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Hannah Yeoh’s Islamophobic fans

There have been thousands, if not tens of thousands, of abusive attacks on Dr Kamarul Zaman Yusoff by the rabid fans of Hypocrite Hannah.

I’ve screenshot one latest example (see below). Nonetheless over the past week, I’ve seen plenty of rude comments by Hannah defenders that display either overt hostility or a latent animus towards Islam.

One can’t help wondering why the (verbally) violent fan base of evangelical pastor Hannah is so nasty and aggressive. Ain’t she supposed to be preaching love? Yet the behaviour of her flock is nothing but hateful.

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21 thoughts on “Hannah Yeoh’s Islamophobic fans

  1. Because their MO is so sickly predictable…when they cannot lawan hujah or deny…maki the other side kaw2…bcoz maki is the only way they know and maki make them feel superior

  2. Islamophobia is an illusion concocted by the Muslims. The term was coined so that they could play the victims and justify their radicalised minority.

    In reality, the Muslims bully the rest.

    Non Muslims are prohibited from marrying a Muslim unless they give up their religion = Fine, cool, it’s how it is so deal with it. We don’t give a toss about your right to choose but hey, we are Muslims and you are not! Islam is the religion of the federation blah blah blah.

    Muslims are prohibited from leaving Islam for another religion = It’s perfectly acceptable and just.

    Non Muslims/Westerners condemn Islamic terrorists = Islamophobia.

    Non Islamic nations take in many more Muslim refugees than what Islamic countries do = Islamophobia as they are not taking in enough.

    An idiot who calls himself a Dr is criticized for being an idiot =Islamophobia according to Helen and most Muslims.


      “He (Mat Sabu) said attitudes similar to the terrorist group began infiltrating PAS some four to five years ago, which gave birth to the dangerous “takfiri” culture, or labeling other Muslims as infidels. Mohamad said the takfiri culture was a big reason PAS had lost many of its most popular and nationally recognisable leaders, who went on to form Amanah, of which he is now president.”

      1. (Al-Quran, 2:177)

        In the Name of Allah Most Compassionate & Merciful
        “Righteousness does not consist in turning your faces towards the east nor towards the west;
        True righteousness consists in believing in God and the Last Day, the Angels, the Scripture and the Prophets, and in giving away one’s property, for the love of your Lord, to one’s kinsmen, the orphans, the poor and the wayfarer, and to those who ask for help, and in freeing the bondage of slaves, and in attending to Prayer and to dispense the Zakah.
        True righteousness is attained by those who are faithful to their promise once they have made it and by those who remain steadfast in times of hardship and affliction and during the battle (between truth and falsehood).
        Such are the truthful ones; such are the devotees of God”.

        Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. said:
        “It is unworthy of a mukmin [a person of faith] to injure other people’s reputations; it is also unworthy to curse anyone and it is unworthy to abuse any one; and it is unworthy of a mukmin to talk arrogantly.”

        “God’s kindness towards His creatures is far greater than a mother’s love towards her babe.”

        “Truly, God is benevolent, and is fond of mildness, and He gives to the mild what he does not give to the harsh.”

        “Truly God instructs me to be humble and lowly and not be proud, hence no one should oppress others.”

    2. So if it is an “illusion” then what should the Muslim sister who was murdered in Germany for wearing a hijab be called?

      You are an idiot the very same type who like to deny their hatred for something and give it an excuse.

      It is not “Islamophobia” it is anti-Islamic hatred so with you there.

      It was not “concocted” in the same way “antisemitism” is concocted by Zionists to be forever the victims Muslims are under actual attack something a brain dead moron like you won’t care to even bother educating yourself on.

      It exists nothing you say will change that.

      If you don’t like Islamic rules leave Malaysia why are you whining online?

      You accuse Muslim countries of Islamophobia but in your first sentence, you declared it was an “illusion” what a moron.

      Why are you whining about marriage? What has that got to do with your audacious claim that anti-Islamic bigotry doesn’t exist? Your whole comment is idiotic.

      Why not leave Malaysia an Islamic country for your precious “free world”?

      1. Another Muslim who thinks the whole world is against you. Take an isolated case of the Muslim woman in Germany to make your point. Typical. I could use the London and Manchester attacks to make mine, but that would be ridiculous at it doesn’t reflect the majority.

        If these countries are displaying so much bigotry, why is there such a sizeable Muslim population in most Western nations? Most of them are not there as skilled migrants but rather as refugees btw.

        Why shouldn’t I use the marriage of a non to a Muslim as an example? It was done to prove to you that the real bigotry works the other way around.

        It’s perfectly relevant and displays the type of oppression and subjection that Muslims happily dish out to others. The fact that you could not even accept that point tells me about your victim mentality. Could you imagine the uproar by the Muslims if the Western nations implemented this but the conversion had to be to Christianity.

        “Why not leave Malaysia an Islamic country for your precious “free world”?”

        Another great bullying tactic when proven wrong. The typical retort. Translation – we will continue to oppress the minorities and you either shut up and put up or leave.

