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Muar laundry: J-Star and the concept of separation of powers

The J-Star and its fellow travellers are loudly applauding the Johor sultan for His Royal Highness’ prompt intervention and instruction to the state exco on matters of legislation (or council guidelines) pertaining to religious discrimination, and specifically with regard to the case of a ‘Muslims Only’ laundromat in Muar.

JStar readers heaped praise on the sultan who was reported this morning by the paper’s CEO Wong Chun Wai as saying:

“From now on, I am directing the state executive council and all the councils to insist that any business owners who carry out such blatant discriminatory practices should have their licences revoked. Don’t mess around with your narrow-minded religious prejudices.”

(Secularism – which the DAP professes – is the separation of Church/religion and state.)

Likewise, Malaysia is a constitutional monarchy that is premised on the separation of powers. Our distinct arms of governmment are the executive, legislature and judiciary.

State excos are Aduns and therefore members of the legislative branch. Aduns make or amend laws in the DUN (state legislative assembly). Their powers are separate from that of the executive and the judiciary.

Netizens are today applauding and praising the Johor Sultan who, as reported by Chun Wai, has said he is “directing the state executive council and all the councils” to revoke the licences of Johor businesses that continue to religiously discriminate.

These netizens singing HRH’s praises appear to support royal intervention in, or instruction to, municipal councils whose role it is to grant and renew permits. Here it seems that Malaysians who are the J-Star audience support for our monarchy to be personally the final arbiter even in the matter of nitty-gritty council operations.


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22 thoughts on “Muar laundry: J-Star and the concept of separation of powers

  1. The Johor Sultan, being the head of Islamic matters in that state, has the right to intervene……..And His Excellency contained it very well……i hope he would do the same for for “Chinese Only” ads….i am ok with “Mandarin is an added advantage” or “Mandarin speaking candidate required”……..

    1. Islamic matters are handled by the state Mufti’s office and JAIJ. At lower levels, pejabat kadi. Perhaps there are other Islamic agencies and organizations I’m unaware of, not being a Muslim or Johorean.

      Here i.e. laundromat, and wrt business operating permits, jurisdiction comes under local councils. Are you saying the councils are Islamic?

      1. Well, what i am concluding is The Sultan does have the final say….we are sure the local bodies are not going to refer to the Sultan whenever a rule is implemented…..but if at all it’s seditious and unfair and caught his attention, we can be sure the good Sultan will decree wisely….

        1. Laws and regulations are supposed to be made by the councils and the DUNs.

          What if the other Sultans also begin to direct or instruct in a similar manner?

          1. The other Sultans should also follow Johor Sultan’s wise call…….which is not bordering on racial and extreme religious grounds ……They must know, they are Sultan for Malaysians, not Malays only……..And we Malaysians expect the Sultans to be wise too……the actual scenario is The Johor Sultan doesn’t give a hoot to umno. Can’t say the same for the other Sultans

  2. If the sultan decrees that every bangsa j must be circumcised, will every bangsa j surrheads submit? What will be their excuse then? Human rights for foreskins? More importantly will they sing the same song they r singing now. Laundry for beer..great trade guys.

      1. a classic example of an ungrateful descendant of an immigrant. From birth until near dead wanna live among us malay muslim and such simple things like that also parents never taught. are you being funny? sarcastic? it does not show…only your stupidity and ignorance shows.
        and the answer to your question is ” so is your mother if she’s a muslim”. you are such a smegma godless, no wonder you couldn’t find god, true or false.

        1. It’s always a great pleasure to watch AE, the Islamic fanatic lose it.

        2. I am just being curious. I was expecting a No from you but indirectly you answered Yes. I hope you are just joking.

                1. Nothing to cover about islamic practice, if only these nons love thy neighbor by learning about our practices and customs. Ini bukan judi haram dalam cybercafe nak cover cover.

  3. This is not the first example, nor it will likely be the last.

    Malaysians don’t understand what is constitutional monarchy, just like how they don’t understand democracy.

    If there is a niche market out there for Muslim only laundromats, why not? We are facing bigger threats with Mustafa Akyol and Zakir Naik.

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