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Why beer drinkers should just stop whinging

So the Oktoberfest is not allowed to be held. Well, the truth of the matter is that the bloody lot of them (beer guzzlers) voted for the very party (DAP) that has announced its support for the Islamization process.

Hence these DAP cult followers should be the last people to complain. Hey Dapsters, you guys must learn to reap what you sowed. After all, you voted for it.

Oh look, Mama & Papa Dapster – below – occupying the No Beer Zone

Surely the Baby Dapsters cannot now be expecting their leaders who are such avid mosque-goers to be endorsing haram things like beer.

Hannah Yeoh in mosque
DAP’s little tudung-ed chickadees in mosque
Lim Guan Eng in mosque


More DAP elected representatives camping in syariah-compliant premises, and endorsing the process of speedy Islamization …

Don’t tell me Dapsters fail to understand that beer is unIslamic?

DAP Adun for Kinrara, Ng Sze Han in mosque
DAP member of parliament for Serdang, Ong Kian Ming in mosque
DAP member of parliament for Kulai, Teo Nie Ching in mosque
DAP member of parliament for Seputeh, Teresa Kok in mosque
DAP members of parliament for Beruas, James Ngeh Koo Ham (& his cousin) with the late Tok Guru
DAP member of parliament for Taiping, David Nga Kor Ming in mosque
DAP Adun for Kg Tunku, Ng Wei Aik & MP for PJ Utara, Tony Pua in mosque
DAP Adun for Sekinchan, Ng Suee Lim (wearing yellow) in a mosque too?
DAP member of parliament for Kluang, Liew Chin Tong at pasar Ramadan
DAP Adun for Damansara Utama, Yeo Bee Yin tutup aurat


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10 thoughts on “Why beer drinkers should just stop whinging

  1. What crap is this? DAP members mingles with the Muslims, cos it’s their job… if they don’t mingle, how are they going to know people’s problems… by doing that, that doesn’t mean they have to discard their beliefs…… whether PAS likes it or not, Oktoberfest will always run as usual……

    1. What crap are you spewing that the DAP evangelistas need to listen to Malay problems in the mosques? The mosque is a place for prayer, not for politicking.

      Do you ever see Umno reps mingling with their Chinese constituents in their temples, or MCA reps mingling with Indian constituents in the kovil, or MIC reps mingling with their Malay/Chinese constituents in mosque/churches?

      1. Why should anyone ever follow this warped rule of not to meet a Muslim at mosque? It sounds so stupid…..if umno reps do not want to meet their people, it’s their PR at stake…same goes for others….and it a stupid way to be a people’s rep in the parliament. Remember, you don’t get to set stupid rules and expect others to adhere……

  2. Ms H. A Christian evangelist mingling with the Muslim Malay ladies so that she can represent them better ? Who can represent the Malays better than a Malay person ? This sort of thick-skinned attitude can only lead to more misunderstandings in a diverse society. My advice is stick to your own business and mind your own business. And do not try to politicise other religions with a secret agenda. It’s not smart. It’s foolhardy.

    1. “My advice is stick to your own business and mind your own business”

      Agreed. The Muslims should mind their own business and stay out of the beer business.They clearly know nothing about it and it”s our right per the Constitution to celebrate having a good piss up..

  3. This is the perfect answer being shared on social media.

    “PAS to me: Yang bukan Islam jangan komen pasal Islam!”

    “Me to PAS: “Yang tak minum beer jangan komen pasal beer.”

    A big F*** You to PAS, UMNO and Helen for contributing to the Islamic radicalisation of secular Malaysia. You make me sick, Helen.

    1. Sudah makan dedak, apa boleh buat. Ikut je ape yang tuan suruh tulis.
      She even farked her own ancestors, what dignity this blog owner has?

  4. Losing it eh Helen? DAP are no longer in alliance with PAS since it began to display hard core Islamist tendencies. Rather it’s your boss Jibby who’s hand in glove with them. Deny that now? Things must be tough eh? How’s the calorie count and dedak flow coming along?

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