8 thoughts on “Is Hannah Yeoh M’sian First or Christian First?

  1. Ms H. Is she a real Christian who are well-versed with the Bible or is she a fake or rice Christian of which there are many in Malaysia. Some of them even have two or more wives and do not know where is Jerusalem which they think is in China. As for Christmas and the snowy scenes, those fake ones in the KL Malls will do. Why ? It’s all money, money and money for these so-called new Christian folks. They do not mind calling themselves Ramsbotham, Wincey etc.

    1. “Stop thinking, and end your problems.
      What difference between yes and no?
      What difference between success and failure?
      Must you value what others value,
      avoid what others avoid?
      How ridiculous!

      Other people are excited,
      as though they were at a parade.
      I alone don’t care,
      I alone am expressionless,
      like an infant before it can smile.

      Other people have what they want;
      I alone possess nothing.
      Alone I drift about,
      like someone without a home.
      I am like an idiot, my mind so empty.

      Other people are bright;
      I alone am dim.
      Other people are sharp;
      I alone am dull.
      Other people have ambition;
      I alone don’t know.
      I drift like a wave with the ocean,
      I blow as goal-less as the wind.

      I am different from ordinary people.
      I drink from the Great Mother’s breasts.”

      Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching, chapter 20

      Sir, whether they call themselves this or that religion but if money is their world, waking and sleeping they have missed the point of birth and death. Life missed them.

  2. She is politician first, the rest come after. She is no different from the so-called Islamists who use Islam for political expediency, the only difference is of course, she is using Christianity for politics.
    Stay away from this type.

    1. Classic example of making the other side looks equally bad too if not worst. Confuse them if you could not win the argument.
      Since defensing hannah aka dap would be unwinnable…might as well take a swipe at islamist aka pas.

  3. She is Christian First for sure, and about the Malaysian part I am not sure if she is Malaysian or already an Aussie PR/citizen. We know that she always wanted to move to the Oz and now that she’s stuffed with cash (from us the poor taxpayers), she probably already has an Aussie PR via the investor’s route.

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