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DAP smearing PSM over Sungai Siput seat

First, DAP deliberately spreads misinformation.

“Perak DAP chief Nga Kor Ming said his party will wrest the seat back from the Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM) after its representative Dr Michael Jeyakumar Devaraj won the seat in 2008 under the DAP ticket and again in 2013 under the PKR ticket,” reported the Malay Mail Online on Monday (Sept 4).

Refer MMO article headlined ‘In GE14, DAP aims to wrest Sungai Siput seat from PSM’.

To say that Dr Jeyakumar won the seat in 2008 / GE12 under the DAP ticket – as MMO does (see article screenshot above) – is to claim that the Sg. Siput ward is morally under the DAP party umbrella, and furthermore implying that Dr Kumar is kacang lupakan kulit for now refusing to rightfully cede the parliament seat to DAP come GE14.

The above narrative is misinformation. A sneaky lie.

FACT: In GE12, Dr Jeya contested Sg Siput under the PKR (not DAP) ticket. See below the official result for the constituency recorded on 8 March 2008 by the Election Commission.

Click to enlarge

I know that Dr Kumar stood on a PKR ticket because I had asked him a hypothetical question whether he would be willing to submit to the PKR whip or whether he would vote following his PSM conscience if he were to win the seat, and later on, there arises a conflict-of-interest issue requiring the MP’s vote in parliament.

My interview with Dr Jeyakumar titled ‘Taking on Samy in Sg Siput’ appeared in Malaysiakini on 28 Feb 2008 − about a week and a half before the GE12 polling day.

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Dapster cyber thugs

For the second part of the smear campaign against the Sg Siput incumbent MP comes a Dapster canard that PSM is an “Indian party”.

This accusation is so rich coming from pro-DAP cyberbullies!

We do not hear PSM leaders generally speaking in Tamil (or any other Indian languages) in their ceramahs or using Tamil (or other Indian script) in their banners, pamphlets or other printed material.

Just listen, however, to the DAP leaders when they speak in public.

Rest assured that most Malays, Indians, Ibans, Kadazans and the rest of non-Chinese speaking Malaysia will not understand what is being spewed by DAP politicians who speak largely, if not wholly, in Mandarin and other Chinese dialects only.

Or look around at any DAP event or function, as in the example below − a very recent DAP ceramah in Regat Sri Cempaka two nights ago on Sept 3; Perak DAP chairman David Nga Kor Ming is pictured below (standing middle in bright blue pants).

Are most Malays, Indians, Ibans, Kadazans and the rest of the non-Chinese ethnics able to read the Chinese characters splattered across the banner above Kit Siang and Guan Eng’s heads?

You will not find PSM’s Dr Kumar, for example, tweeting in Tamil even though he is alleged by some online stormtroopers to belong to an “Indian party”.

You do find however the DAP Perak evangelist boss – see below – often tweeting in a language more intelligible to the citizens of the People’s Republic of China than to Malaysians.

Yet the DAP shock troops have the cheek to call PSM an Indian party.

If you asked them whether DAP is a Chinese party, these thick-skinned fellas will reply ‘No’. They will instead insist that DAP is a multiracial Anak Bangsa Malaysia party.

Why is the supposedly “colour blind” DAP convinced that it better deserves the Sg. Siput seat compared to PSM? Is it because the constituency has more Chinese voters than Malays, Indians and Orang Asli? How un-‘racist’, snort.




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  1. On this, i am with you, Helen……….DAP should leave that seat to PSM…….we don’t need an arrogant party

  2. Hmmm… there is something strange about the way the religious think. Particularly muslims. It is as if they can only think as far as their religion allows. A boundary they couldn’t cross, or else superstition will set in. A thought threshold? mind controlled? Whereas those who are not religious, don’t have these boundaries.

    1. ‘Whereas those who are not religious, don’t have these boundaries’ – There you again! I am right in saying you will never give up on finding blame on believers and spewing hatred. Can only afford to laugh at your sheer arrogance and narcissism. Your script does not appear intelligible. Try harder next time since you claim to cross all boundary.

        1. That’s not a statement from an atheist but hypocrite. You can’t get over from the clout of hinduism, can you?

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