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Somebody has been impersonating me on FB

As I’ve publicly announced several times before, I do not have any Facebook, Twitter or other social media accounts.

The last time, I had to complain to Disqus to get the service to terminate an impostor’s account which he misused to make nasty comments in ‘my’ name on  political stories in Malaysian news portals.

See, ‘Dapster operative has been impersonating me on message board‘ (7 Jan 2016).

This FB imposter – likely the same culprit – is now doing the same thing again.


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

15 thoughts on “Somebody has been impersonating me on FB

  1. Maybe it is Najib’s cybertroopers out to fitnah you, Helen. He needs a distraction after giving billions to the Americans…

  2. Doesn’t matter. Gutter politics is the norm in this country. Many Malaysians don’t know how to reason or to argue. In fact, I would hazard to say that Malaysians don’t actually care about the issues, they just care about being on the right side. That is why they worship their leaders and leave their mental faculties behind. Of course, there remains a segment who prostitute their intellect and rhetoric for money. Nothing wrong with either, most cannot tell the difference anyway. When the population ain’t too bright to begin with, the elites get away with quite a bit while keeping the plebeians bickering about skin colour and their religion while the inequality gap grows.

  3. Ms H. There is an impersonator using your name in the FMT ‘MACC Chief upset over Lim’s monkey remark.”

  4. Ms H. It is high time that you complain to the Facebook who claims to operate a fair and level playing field for their Facebook Community about crooks impersonating you. The Facebook is full of Opposition Chinamen with Western names.

    1. Thanks for your concern, Uncle.

      Already complained to FB. I believe the complaint was acted upon but the impersonator simply created yet another ‘Helen Ang’ FB – this time using a generic cartoon fat cat as avatar, instead of using earlier (1) my photo which he defaced, and before that (2) copycatting Alice in Wonderland which I’d employed previously as my blog masthead.

      It goes to show what kind of people they are, Uncle.

      1. Your readers are all behind you. Your enemies know that you are a force to be reckoned with. In a cryptic way, what that dumbo did is a complement to you.

      2. Fully agree. How can they do that to you. You are so fat and ugly. By defacing you, i really cant imagine how much more ugly can that picture be. Shame.

  5. BTW. JStar is laying off people.

    September 29, 2017 3:44 pm JST
    Malaysia’s Star Media Aims To Trim 200 Staff Via Separation Scheme-Official

    By Gho Chee Yuan and Jason Ng
    Nikkei Markets
    KUALA LUMPUR (Sep 29) — Star Media Group, the publisher of Malaysia’s most circulated English newspaper, is aiming to trim its staff headcount by as much as 200, its chief financial officer said.

    The company plans to implement the so-called mutual separation scheme and early retirement option amid challenges in terms of profitability, according to an internal memo reviewed by Nikkei Markets.

    The cost of the separation program and potential savings will only be determined after the measures are completed, Ragesh Rajendran said.

    “While we continue to strive to maintain pole position in the industry, more needs to be done to rationalize our business pillars, one of which is in the area of manpower,” said the memo dated Tuesday and signed by chief executive Wong Chun Wai. “We need to review our human resources needs with a view of transforming ourselves into a lean organization that would be ready to meet the increasing business challenges.”

    Star Media publishes The Star daily newspaper, which had a combined print and ePaper circulation of 359,442 copies as at Jun. 30, 2016. The company also has business interest in radio broadcasting and event management.

    In May, the company sold its 52.51% stake in Cityneon Holdings, a Singapore- listed events and exhibitions company for $115.61 million or 360.18 million ringgit in an all cash deal.

    Star Media’s cost cutting effort follows HCK Capital’s measure in April to cease publication of several titles amid industry-wide squeeze in advertising revenue.

    Gross advertisement expenditure, or adex fell 10% to 7.08 billion ringgit ($1.60 billion) last year and could stay flat this year, according to Kenanga Investment Bank. Advertising spending in the magazine segment plunged 21% while adex in newspapers fell 13% in 2016.

    The company’s shares are currently trading 2.4% higher at 1.70 ringgit apiece.
    – By Gho Chee Yuan and Jason Ng;; +603-20267363
    – Edited By Abhrajit Gangopadhyay
    – Send Feedback to
    – Copyright (c) 2017 Nikkei NewsRise Asia Pte Ltd.

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