Did she introduce any bill relating to Christianity?? You are only agreeing to Dr Kamarul cos you need to suck up to the umno brand Malays, and to stay relevant……

        1. I’m sure that I’ve said Hannah is a bloody hypocrite years ago.

          There are many reasons I view her as a disgusting hypocrite but naming one would suffice.

          (1) She raised a stink at NRD, demanding that her newborn be classified “Anak M’sia” in the ‘Keturunan’ birth cert box when there is and has never been no such a category under our official documentation.

          (2) She insisted that her baby – being of mixed race – cannot be put under any of the existing ethnic boxes. With the support of her party, she even later petitioned the PM to compel a gomen dept. to create this new category specially for her (shortly after, LGE’s political secretary Ng Wei Aik too pulled the same stunt for his baby girl), and trying to do away with race identification in our official MyKad.

          (3) The NRD ignored her drama queen shenanigans and simply did the paperwork on her behalf – classing Shay Adora Ram as “Chinese” under race, and “Christian” under religion.

          (4) When she received a backlash from MIC and the more traditional among the Indian community, she conveniently shifted the blame and said the NRD clerk did it. Well, the clerk got the child’s religion correct, so it is a stretch to pretend that the mother did not check and approve the form ascertation process. And in any case, she only accused the clerk after she had gotten flak from the Indians. So I don’t buy Hannah’s flimsy excuse of faulting the gomen counter staff.

          (5) Hannah’s second child is classed ‘Indian’ in her birth cert. So now the two girls – sisters having the same father – one is Chinese, and the other is Indian. From the younger girl’s details, it appears that following the father’s race is the default position. After all, both our Chinese and Indian civilizations are partriachies.

          (6) So why did the ostensible ‘colour blind’ DAP politician – when denied her own pluck-from-thin-air first option, and forced to choose between either one of the parent’s ethnicity, pick the maternal line to follow? Poor Mr Hannah Yeoh … the whole of M’sia can see who wears the pants in that family.

          (7) Hypocrite much? Hell yah.

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