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Evangelical Christian Wong Chun Wai vely susah to live in Muslim M’sia wor

In his newspaper column today titled ‘Moderation, the way to go‘, Wong Chun Wai takes a contemptuous swipe at “Islamist” PAS and “morally-questionable” Kelantan.

Chun Wai’s argumentative premise is articulated in the standfirst to his article, which reads: “PAS, or any other group, should not be allowed to use religion to challenge Malaysia’s social climate and political system”.

His latest complaint is against the cancellation of the Better Beer Festival 2017 which he blames on “Islamist party” PAS, saying, “we are pandering to extremists, at the expense of our moderate way of life”.

He is disdainful if somewhat nonplussed at the apparent clout wielded by PAS, considering how the party “does not even have an MP in Kuala Lumpur, or even a member on the DBKL advisory board”.

Chun Wai grumbles that the BBF has been held for five years straight but yet PAS has successfully and swiftly made DBKL knuckle down to pressure. He goes to the extent of characterizing the cancellation as “clearly an infringement on the rights of non-Muslims“.

In Chun Wai’s lights, holding a beer festival is a God-given “right” of the Christians and Hindus in Malaysia. (For the record, Buddhism prohibits/discourages – depending on your school of interpretation – the imbibing of intoxicants.)

Hence Chun Wai is convinced affluent Christians have the right to hold beer festivals in arty, yuppie shopping malls in upmarket residential districts because “there have always been beer festivals in Malaysia …” and therefore, why is DBKL “allowing such a group [PAS] to get what it wants”, Chun Wai demands to know.

“A combination of terrorist wannabes, extremists, racists, right wingers and politicians posing as theologians is certainly a recipe for disaster for multi-racial Malaysia,” he proclaims. Ouch!

Chun Wai’s constant and consistent derision of PAS as well as activist groups like Isma makes many Muslims inclined to think that the J-Star’s controversial ‘terrorist’ front page celebrating the first day of Ramadan this year was possibly no mere accident.

And what is the progress of the Home Ministry’s investigation into the matter? No further action, quite predictably?

Picking on Kelantan as PAS’s “state of origin” – here Chun Wai is factually mistaken as PAS was actually formed in Chun Wai’s own state of origin Penang (in Bagan Tuan Kecil, Butterworth, to be precise) on 24 Nov 1951 – the J-Star boss fingers Kelantan as a place where “no unisex salons are allowed to exist”, where a shop owner is fined for his poster of a Bollywood actress advertizing a watch, where cultural performances in a hotel ballroom invited the intervention of Kota Baru Municipal Council, and where organizers of a fun run were told to gender segregate participants.

Chun Wai proceeds to rant, “Malaysia is not Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia or an IS-held territory …”!!

Mocking PAS’s seeming failure to live up to its “puritanical priorities”, Chun Wai lists a series of negatives such as that Kota Baru netizens are the country’s second biggest surfers of porn sites, that Kelantan has 11,000 HIV-positive cases recorded over the last five years, “that drug addiction among students in Kelantan is at a critical stage”, that Kelantan harbours “the most nauseating incest cases” and moreover implying that Kelantanese AIDS-related deaths stemmed from “switching sex partners”.

It is clear that he is on a fault-finding mission.

In essense, Chun Wai’s column today is simply dripping with scorn for Malaysian “Islamist” leaders and those conservative Muslims who are of the same mind. Behind his veneer of moderation and beneath his ostensible promotion of tolerance lies the intolerance of a Christian supremacist who disdains Malaysia’s Muslim aspirations.

Given the evangelistas’ attitude of arrogance and contempt, it is hard not to visualize our socio-religious conflict taking a more hardline turn, and this sooner rather than later. Where now is the Christian’s much-vaunted ‘Love thy neighbour’, ‘Turn the other cheek’ pablum that they so conspicuously feed the gullible public?





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11 thoughts on “Evangelical Christian Wong Chun Wai vely susah to live in Muslim M’sia wor

  1. Malaysia is not yet rhe country as mentioned above. ElWe ll turn it to be, slowly surely. So apalagi, pingggan tak retak nasi tak dingin. Sila la mohon kerakyatan prc yg sdg open its door for its ancestral comeback.

  2. Yes, WCW is right……PAS will turn the country backwards…..i was watching “Eye in the Sky”, came a scene where a moral police was whipping away a lady cause her wrist can be seen……that is so sick and stupid…..and this is the way that PAS is leading

  3. Ms H. Is the minority Government subsidized income Tax Free & GST Free RM 2 Incorporated churches of Singapore & Malaysia preparing to kick out the dynamic duo and rename the Democratic Action Party to the Divine Actin Party after the 14th GE? With so much income tax and GST free money collected, with Wealth comes the thirst for Power. I advise these ambitious folks that they should not drag the other Malaysian Chinese with them on their perilous journey ! We have nothing to do with this madness.

  4. Ms H. Actually the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP is having a problem with the departure of their spiritual head Lee Kuan Yew. In political terms, he had departed long ago. With this void, the self-proclaimed political astute Dynamic Duo desperately reached out for a spiritual head of sorts. But would their supporters or anyone for that matter like the sight of an ex-prisoner kissing his ex-prison warder even in politics of a Malaysian kind ? With the twists and turns in Malaysian Politics (it’s not rough and tumble), if the Income Tax Free and GST Free RM 2 incorporated churches of Singapore & Malaysia do not make a move soon when the Dynamic Duo are at their weakest in grabbing more seats, these folks might miss their chances for another 50 years ! Acheh !

