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Well done for not honking

McDonald’s delivered my breakfast a little while ago − shortly before 5am just now.

When my fish porridge arrived, the despatch rider did not honk at the gate but instead gave me a call on my mobile.

It was a small but thoughtful gesture.

I don’t know if it was done upon the initiative of the delivery guy personally or the McDs outlet processing my order, or if it is even the company guideline in general. Nonetheless, it was good that the motorbike horn was not sounded to disturb my neighbours (and cats) who are still sleeping.

Btw, McD’s fish porridge is a new item on the menu. It tastes better than their chicken porridge but is more expensive by RM2. The fish pieces inside the porridge could well be the same Filet-O-Fish patty simply sliced into three rectangular strips, hahaha.

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One thought on “Well done for not honking

  1. Ms H. I have read without fail the number of times in our local newspapers in which journalists reported that the drivers were honking before a crash. And the other jocular phrase in articles on cuisine from straight faced ladies who always said, ” I cook myself !’ No wonder their dishes are so tasty !

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