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Rosmah reacts

Rosmah Mansor today signaled to netizens bashing her online that their “false allegations” and criminally malicious comments about her in the social media will not be tolerated.

Her reaction would appear to be linked to latest developments announced in the (American) Department of Justice presser .

The DoJ statement on 1MDB created eyebrow-raising news headlines yesterday in our Malaysian media, including The J-Star.

It does make one wonder whether Uncle Sam is taking a hatchet to the Najib administration. If so, then it only natural to expect Najib to pivot to rival superpower China.

The USA is a Christian country and its current Republican president was propelled into the Oval Office by a big wave of white evangelical vote. President Trump strongly supports Israel and during his election campaign, he promised to move the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

China, on the other hand, is hostile to the evangelistas.



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10 thoughts on “Rosmah reacts

  1. Stupid pakatan supporters..
    Come on la.. do u think a stupid guy can be prime minister?
    He is so stupid if to let his wife buy things using some company’s money? Gosh logic la sikit..
    And the list of things she bought.. hmm..
    How stupid can pembangkang supporters be to blindly believe such thing?

    1. Where is it listed that wife uses company’s money to buy things? At least send a letter of warning to US ambassador – that we will attack US if DoJ does not retrieve the statement. Let’s not talk about Umno lawyers suing DoJ, one has gotta be well versed with law to do that.

        1. It is ok to swindle Tabung Haji, cos the main contributors are kampong folks, who can be deceived easily with brim and TV3

  2. Dear Helen, perhaps this picture depicts what Islam has to say as regards to tolerance practiced dan given by the Muslim in Malaysia.

    However what we do not understand is why are the ‘others’ keep encrouching into the Islamic matters, aggressiveness to ‘save’ muslim up to the extend to take a land for god. All these ‘overlimit’ matters should be treated under SOSMA as all these actions tend to destabilise this country.

    Islam will always be the pillar for Malaysia as enshrined in the constitution.

  3. Kesian dekat ‘Wife of MO1’, tentu malu nak pi syopping di NY dah. Maklumlah sekarang dah semakin2 famus.

    Aku cadang dia pakai hijab supaya orang tak kenal… Eh… tapi dia memang suka dikenal dan terkenal, kan?

  4. quote,”China, on the other hand, is hostile to the evangelistas.’unquote.

    China is also hostile to Chinese Muslims in China to the extend that they are not allowed to fast during Ramadan month.

    1. But China has not destroyed any mosque.

      On the other hand, China has demolished thousands of churches.

  5. Helen, will you stand up beside Rosmah since you clearly support her? Though given that it’s the tw of you, they will need a large stage….

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