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The miracle of DAP’s holy water

DAP is embracing Tun and his bunga raya party full throttle … but only for as long as it’s expedient.

After all, Lim Kit Siang’s “career for much of the 1980s and 1990s was about saving Malaysia from Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad” (quote borrowed from the irrepressible Joceline Tan’s column today). Grandpa Dapster’s Mother of All Flip-Flops wrt Tun is proof positive of DAP’s most cynical politics of expediency.

Grandpa Dapster is currently teaming up with the awet muda nonagenarian to “save Malaysia”, this time from Tun M’s successor once removed. i.e. Najib.

You see, DAP – the evangelical party – has the same power as the Christian priest to grant dispensation (forgivenessness) for one’s past sins.

So whatever Dr M had done, which DAP previously considered as cardinal sins, can now be expediently washed away by the DAP holy water. You must understand that DAP is the Bersih party which is able to rinse, spin and cleanse political sinners so that they come out of the wash looking lily white and smelling of hibiscus.

BELOW: Hannah Evangelista’s holy mission to ‘Bersihkan Malaysia’

Lepas talak, DAP kahwin mutaah lagi

The new best buddies act notwithstanding, you should not rule out the high likelihood of DAP making yet another 180-degree turn and viciously turning on PPBM in the same way that it had got into bed with PAS, winked at hudud and then proceeded to smear PAS with a vengeance after their falling out.

It was inevitable that DAP and PAS would split because they’re such an odd couple.

And DAP and PPBM are an even odder pairing, given how DAP has been cursing and swearing at Umno for an eternity. Well, isn’t PPBM really Umno 3.0 − being led as it is by the founder of Umno Baru, Mahathir as well as the immediate ex-deputy president of Umno, Muhyiddin?

Ada apa yang ‘ubah’?

The more things change, the more they remain the same.

Grandpa Dapster, Papa Dapster, Mama Dapster and their DAP minions have wholeheartedly made Tun Mahathir and his henchmen as their BFF. Although the evangelical party claims to be a purveyor of ‘Politik Baru’, it’s undeniable that Tun M epitomizes politik basi.

What is Tun M presently saying about Najib that he had not said about Tunku in 1969? Tun is merely making the same old, same old attacks as he continues his same old, same old hobby of ousting successive prime ministers.

Do you still remember when the opposition used to slam BN as “racist parties” (see Hannah Yeoh’s tweet above) because the ruling coalition comprised a Malay, a Chinese and an Indian entity as its oldest anchor parties?

Hannah spoke too soon. Now her Pakatan is brewing its own and similar formula − PPBM & PAN (Muslim), DAP (Christian) and Hindraf (Hindu) with Harapan placing their ‘hope’ on a religious coalition.

So one side plays the race card and its opponent, the religious card. Same difference.

Hannah with PPBM youth chief Syed Saddiq

DAP hardcore drunk on kool aid

Some of the DAP and PPBM media darlings may be younger in age but their politics is still the unchanged old politics despite the rebranding of their recycled product.

For example, see Hannah Yeoh’s retweet (below) of Tun M and cina™. The first tweet – seen in the screenshot of Hannah’s Twitter timeline – said “Umno pada hari ini berkiblatkan duit”.

Question: Did not Mama Dapster’s mentor (the Grandpa Dapster) spend the larger part of his career decrying financial scandals (e.g. forex) linked to Umno? Yet today Hannah, Kit Siang and Guan Eng (the Dapster family mafia chiefs) are huddled with the ex-Umno president of 22 years.

Through the miracle of the DAP’s holy water, Umno pada zaman Mahathir seolah-olah tak pernah berkiblatkan wang. Wow! Even original sin recorded in the opposition history playbook can be so easily deep cleansed by DAP.

Because the born again Tun Mahathir has been absolved of all his sins, DAP’s most pious preacher now no longer has any scruples to share a public platform with him (when some of her friends in earlier days refused to even be in the same room with him).

ABOVE: Retweeted by Hannah Yeoh

The hypocrisy of Hannah Yeoh is simply astounding. Behold her miraculous capacity to endorse the DAP’s supposed “secular” ideology when she herself is the foremost consummate player of religious politics.

Has DAP ever asked its Harapan partners PPBM, PAN and PKR whether any of the aforesaid Malay/Muslims parties agree that Malaysia is secular?

It’s quite understandable that sneaky bastard politicians have no qualms in hoodwinking their followers. The mild puzzle is why the Dapster family cheerleaders are willing to twist themselves into pretzels to defend the indefensible.




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3 thoughts on “The miracle of DAP’s holy water

  1. If anyone thinks that the present opposition will help you, you are sadly mistaken.

    I wrote two email to the Subang Jaya DUN about two separate problems ..I never received any reply.

    People like these just want a celebrity status and reap benefits for themselves.

    I’d rather trust Tun .. He’ll get things done.

    One thing is for sure, she’ll never get my vote again.

  2. From n what I read, you had no qualms registering your children as Chinese! If you marry and Indian .. Your children are INDIANS. It’s sad .. Is pathetic that you did that.

    It only goes to show who wears the pants in your house. Sad.

  3. Ms H. A word of caution to the dynamic duo. The followers of the Government subsidized INCOME TAX FREE & GST FREE RM 2 INCORPORATED CHURCHES with their Income Tax Free and GST Free money is now looking for POWER. They had the experience and taste of power in 2004, 2008, 2013 and have adherents sitting in important seats. The waves of Chinamen which were the hard core supporters from 1960s will fade away just about now. As soon as one dynamic duo retires, the Democratic Action Party will change its name to the DIVINE ACTION PARTY. Foreign to foreign. Without the banyan tree of Lee Kuan Yew who has since retired, a coup d’état is waiting to happen. It is as simple as this. Probably a gigantic struggle for seats. 2 foreign preachers were banned from Singapore this week.

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