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Good news

Some Speedmart 99 outlets are opening until 11pm, yay.

Speedmart is my favourite place to shop for basic necessities. My least favourite is Tesco.

I don’t go to expensive places like Cold Storage, Jaya Grocer or Sam’s Groceria.

Sometimes you can get stuff cheaper at your neighbourhood sundry shop compared to even the hypermarkets like Giant. Likewise smaller local supermarkets like NSK and Hero Market offer more competitive prices than the national Giant chain.

We now need to compare notes with fellow budget shoppers to find the best places because things are just getting too expensive of late. Price hikes are speedier than RapidKL!

GE14 is going to be fought over bread-and-butter issues. BN should beware the calm before the storm.





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One thought on “Good news

  1. Bring back the neighbourhood sundry shops (provisions shops in old colonial speak). They were creative and flexible. Could get a beer at 3.00 in the morning when friends would arrive unannounced, or over the counter medication before the doctor arrived, a meal, cigarettes and anything else except for father or mother. Tesco is a failure in its selection of goods and the way the place is laid out. Don’t know too much about the rest.

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