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Racist! Racist! Racist! Racist! DAP vice chair screams at Mahathir family tree divulgers

The two-faced, forked-tongue DAP has finally swallowed the end of its own spiky tail.

“It is now clear that Umno, by alleging Mahathir’s supposed lineage, is also embarking on a racist approach in its continued attacks against Mahathir,” said DAP vice chairman M. Kulasegaran rising to Tun M’s defence about the latter’s Indian heritage now ‘officially’ revealed after it has been long hinted at.

“The racist approach used to attack Mahathir will not work and can even backfire as young Malaysians especially reject racial politics,” said the DAP Anak Bangsa Malaysia (“not Indian”, yah) senior leader in a press statement today.

According to Kula, bringing up the ethnicity of Tun’s late Indian grandfather is a ” low and irresponsible tactic”.

“It is clear and simple that there is a racist element in Zahid’s allegation,” added Kula.

“Now with Zahid using Mahathir’s lineage to attack him, the public should be surprised that Umno has decided to adopt the racist approach against Mahathir after all its attacks have not been effective,” the DAP Ipoh Barat MP concluded.

(Note how Kula is repeatedly throwing the “racist” word at Umno.)

Let’s get this straight.

Zahid Hamidi verified a long-circulating rumour that Mahathir’s IC bears the term s/o (‘son of’) instead of ‘bin’.

His deputy in the Home Ministry Nur Jazlan today confirmed the accuracy of the information revealed by his boss about Dr M’s ancestry that can be traced to Kerala in India.

But to the DAP, however, it is now “racist” to even actualize a factually correct detail that Tun’s grandfather hailed from India.

I suppose for the DAP it is equally “racist” to remark that Kit Siang’s father hailed from China.

This being the case, why do we need to have vernacular (Chinese and Tamil) schools? Aren’t these schools “racist” too for perpetuating the mother tongue and customs of Dapster ancestors originating from countries taboo to be mentioned presently?

So following the same DAP logic displayed in defending Tun’s Malayness, the SJK (C) Chinese schools – using the national language of China as its medium of instruction – must certainly be racist-racist-racist-racist too.


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16 thoughts on “Racist! Racist! Racist! Racist! DAP vice chair screams at Mahathir family tree divulgers

  1. I think the chinese and indian schools can go away, provided special bumiputera privileges goes away too…….one school, all treated fairly & equal….and must emphasize on learning on English……do you know nowadays, national schools give priority to Arab Language than People’s Own Language? there are no more POL classes

    BTW, Mahathir coming from Indian heritage is the least of our problem for now…..

    1. The definition of “pribumi” anyone Malay and any accidental DNA from Kerala.
      So since Kerelanians are pribumi, Chinese are only associate members… so unracist and proper.

    2. Emm…we wouldn’t want your vernacular education in exchange for our special privileges. Not of equal worth. Maybe we would be more agreeable if you would surrender to us jus soli citizenship in exchange for a more stringent, patriotically test driven naturalization? Please note the word naturalization and try to appreciate the full meaning of the word.

      1. hahahah……..good that you know you won’t fare well on equal grounds, tongkat…….and what jus soli and with who was this dealt with??

        1. i think nano is trying to tell us there is no natural remedies for parasites infection, but that’s fine we r willing to feed as much as we could for the sake of humanity wakaka.

      2. nanonano,

        Idiot, naturalization doesn’t apply to people who are born in a country. You should be the one to learn the meaning of the word I suggest. Had the others not come here all those years ago, Malaysia would still be a third world sewage.

        As for your special privileges, you can can take them and and shove them up your Indon ancestors’ arses. Learn how to compete on an even playing field if you ever want to get respect.

  2. Ms H .What’s wrong with our Malaysians these days after having built a successful emergent Nation since 1957 through diversity ? My family has the following :- One married a real Bengali from Bengal, another a Pakistani. one married a Frenchwoman and an Italian. another an American. One an Australian her cousin married a Hong Konger. Also, another married a French lady. One married a British Jewess whilst his cousin an Australian Jew, His sister married a British Indian. Another married a Singaporean. Finally, a distant cousin married a Malay. Finally, a Thai man married a cousin. They all married for LOVE. Believe it or not ! Uncle Sam’s post-war spiel, ‘Globalization, Free Trade, Human Rights’. This cuts two ways. It brought a lot of happiness and love for some and a lot of misery for Singapore !

  3. Well thank you Tun M and India. This is the best way for the Malays to screw the Chinese.
    Superman has eaten his Kriptonite and it is imported from Kerala

  4. Ms H. A proper description of these clowns from the foreign Lee Kuan Yew founded Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP is DAFTSTERS not DAPSTERS. Why ? Because their top leaders are now found to be bumbling down over MONEY MONEY MONEY. Yet, they still see their EMPEROR fully dressed. Despite the little boy from Hans Christian Andersen crying out loud for goodness sakes, ‘THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES ! ‘

  5. So, tunku started it all..hmmm! Wish could turn back the clock. Do not let another regret haunts our descendants. Vote d.a.p.out. oust them all.

  6. Gosh. You still exist? Still spewing your racist bullshit and trying to incite? What are you now? 150kg?

  7. It’s may or may not be racist, but it is certainly a cheap shot. By insinuation, Zahid is saying Dr M is not as pure a Malay as he is. Really, what is the point? Everyone in this country has mixed blood to some degree. We are not a South-East Asian Aryan nation. Intentionality is important here. The intention here is to make a cheap shot at someone’s genes.

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