18 thoughts on “Are Chinese giving up on Malaysia?

  1. The Chinese have long given up on Malaysia .. Hundreds of thousands have migrated in span of 10-15 years.

    The ones left are tied or have ties in the country. On a smaller scale do have the Indians and a handful of rich Malays.

    I was offered to teach in another country which promised housing and citizenship.

    I was born here and no matter what anyone says this is my country, my home.

    It’s a beautiful country with beautiful people. I do not agree with stupid policies but I was born here.. like the rest and those given the title of bumis. What makes them more bumi than me?

    I was born here and I will die here .. My motherland.

  2. It is not about Bumis it is about religion, Islam. As Malays Islam is number one after which is Malay and Malaysian. Our worries not about losing the Malay rights but it is more of to make sure Islam is protected. It is always the ambition of Malays to give ways not because we tolerate but because we love u.

    1. When it comes to religion, less is always better. The more religious a society, the more dangerous. Choose wisely

      1. dangerous to godless immoral people u mean? yes, we are. atheist are actually people in denial, with loose morality who couldn’t find a god that didn’t require human sacrifice to call their own. so to deny their shortcomings they argued that god do not exist so they can look themselves in the mirror every morning feeling superior than others when actually all their philosophies and belief is actually copied from other religion in bit and pieces and rooted with the antithesis of deity . Just be honest with yourself on why you become an atheist in the first place? there must be some sin you want to protect or you want to keep doing which is counter to whatever your parent beliefs are. so i conclude that all atheist are just bad seeds. even the good ones is just a show and damaged in some way. so keep your “fahaman” to yourselves before you get persecuted by us lowly believer. just a friendly reminder. by the way does your I/C reflect that you are an atheist? well.. if it does not than it is not a thing.

        1. Immoral? I like to know what’s your definition of immorality? A govt known for its corruption, racism and cronyism you support, but a girl who professes no religion and chooses to wear a revealing outfit is immoral according to you. What flawed logic you fundamentalists have.

          They are a lot better than the so called God fearing people from your religion. They are definitely less hypocritical. Stats don’t lie, AE. The top ten most peaceful nations on the planet are countries where atheism is widespread, while the bottom ten are dominated by you guessed it, Islamic nations. Try worming your way out of this.


          1. Coming from a person professing a religion that couldnt differentiate between 1 and 3? Monotheisme or polytheisme? Coming from a religion that is silent on premarital children sexual activities? Having anal sex to preserve virginity so not to jeopardise yr chance of going thru the pearly gates? Being able to absolve the most heinous sin of any standard just by confessing or purchase of a letter? Even the name of your own god or gods still turun naik court.
            Arent most of these peaceful nations had been and still is the warmongers and weapon producers that started not one but TWO global spanning war that decimated at least a quarter of the world population each time. The total death count of enemies of muslim of every war we ever had a hand in from the early days of the prophet till today including all the terrorist attacks the western christian “peaceful”” nation laid at our feet could never match the cost of life of extracted by one of these global war. Not to mention that these “peaceful”” nations history of pillaging and enslavement of weaker people. So please shove your “peaceful” moral values where the sun dont shine since moral people do not conquer and exploit others. Please try again next time and keep on wiggling christian worm. BTW having so many atheist among you must mean that christianity is a logically weak argument for a religion. Not something i would be proud of but then again i am not a confused christian…

        2. Ok, you got me. You want to know what “sins” I’ve been hiding, Fine.

          I consume non-halal food, I consume alcohol (occasionally), I don’t fast during Ramadhan, I don’t pray 5 times a day, I don’t observe Friday prayers. Sounds like the “sins” every non-muslim is committing… haha

          You see AE your so-called “sins” coming from your religious laws only applies to you. Because you are muslim. It cannot be applied to non-muslims because we don’t share your beliefs.

          Do you chant prayers in a Buddhist temple during Wesak day? Of course not, you are not a Buddhist. Likewise don’t expect Buddhists to fast during Ramadhan, they are not muslims and there is nothing you can do about it.

