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A tale of two kitties

I really have to apologize to my cats for using them as an analogy for Pakatan and Barisan. The poor darlings are being politically maligned through the comparison.

The photo below is of my pair of cats from the same litter. They’re twins and I find it hard to tell them apart. So I had to colour code them, giving the male a flourescent green collar. His sister wears a flourescent pink collar.

Most times they can just blend into the background as you can see from the photo below taken at night.

Unlike BN and the opposition however, both my black cats have a sweet disposition.

Nowadays, we can’t tell BN and Pakatan apart. No difference. Whatever fault you lay at Umno’s door can be similarly laid at DAP’s door too.

With Tun Mahathir leading a Malay “racist” party that bars Chinese and Indian membership and he the one chairing Pakatan, plus with ‘Malay First’ Muhyiddin (label given by DAP) among its top leadership, in what way can Pakatan be any different or any better compared to BN?



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5 thoughts on “A tale of two kitties

  1. “in what way can Pakatan be any different or any better compared to BN?”

    Helen akan dapat lihat lepas PRU 14 nanti. Ramai Melayu yg akan pakai gelang besi, terutama menteri dan penjawat awam kerana subahat dalam salahguna kuasa dan salahguna dana…

    Malaysia perlu dibersihkan dari kekotoran yg memalukan negara di mata dunia. Mungkin Helen tak baca berita dunia, mungkin juga tak percaya kot? Yelahhh… Ini semua pakatan jahat dunia nak jatuhkan Malaysia? Najib? Melayu?

  2. Helen, what happened to your previous vociferous pace of postings and the accompanying readers’ comments? And your last two paragraphs seems to show a slight change from your previous stance?

    1. Albert,

      (1) Weren’t you the one bringing the topic around to 1MDB even when I post about dogs and cats?

      (2) My dog recently died at age 15.

      (3) I’m tired. There are still the cats to look after. One of them was sick recently.

      (4) I voted BN in the last election. My previous stance has been that DAP is dajjal. I’m still convinced DAP is dajjal.

      1. My condolences, Helen. I’m sure your dog had the most wonderful 15 years living by your side

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