3 thoughts on “Zahid says KR1M prices higher than supermarkets

  1. Dear friends and customers ,

    Much has been said on the failure of the operators of KR1M. I shall not comment on any allegations made by the government of the day as it will get us nowhere

    i would only like to say that this has been a massive loss-making CSR project for MYDIN and we have done this for the benefit of the Malaysian Rakyat

    Our conscience is clear

    Those who know me would know what MYDIN and i personally had to endure in running this CSR project

    i need not say more

    Thank u for support & salam

    Ameer Mydin

  2. aik…..the mantra has always been the chinese shop keepers who has been hiking up the price of goods and make umno look bad….. And even if Mydin is running loss with support from rakyat’s money, what does this say??

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