Why the Dapsters’ political choice is insupportable

September 23, 2017 at 9:01 am 3 comments

In my preceeding blog post on Thursday, I featured a picture gallery of the many DAP Yang Berhormats who have camped in the mosques/surau.

DAP claims to be secular but they continuously carry out their cheap politicking in places of worship. Worse still, they occupy mosques which are the prayer halls belonging to a religion that is not even their own.

It’s bad enough when they take advantage of churches to use for their political platform. It is infinitely worse when these DAP evangelical politicians hijack other people’s religious houses as the showboat venue for them to score political points.

ABOVE: Zairil Khir Johari

Do note that none of the DAP Chinese YBs caught on camera or snapping selfies at the mosque are Muslim.

In fact, the DAP has got only one Muslim rep, i.e. Tengku Zulpuri (YB Mentakab) among the party’s 96 Aduns, and another two more Muslim elected reps, i.e. Sakmongkol (YB Raub) and Zairil (YB Bukit Bendera) among its remaining 36 MPs. Out of the evangelical party’s total of 132 YBs in parliament and the state assemblies, merely three are Muslim.

Yet the DAP politicians are more FB-social media self-publicized in mosques than are Umno reps.

Given the DAP’s ubiquitous presence in the mosque, it is perfectly legitimate to ask the beer drinkers presently complaining about their cancelled Octoberfest whether the party they voted for actually supports the Islamic stricture that alcohol is haram. Furthermore, don’t forget that DAP has already declared its support for Islamization.

Since DAP backs the Islamization process, and its elected reps are wearing tudung and camping in the mosques, isn’t it hypocritical of DAP to now bash PAS for objecting the Better Beer Festival and to claim that their Chinese constituents’ rights (to take part in an anticipated 6,000-visitor beer fest) is being infringed by the ban?

Beer most certainly not served to Hannah Yeoh!

How can tudung-wearing, mosque-frequenting DAP so unabashedly demand the freedom of enjoying beer (haram!) festivals?

I had raised a fair and valid point in my post, ‘Why beer drinkers should just stop whinging‘. The photos I showed of the DAP leaders occupying masjid are, moreover, all genuine.

Instead of offering a logical defense of the DAP, the Dapsters only responded to me with four-letter words, insults, curses and personal abuse of my Chinese ancestors on top of hurling accusations of “dedak” and my kowtowing to boss “Jibby”.

Quite clearly as a rational individual, there cannot possibly be any reason why I would care to vote for a hateful party like the DAP whose supporters are not only spiteful but full of malice.


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Why beer drinkers should just stop whinging Somebody has been impersonating me on FB

3 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Abc  |  September 24, 2017 at 12:15 pm

    Eh fatso…you failed to provide a logical defence to the fact that it’s your boss Jibby who’s sleeping with PAS. Still a miserable, lonely fat hate preacher eh Helen???

  • 2. Surrhead  |  September 25, 2017 at 3:11 pm

    NOW, why must DAP support the beer fest ban? The beer fest is for non muslims – who are also citizens of this nation who expects DAP to voice for them too. To let you know, the beer fest may be cancelled at Publika, but it running in all pubs on October

  • 3. Formerly Known as FHAAHD  |  September 25, 2017 at 5:33 pm

    Helen, I know many practicing Malay Muslims who feel the banning of Oktoberfest is wrong as it violates the rights of the nons. Since you are the moral authority on this issue, can you tell me if they are also hypocrites like you claim DAP are? Thanks.


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