  5. Ms H. With the gathering intensity of the evangelists politicising everything which crossed their paths, some Blogs have identified one socialite journalist as their front man in the tussle for the Singaporean Trojan Stakes. He is a far more acceptable than the toothy Dynamic Duo whom I suspect have outlasted their stay which was exposed by the departure of their banyan tree and spiritual leader Lee Kuan Yew. The evangelists penetration and infiltration into all levels of the DAP network which has already been happening for at least 10 years. Now they are armed with bursting tax free money to buy themselves into power via the DAP. This is only logical in their zeal to protect themselves and their tax free money. On the other side of the coin on the Dynamic Duo, there is an ancient saying, ‘ God makes mad those he wishes to destroy.’ Does the disorderly property market as created by huge discounts fits the bill ? Maybe yes. Maybe no.

  6. Ms H. Who would bet his or her bottom ringgit with me that the Dynamic Duo maybe cast out of the Singaporean Trojan Horse stables the DAP and become tourists in Orchard Road Singapore ? Who would be so foolish as to give his or her heart and soul to a club tightly controlled by the former aide to Lee Kuan Yew when the latter was in the Third World ? By the time of the First World, the aide has become the stable master of the Singaporean Trojan Horse ! Now the Evangelistic mob is on the ascendancy flushed with Tax Free money courtesy of the Federal Government whilst the ageing Dynamic Duo crowd is seen to be stumbling, bumbling and crumbling. As time goes by, and the time is now, the support for the Dynamic Duo from the ageing small business men and the Chinese schools who would have gone for a bigger fish, is diminishing. It is now for the Evangelists headed by WCW to strike just before the 14th GE. It is now or never. What about the idealists, the Malays, the Chinese, the Indians and others ? They can go on dreaming until the cows come home if ever ! This is Malaysian Politics for you and me Ms H. Whichever you or me toss the proverbial coin, it is profitable, very profitable. Did I hear someone returned to our beloved Malaysia to have a bite at the cherry and the cake as well ? And want more and more of the same ? Why not Ms H, this is our Free Democratic Malaysia for you and me !

  7. Ms H. Before I forget, the dreaming idealists, the Malays, the Chinese, the Indians and others of the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP should realise that the Political Systems of Malaysia and Singapore are entirely different, like chalk and cheese. Malaysia practises the Free Malaysia Style Democracy with a Malay bias with our loyalty and devotion towards our revered Constitution, our beloved Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans, The Constitution is a formal document reflecting the customary practices, the Islam religion and others, and the rule of the laws as ruled by the Royal Sultans since centuries ago. The Malaysian System is creditable, tested and reliable. Lee Kuan Yew (1959-2015) created his Anti Cambridge Godless Neo-communist Political and Socio-economic System step by step without the knowledge of the citizens. bolstered by the Apparatchiks (meritocrats) and the West. The only Western dictatorial regime today. It’s a halfway house between capitalism and communism. No dictatorship has out-lived its creator. The latest Siblings Conundrum shows ! Real life examples were Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Tito, Salazar, Stalin, Castro, Mao, Ho-Chi Minh, Chiang Kai Shek, Syngman Rhee, Duvalier, So far, the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP could tread on water due to the Bluffology of Lee Kuan Yew. But the Evangelists would be filling the huge void left by him. Akan dating, Ms H. Watch my lips.

  8. How come the perpetually disdainful and ever principled Wong Chun Toi has nothing to say about this?

    Never interviewed by the Star: Contents on Robert Kuok accusing Umno are fake

    ‘According to the contents circulating on the internet, the article purportedly written by “Zhang Dan Feng” appeared on the internet in October last year. It reappeared after a lapse of one year, similarly, it went viral in social media. However, the contents of the so-called news review came from fabricated news.

    Nanyang Siang Pau has sought clarification from the senior management of The Star, and was told that the paper did not make such an interview with Robert Kuok. This means that the hurl made against Umno is not true.’

  9. Ms H. Surely we must believe that the Evangelists are playing for keeps and not play-play or try to look good in fancy local costumes ? Politics anywhere is a serious matter which affects the lives and livelihood of the citizens. Maybe the sooner the Dynamic Duo become tourists in Orchard Road, Singapore, the better ?

  10. Ms H. Despite some misgivings from the political cognoscenti on the effectiveness and competency of the Evangelist Poster Boy and Socialite, WCW, I rate him as far better than the aggressive and the abrasiveness of the Dynamic Duo whose only worthy image was that they were blessed by their spiritual master Lee Kuan Yew. Without his Bluffology, the Dynamic Duo are now treading on thin air. Comparatively WCW scores a far higher political credit rating than the Dynamic Duo when he is compared with their rough and tumble tactics of over 50 years.. Besides, WCW represents a clear break from the vindictive Lee Kuan Yew who turned the Malaysian Chinese into Political Eunuchs by stealing their precious Malaysian Chinese Political Space for 2 generations via the DAP. He deliberately stunted the Malaysian Chinese national political development in the National Interest so that their leaders appeared to be weak compare with the great Lee Kuan Yew. His dream has now crumbled with his departure. Who can rush in fastest to grab this space is the ultimate winner ? At the end of the day, political cognoscenti might agree that it is better to have a Malaysian Divine Donkey than a Singaporean Trojan Horse. What say you, folks ?

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