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This year’s Malaysia Day most historic since 1963

DAP have thrown themselves into Mahathir Mohamad’s embrace – literally – and with such Christian-loving gusto.

The mind boggled to see how the Guan Eng cheerleaders have attempted to hoodwink their Chinese electorate that the irreligious Kit Siang is the one and only – konon! – DAP leader chumming up to Dr M.

These pictures below, however, tell a diiferent and the true story.

It is NOT Kit Siang alone lah who has mollycoddled Tun (as falsely claimed by deceitful DAP fake news propagandists) but many of the party leaders.

These DAP Christian YBs are tacitly giving Tun a free pass on his momentus unilateral declaration that Malaysia is an Islamic state. Not only that but DAP today agrees with the full-blown Islamization process  Anything to get Malay votes and grab Putrajaya.

This Malaysia Day, the two-faced, fork-tongued DAP will be finding it more difficult to peddle its bullshit of ‘secular state’ given the party’s own dajjal actions.


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