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My ‘Korean’ Katz

Below — my black & white cat and my white & black cat

Smarty Snowboots is the stereotypical black cat with green eyes, plus white paws. Her buddy Dali is a white ekor kontot with black patches.

They make a yin and yang pair.

Smarty showing off her snowboots








Like her Mommy and her Granny, Dali sleeps with her feet in the air.

Below is an East meets West music video clip featuring Korean teenage guitar whiz Sungha Jung accompanying singer-composer Jason Mraz. Enjoy the happy tune.


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    1. Instead of asking us to check out people looking like celebrities (political figures), you should point out cats looking like famous personalities.

    1. Bandwagon stopped. Good call by the surau. More surau & masjid should learn to say no to politics and politicians.

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