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Why I hope Haris Ibrahim will outlive the immortal Tun

Haris Ibrahim is founder of the Anything But Umno (ABU) movement. He really, really hates the parti Melayu because, you see, Haris is colour blind and beyond race.

Therefore it truly tickles all my twelve toes just imagining Haris’ reaction to Tun suddenly becoming Harapan ‘top dog’.

Imagine Haris brooding ominously upon the reversed fortunes of Dr M – his nemesis whom he calls by the nicknames “Mamak Kutty” and “s/o Mohamed Kutty” – and nursing dark thoughts about Tun’s present preeminence as the opposition chairman. Priceless!

You can’t get any more Animal Farm than this Orwellian twist of ex-Umno politicians leading the Dapster mob to storm the Bastille.

Tun — product ambassador of Pakatan brand

The ABU founder previously laid a “litany of sins … at Mahathir’s door”. Haris has called Mahathir “racist” (here), “evil” (here), “despicable” (here), liar (here), “Mahafiraun” (here), screwer of Sabahans (here), screwer of the ordinary rakyat (here) … and so on and so forth.

Yup, the 93-year-old founder of Umno Baru is undoubtedly Haris’ pet hate.

LMAO! And now to see how Haris’ erstwhile DAP allies have reorientated their support to the ex-Umno president of 22 years … wakakaka.

If Haris’ most cherished dream ever comes true and Umno loses the next election, Mahathirism 2.0 will nonetheless still enjoy a rerun within the new Harapan/Umno Lagi Baru gomen.

So yeah bro, whichever coalition wins GE14, you’re definitely the one who got screwed big time.


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6 thoughts on “Why I hope Haris Ibrahim will outlive the immortal Tun

  1. Helen,

    Many non Malay friends of mine asked many many times why UMNO still remains the dominant party among Malay community.

    Despite 1MDB and whatever said by Rafizi and no less than Tun himself, UMNO stiil remain intacts. why? They asked me.

    I told them there are many reasons to it. Despite DAP trying to portray UMNO as racist, UMNO is still “the ” party of choice in Malay areas. One of the reasons is there are any effective local leaders. One example would be MB of Negri Sembilan.

    He is very humble and down to earth. Another popular leader is Dr Zamberi, the Perak MB. Johari is very popular in Kuala Lumpur.


    Tun was the PM for 22 years. He was once respected by malays. But unfortunately he already outlives his goodwill. Malays in general are willing to accept Tun criticizing Najib, UMNO. We accept Tun leaving UMNO.

    BUT MALAYS IN GENERAL cant accept Tun “cozying” with Kit Siang to bring down UMNO just to bring down Najib. This is where Malays draw the line.

    The reason is very simple. Tun achieved the pinnacle of power (becoming the PM) through UMNO. So naturally Malays expect Tun to have some nostalgia towards UMNO.

    We are not stupid. surely the rot in UMNO does not take place the very minute Tun resigning as the premier. If there is rotten affair in UMNO, it must have developed during Tun’s tenure as the PM. What did Tun do to remove the rot?

    What did Tun do to stop Anwar from challenging Tun Ghaffar to the point “money politics” became a familiar word in UMNO circle?

    Tun now saying Anwar did not get a fair trial. Tun of all the persons should remember that Anwar was tried during his tenure as the PM. Was Tun in saying that Anwar did not get a fair trial, was actually admitting that he(Tun) lied to the cabinet? Was Tun lying to Malaysia?

    Tun of all the people should not underestimate the Malays. Just because we do not shout nasty words at him does not mean we believe him or are happy with him. Tun may not want to remember this. But what he is doing is actually strengthening UMNO. UMNO too has its wart and all. But looking at Tun or Kit siang now, I will not be surprise that UMNO will prevail again

    AS FOR HARIS IBRAHIM, he may need a new “tagline’ ABU will never has the same effect again in next election. In fact, it will likely be counter productive.

    ABOVE ALL, the equation has changed. without PAS in board of PR (or is it PH) ship, the very “elephant” in the room is missing.

    In last election, the majority of malay votes that went to PH were from PAS.

    1. Very true indeed, tuan shamsul anuar. Tun M has really crossed the line by sleeping with the malays’ most hated enemy, lim kit siang.what a shame!

    2. …UMNO still remains the dominant party among Malay community.

      Betul ke ni shamshul? Atau saja nak bagi sedap dengar.

      Raya baru2 ni aku buat survey dalam keluarga besar aku (keluarga abang adik aku dan ipar2 serta anak menantu dema) masa jumpa sempena Raya baru2 ni, Kami ada lebih 100 pengundi berdaftar dan 100% dah menyampah dgn Najib. Memang kami dulu penyokong kuat UMNO. Yg jadi ketua cawangan pun sekarang dah geleng kepala tak mau cakap pasal Najib.

      Dan hampir semua yakin dan percaya kita akan dapat PM baru. Yang minoriti 1 – 2 persen tu takut Najib buat hal declare emergency.

      UMNO kena tendang liabiliti sekor ni kalau nak mimpi terus berkuasa… Dia yg porak perandakan UMNO dan Melayu.

  2. Dear Helen,
    Haris Ibrahim got screwed…Priceless😆
    Wonder who else will get screwed by THE 92 years old FOX. Policians are never short of surprises and backstabbing.😈

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