      2. “ISIS propagandists have launched a coordinated online campaign accusing prominent Muslim clerics in the Arab world and the West of betrayal in an apparent bid to delegitimize them, especially in the eyes of younger Muslims. The campaign, titled “Fight the Imams of Unbelief” targets prominent clerics by name, including Salafi theologians such as firebrand Egyptian cleric Yousuf al-Qaradawi and Saudi Arabia’s ‘Abd Al-‘Aziz Aal Al-Sheikh. Qatar-based Yousuf al-Qaradawi warned that ISIS chief al-Baghdadi’s ambitions would have dangerous consequences for Sunnis in Iraq and Syria and dismissed the caliphate announcement when it was made as “void under Sharia.”

  3. Like this la, beliefs are just thoughts. And there is no such thing as a thought crime, I have a right to think whatever and however I want.

    In other words, I can declare myself a Christian on Monday, Buddhist on Tuesday, Hindu on Wednesday, wear a turban on Thursday, Taoist on Friday, go Jew on Saturday and try everything on Sunday.

    And I have every right to do that, as long as I skip being a muslim.

    1. It’s not difficult to identify people who share such belief and description as you stated here. Follow the LUST that has no boundary. Subjugate yourself to it. Enjoy while you can. No one even god can prevent you from doing it? Is it not the LUST GOD that you’re worshiping and you don’t realize it?

      Lust is instigated by none but iblis. If you claim you have no god, it is iblis or LUST GOD that you are worshiping. The story of iblis obviously has not reached you yet. Go enlighten yourself in this ramadhan.

      1. There is no such thing as a lust god or iblis. It is all in your head, stop fooling yourself.

      2. If you’re using your head, why keep changing your belief? Can’t you make up your mind? You think you are using your brain? Why continue fooling yourself? People of your kind will not take advice anyway.

        1. Freedom of religion is enshrined in Article 11 of the constitution. I’m neither malay nor muslim, so I can profess any religion I wish or none of it and just live a lawful life under secular laws.

          For the malays/muslims, it is complicated… because once you are in you are not allowed to get out. So thanks but no thanks.

          I say thee.. Nay

  4. Ms H. We Malaysians from 3 ancient civilizations unadulterated by new fangled religions, have lived in peace, harmony and prosperity for centuries. In recent years, we witness a small group of nuts from the TAX FREE RM 2 incorporated ‘churches’ of Singapore and Malaysia going all out to pick a fight with the huge Muslim majority with a Constitution which is Malay biased and accepted by 100% of the population since 1957 as fair and just and supported by stable BN Governments since 1957 ! The minor incidents which these nuts are against and magnified have always been with us for centuries. But by mixing religion and politics, these nuts are treading on ice which breaks will affect all innocent Rakyat. No country in the World these days Singapore, China and the West will accept these mischief makers, maybe for a very few Big Nuts only ! I warn that these stupid nuts do not understand the real Malay heritage, culture and religion. The nuts only look like Chinese but hollow with no cultural ballast inside. They are playing a dangerous game which they with their big mouths think they are smart. I have always said some Chinese are so smart that they become stupid. There are many big names on this list.

  5. Ms H. Over 30 years ago, a politician told me that any person with RM 20 millions could create havoc in our political firmament. Today, we see the truism of his remark. The mischief making by the Opposition in their aggressive drive towards the control of POWER with money from the TAX FREE RM 2 INCORPORATED CHURCHES WHICH ARE ACTUALLY SUBSIDIZED BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AT THE EXPENSE OF US HARD-WORKING RAKYAT and also the powerful foreign money looking for a home to create mischief. This money could turn a 2 room suite of a small lawyer into a prominent figure with a title to boot. It is money money money which these folks are after. We have not heard of political philosophies of the Malaysian kind for many years. An Opposition veteran even implores us to vote for HISTORY whilst the other half of this dynamic duo creates a red herring of a Chinese Bank Loan just before the 14th GE to create an issue to blame the Federal Government when permission is refused. See how issues are created by the dynamic duo when they have no issues !

  6. Ms H. The popular political party amongst the Opposition types have now come up with two issues when they have no issues. First, their venerable leader now wants their supporters to vote for HISTORY ! I thought all politicians promise the FUTURE. But here is one who urged supporters to vote for HISTORY. The first politician to do so and make it to the Guiness Book of Records ! Second, the other half of the dynamic duo produced a red herring of a Chinese Bank Loan for Pulau Pinang which he knows full well it would not be granted permission by the Federal Government. He is preparing to blame the Federal Government for this to cover the INEFFICIENCY and INCOMPETENCE for 8 long years ! At the 12th and 13th GEs, why the dynamic duo did not inform the electorate and supporters that Pulau Pinang is not Singapore. Therefore, the State Government has no means to raise any foreign loan for the promised projects ?

    1. Uncle, Huston Smith the great master of comparative religious studies who recently passed away – God bless his soul – once said:

      “Whether things turn out for the better depends on what we do. We ought not to spend our time masterminding the future, but recognize our marching orders: to do the best we can for history and the planet.”

      I suppose politicians are too busy promising futures when they should rather be creating good history in the here and now.

      What in the world could one mean by voting for history? Whose history, which history? As if historical narrative is a monolithic enterprise.

  7. Since Prophet Muhammad is an Arab, do malays have to obey Arabs as their masters? Like a Sunnah?

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