          Refer to Article 11 of the Federal Constitution if you still don’t understand

          1. let me start off my reply with a western joke. 3 suicide bomber on their mission goes to a strip club, a muslim, a christian and an atheist. so the stripper asked, why do you come here before your holy task? the muslim answers ” tomorrow i am going to bomb a church full of sinners, so i want to have sex since i am a virgin. the christian answers tomorrow i am going to blow up a mosque and i am going to eat all i can, drink till i’m blind and screw until i chafed. when she got to the atheist he just says, nevermind girl. i dont need anything from you. i was just waiting for those two to finish their lapdance to do this…CLICK!

            aiyo godless, we already know all that sins you profess from your handle la..so whats new? Atheism is now a religion? Sekolah Agama Jenis Kebangsaan Atheist tak ajar lu membaca ke? Macam ni la senang. Why don’t you and your atheist republic get out of the closet and go national so you can get the notice you think you deserve. let us see whether you get Chin-Penged or not by the same article you just quoted. my tips for you is read it till the end from the actual document dispensed by the Goverment. reading the wiki or a foreign interpretation is not the same. Article 11 concerns primarily with the freedom to practice religion. Atheism is only a man made construct like its siblings communism and marxism. just another dangerous minority ideology that must be suppressed and eradicated for the peace and harmony of the majority.

            BTW adik adik, Do you know that the person responsible for killing the most people in the history of the world, Adolf Hitler, is an atheist.. wait what? a devout christian? well, christian source says he is an atheist, and the atheist says he is a devout christian. so adik adik fikirkanlah baik baik sebelum minum holy water dalam botol air mineral yang diedarkan oleh gereja atau berbual bual dengan orang yang mengaku tidak bertuhan. Kesian si adolf. Kalau dia menang dulu, Yahudi pun akan jemput dia bersunat, Bila kalah kena sisih macam tu je…ish ish

        3. There are many a times i find religious people to be horrible and sickening……and i think the religious people has these false security, and that they can condemn anyone and everyone who’s not with them……..i am baffled with the theory that someone becomes atheist cos the person has a “sin” to protect…..

          1. The religious guy has threatened to persecute the atheist for having a different point of view and in the same rant has the nerve to label atheists as immoral.Oh the irony.

            1. I just was betrayed by a religious church goer.. Whose religion is his world. Marriage counselor and these people hold public fairs to collect money.. Which is okay.

              We were good friends.. But I never knew that he spoke bad mouthed me behind my back and broke my relationship with family members and other close friends.

              I personally say and have always said that if ANY religion proclaims that THEIRS is the true God .. To hell with them and their religion. Herein lies “holier than thou” attitude.

              Hinduism and Buddhism do not state that. I respect these two ways of life.

              1. let me ask you mr. satheesan, what is your view on India’s hindus killing and raping muslim because they eat beef which is permissible in our religion and the myanmar terror buddhist monk genociding rohingyas? Which one was the hindu’s holy book that say you can rape or kill others because of cows that you don’t own? isn’t this the worst kind of holier than thou attitude?

                btw it is kinda harsh to judge a religion based on the action of your religious marriage counselor once friend twice shy. maybe you need new and better friends but will saying to hell with them and their religion won you any?

                But as an adherent of a religion supported by the one and only true god, i have to say this. Sir, you should shove your respect up your own arse because there your respect can be with its own kind.

      2. Malaysian chineses will never give up on the country, and so do Malaysian atheists who subscribe your ideology – they will never give up on finding blame on the believers. To correct your statement, it is extremism in religion/freedom that is dangerous. All the bad apples and personal examples you and your ilk try to use and manipulate belong to the latter. Continue spewing your words and hatred, they will haunt you back. Choose wisely – take your own prescription.

      1. we are waiting for Myanmar to offer you “non malay speaking” Malaysian chinese the arakan region. once you all are settled in comfortably, we will give them citizenship la. might make it a proper calendar holiday some more.

        funny thing, i never met a Malaysian Indian that could not speak fluent malay, Never! but chinese….Everyday! So HY quickly get flight tickets and head on to the Myanmar Embassy. LAND GRAB TIME!

  3. I find Felixia Yeap now Raisyyah Yeap more fascinating as a Muslim rather than when she was a non Muslim. She has brought the niqab to a new level of glam.

  4. Ms H. There was a huge movement by the Chinese after 13 May 1969 affecting the top professionals. A further movement took place on the eve of Tun Dr Mahathir’s premiership. At this point, more and more Chinese, professionals, contractors, artisans etc became unethical, unprofessional, dishonest, overcharging, cheating etc with the Malays and Indians taking their places by 2017 ! Around KL, no Chinese would build a new detached house for over 20 years. And in Damansara Heights, there are many detached houses which are unsold due to their aged owners with children abroad or the owners prefer to live in condos for security and convenience reasons. The demography affecting the Chinese is definitely changing. Times are also hard for the emigrating Chinese concomitant with a rise of racial and religious phobias amongst the Caucasians. In reality, there is no haven on earth for the Chinese or anyone else..

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