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DAP successfully made religion the ace card

Remember how DAP used to foam at the mouth that Perkasa was racist? Well, not anymore.

Today the Perkasa right wingers are DAP’s political allies, with the Malay movement’s ultra patron Tun M becoming the leader of DAP’s coalition of ‘Hope’ and embraced wholeheartedly by the Dapster family − Grandpa, Papa & Mama, with their cucu-cicit RBA in goosestep.

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DAP … flip flop, flip flop … two faced, forked tongued

PPBM = Perkasa = PPBM

According to Joceline Tan in her column yesterday, “Pakatan’s condemnation of Perkasa’s right-wing Malay politics is now a thing of the past”.

Joceline further informs us that former Perkasa Penang chairman Marzuki Yahya is in fact today the PBBM Penang chief. Former Perkasa Selangor chairman Abu Bakar Yahaya is the current PBBM Selangor chief, former Perkasa leader Annuar Abdul Hamid is at present the PBBM Kedah deputy chief while Perkasa bigwig Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman is now PBBM party vice-president.

In short, Tun M tranferred Perkasa lock, stock and half barrel to his party PBBM.

The DAP’s longstanding contention is that BN is raced-based.

Be that as it may, BN does not have any religion-based party. Religious party PAS is not in BN. Its splinter party PAN is however in Harapan.

The opposition party is comprised of PAN and PBBM representing Muslims, DAP representing Christians and they’re open to taking on board Hindraf to represent Hindus.

In the photo above taken at the recent #WanitaBantahPolitikToksik rally, you can see Hannah Yeoh and Tun M marching alongside the evangelical group supporting the proselytizing pastors.

If playing the race card is derided as divisive, playing the religion card is downright dangerous in a tinderbox multicultural society such as ours. This is the destructive path that DAP is leading its flock.




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7 thoughts on “DAP successfully made religion the ace card

  1. DAP does not represent Christians, they represent Malaysians……is DAP stupid to represent Christian and lower their chance in gaining support in Malaysia?………it’s that simple, but Malaysia has many liars are out there to fool the naive Muslims

      1. Religious bigots are usually naive and easily fooled. You can ask yourself, since you believe in an imaginary higher being who sanctions killings and mass murdering i.e bombing……..and it’s all done in the HIS name….isn’t that naive??

  2. So, Najib is giving $24 billion (RM100 billion) to the Americans to help their economy at the expense of ours….. CRAZY? Ok, time to vote him out

  3. Ms H. As I was commenting on the emergence of two cliques in the foreign Lee Kuan Yew founded Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP, the hard-core 1966 supporters and the Evangelists led by the Poster Boy and Socialite WCW, there is now an allegation that the Trojan Horse might have been bought up by a tycoon for RM 1 Billion. This is cheap considering the provenance of having a spiritual leader, Lee Kuan Yew plus the many seats in the Dewan which go with it. It is only USDR 380 Million which many Malaysian tycoons can afford. It is worth much more if together with the Dynamic Duo and its Management is flipped to someone like George Soros, This will bring in 1 Billion in real USDR terms without any liabilities, clean, honest and sometimes not legally binding. The rewards to control such a Malaysian Political satrap cannot be measured on any terms. This will put the Evangelists in a quandary. If they want the Singaporean Trojan Horse, they have to bid higher than RM 1 Billion with the Deep South of the United States support. At any price, the DAP is quite cheap considering it has all the ingredients to do what they always wanted not to do – which is to rule over us, the Rakyat !

  4. Ms H. A typo error in my previous comment. It should read USDR 238 Million. With the latest allegation of a complete sold out by whoever was alleged to be responsible, the green horn Evangelists led by Poster Boy and Socialite WCW are squeezed between a rock and the deep blue sea. They should still take my learned advice and grab as many seats as possible for themselves in the run-up to the 14th GE. It’s now or never to protect their Kingdom of Income Tax Free & GST Money, Money, Money !

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