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Christian DAP’s vely headless chicken mutant soup

DAP’s P.Ramasamy, who is also the Indian ethnic-quota Penang Chief Minister (II), asks today if there is a Muslim-only “apartheid policy creeping in” following news of a religiously self-segregated laundry in Muar that bars non-Muslim customers.

Then there is DAP’s Zaid Ibrahim who hopes to become an MP again in the coming election.

Yesterday Zaid slammed the aforementioned Muslim-only laundry as well as the current Muslim objections to a beer festival, increasing Muslim animus against gays and liberals, and the ever stricter Islam-mandated tutup aurat as among preoccupations that are not beneficial to our Muslim intelligentsia.

“Malaysia is a sick Muslim country which teaches you the wrong things,” Zaid the Melayu DAP liberal summed up in his yesterday’s ‘Hijrah to London’ blog write-up.

Zaid, in fact, advises young Malays: “London is the place for you to migrate to,” and urging them to move out of Malaysia while they can.

A contrasting stance is adopted by Hannah Yeoh. She pleads, “Young people, don’t lose hope. Don’t change your country, change your government!” (See @hannahyeoh tweet above.) So speaks the failed emigre rejected by Tasmania, Austraalia.


Such bloody hypocrites

So what do we have here?

Ramasamy, DAP’s top ranked Indian-Hindu, is complaining about a creeping anti-Muslim apartheid in the country.

Zaid, DAP’s highest profile Malay-Muslim leader, is complaining how Malaysia is moving backwards as a Muslim country.

Hannah, DAP’s female elected rep who is holding the most influential office (as Selangor Speaker), is promoting an enthusiastic plunge into Islamization.

Among them, it’s Hannah that is closest in alignment to the DAP’s present policy of supporting Islamization.

The Indians, the Hindus, the Malays and the Muslims in DAP are only window-dressing on the party fringe. Unlike DAP’s Chinese-Christians, they fail to reflect the UBAH pivot towards support of Islamization.

If you believe the new-found love DAP has for Islam is merely a charade, then you can say the party’s Hindu and Muslim faces are at least a little more honest and forthright. The sly DAP Christians are the greatest hypocrites.


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13 thoughts on “Christian DAP’s vely headless chicken mutant soup

  1. I think you should edit your article stating The Sultan of Johor is very much against this talibanism too……

    1. Since you’re an oppo supporter, how do you see the DAP doing anything concrete or effective to push back against what Kit Siang calls “the creeping Talibanisation in the country”.

      Don’t you think the DAP is schizophrenic? Many Malays believe DAP to be anti-Islam. At the same time, DAP is trying to portray itself as more pro-Islam than Umno.

      1. I guess DAP is taking the path same as our Johor Sultan……we want a moderate Malaysia, not a taliban state………luckily this case is nipped at its bud….halal laundry (hahahah), no shorts for footballl (double hahahaha), and what unproductive issue can these bigots think of next……

        1. To repeat my earlier question, what (steps) exactly has DAP done/taken to check ‘Talibanism’ and how have the supposed DAP measures been effective?

          e.g. Has Penang offered to host replacement Beer Festival to uphold freedoms?

          1. For one, everybody know DAP will never support the RUU carrot. And the tag that hudud will never effect a non muslim is all false.

            And this political ploy on getting Penang to host the Beer Fest is so lame and childish. You just want Penang to host it so that the muslims can condemn Penang and LGE on another petty issue. If you wanna embrace Oktoberfest, just pop in to any pub on October……all pubs runs it….even in Penang….

            1. During GE13 when DAP was still allied with PAS, the evangelical party chose to be strategically non-committal about ‘hudud’.

              In fact, its sec-gen Anthony Loke even famously told the Chinese then that if we are not criminals, then there is no need for us (non-Muslims) to fear hudud.

              DAP has no permanent principles. It can ubah in any which direction and flip flop to work with anybody whether the fella they used to mock as ‘Malay First’ or the onevwhose gravevtheybwanted to piss on.

              If it could help them win Perak, I’m sure DAP would be able to come up with some excuse to justify them working with Mufti Harussani too.

              1. It’s quite explanatory that PAS was a proper party under TGNA, and it can be trusted to safeguards others…..but after his demise, and under Hadi, PAS has become radical and prone to racist ideologies…..even i got no prob with hudud during TGNA’s time….but now, i am afraid the non muslims might not get fair trades with PAS ideologies……and i love wearing shorts, cos it’s comfortable. and i can’t be dressing up just because someone can’t hold their “nafsu”…that sounds so sick….

                  1. His vendetta against Umno was a stumbling block. With TGNA’s demise, and freed from his shackles, PAS could inch towards its natural equilibrium of perpaduan ummah with fellow Muslims and fellow Malays.

                    Sleeping with DAP was against the order of nature. Under Tok Guru Nik Aziz, it was a union of hate between Umno-hating DAP and the Umno-hating faction of PAS. No wonder the Dapsters love to fetshize TGNA.

                    1. PAS perpaduan ummah is actually a race based agenda and to suppress the non-muslims while masking on Islam…..Hence, this is not going to go down well with the smart and educated voters……anybody can see PAS’ gameplay……..must never let this taliban towelheads to rule our beloved nation….but i find Tuan Ibrahim to be an exception

  2. Ms H. The foreign Lee Kuan Yew founded Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP leadership now is like a headless chicken crossing Orchard Road Singapore !

  3. In some credit to Hannah, she is probably getting better paid here (by Malaysians) as a politician, with the cumulative salaries from the multitude of political offices she holds, than she can ever hope to get from any job in Tasmania.

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