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Hannah Yeoh, Malays and the Kingdom of God

Serdang Christian MP Ong Kian Ming is the DAP election strategist. And ‘Doctor Ong’ has analysed that “a large proportion” of the support PAS received in Selangor the last election had come from Chinese and Indian voters. In fact, Chinese support for PAS was phenomenal − reaching as high as 95 percent in several constituencies.

This means that nine out of 10 Chinese voted opposition. Mind you, we’re talking those Chinese residing in PAS’s winning seats in the semi-rural areas. In urban areas, Chinese support for DAP some more no need to say lah. Crazy!

In his media statement yesterday evaluating PAS’s 2013 performance, Call-me-“Doctor” Ong said: “PAS managed to win 14 out of 15 state seats in Selangor in GE13 because of the high non-Malay support it received – an estimated 88% of Chinese and 68% of Indian support in these seats”.

Ong also provided the DAP-crunched data − see below (click to enlarge).

In fact, about half of the Selangor state seats won by PAS involved Chinese support exceeding 90 percent, reveals Dr Ong.

On the other hand, in none of the 15 PAS state seats with the sole exception of Bangi, did the Parti Islam’s Melayu support extend beyond 50 percent.

Ong asserts that PAS could not have won all its seats (minus Bangi) without the strongest non-Malay backing − a fact which is self-evident.

By comparison, Umno won its seats with barely any Chinese support whereas at the same time, MCA won its seats very largely through Malay support as the MCA’s 7-Eleven seats are in Malay-majority areas.

DAP’s insane level of support among the Chinese – interpreted in the inverse – signals that MCA is dead in the water. Statistics don’t lie.

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DAP Chinese cultists willingly submit themselves to lobotomy

What then is our takeaway from the Chinese voting pattern discussed above?

In 2013, DAP told the Chinese to vote for PAS and they did in droves.

DAP also told the Chinese they had nothing to worry about from hudud. Overnight, the Chinese fear of “Islamic State” seemingly vanished into thin air.

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The very next year, 2014, things started to visibly sour between DAP and PAS. By mid-2015, their relationship had gone so far south that DAP expelled PAS from Pakatan Harapan.

2016 saw an Orwellian Mother of All Ubahs among the Chinese sheeple. It was too surreal. DAP’s brainwashed flock was ‘changed’ 180-degrees and now bleating “PAS baaad, Umno 3.0 good”. They were embracing PBBM which is Mahathir’s new party and hugging its president Muhyiddin Yassin, the man the Chinese used to call “Malay First” racist.

It’s astounding how Malaysian Chinese are capable of turning their previous beliefs upside down and inside out on the DAP’s command.

Today PAS is considered the arch enemy and because of this, PAS has also become the Chinese’s pet hate. Just listen to how frequently the Chinese are shrieking about “creeping Talibanization”.

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Welcome to the Danger Zone

It is downright dangerous that there is such a degree of mind control exercised by the DAP over the Chinese community.

MCA has not only failed to do anything about this but it has allowed its J-Star Nest of Evangelistas to surreptitiously help the DAP’s cause. MCA will pay dearly for this and so too will the Chinese whom the party purports to represent.

From the earliest days of my blog – see this post of mine on 29 July 2011 – I’ve said that Christianity in the DAP is causing trouble for the Chinese.

Half a dozen years down the road, many Muslim NGOs have come to realise that Hannah & Her Evangelistas are a big, big problem. Read the police report – below – lodged in Penang recently against Hannah Yeoh by 15 significant Malay-Muslim NGOs who regard her as a menace.

In relation to the police report, Isma Youth Penang exco member Muhamad Farid Umor Parok boldly called out the “radical Christian evangelist movement”. He claimed that leading public figures in the movement are unsettling Islam’s position of primacy in Malaysia. Read news article in Ismaweb.

MCA has failed to do anything to stop the DAP’s thorough brainwashing of Chinese youth to be hostile and to hate. The Muslim anti-evangelista coalition, however, is not going to sit by idly while the DAP is presently wrapping its tentacles around Malay youth. They believe that the DAP’s actions have amounted to a declaration of war.

It is the wall-to-wall support provided by Chinese to the DAP that has so emboldened the party’s evangelistas who are seen as a threat to Islam.

Leading Malaysians to the Kingdom of God


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  1. “Hate Chinese and Christians” is a tool of the past and outdated….scare tactics are so lame……try new progressive selling point like plans to make Malaysia fully electric cars by 2050 (like germany), or free wifi for whole of Malaysia or something similar….the new age will buy that…….still harping on race and religion really looks like a fool

    1. Cakap banyk fasal super tech konon. Seniri makan babi..tak blh tolak consuming the worms or modification of the in-breeding worm-infested pests.

      1. tapeworms are found in both pigs and beef..
        Tapeworm infection is caused by eating the raw or undercooked meat of infected animals. Cattle usually carry Taenia saginata ( T. saginata ). Pigs carry Taenia solium (T. solium).

        You don’t eat raw or undercooked meat, neither do our Chinese brethren…
        BTW, worms and insects are said to be food of the future.
        And, you should start eating pork and be enlightened. Do it as a family event….

          1. It’s not a sin for Christians, it’s your misunderstanding of the bible that leads you to say that. As for health benefits, I feel really happy and energised after eating bacon and eggs in the morning so I would say that it’s definitely of great benefit to my health.

            1. Ex FHAAD. For a long life up to 100 years or more, I would advise you to avoid fatty foods, drink and smoke sparingly. I have friends who thought that exercise would be the key to health. No. They died young. One ate bak kut teh from young every day until he died at 49 ! It’s what we eat that counts. Japanese cuisine is healthy plus a mix of our wonderful Malaysian foods is the way to go. As all doctors will tell us, you can do anything but don’ abuse the privilege.

              1. Who wants to live for 100 years in this miserable world? I’m happy to check out at 60.

          2. Humans has been eating pork for million years……there’s no record that pork eaters die a horrible death….and everybody dies at one point of time……… is easy, don’t complicate it….

  2. PAS will be decimated in Selangor during GE 14.

    The party will only be able to hold on Kelantan after GE 14.

    The prospect of PAS joining forces with UMNO in GE 14 is dim.

  3. At that time it was about creating a welfare state. Practically everyone can get behind it. Other Big Themes include fighting against corruption and to be against autocracy. Its like all these big things have been abandoned. Now they want to pursue small sins. They say you cannot pick and choose the parts you like to implement, you must implement everything in full, no compromise.

  4. Your fellow Buddhists in Myanmar are even worse than your alleged Christians born again DAPigs.

    At least DAPigs do not kill defendless people.

    You like your fellow Buddhist Aw San Su Kyi refuse to acknowledge the genocide currently being implicated by Buddhists Myanmar on the Rohingas.

  5. Ms H. I do not understand why only Income Tax Free and GST Free RM 2 incorporated churches of Singapore and Malaysia have the exclusive right to access the Kingdom of God ?

  6. You think any Chinese who voted for DAP in the last election would wise up? Fat chance.

    They like being towed around like cows by LKS and LGE. The amount of BS that has been fed to the community over the years is potent fertiliser for the tree of stupidity.

    Didn’t you notice? The Chinese uncle or auntie being fined for traffic misdemeanors have gone nuts and violent – for being caught, no remorse over the fact they have broken the law. A Malay chap fined for wearing shorts by religious authority, however, calmly accepts the penalty to attend counselling.

    Isolated incidents or pointing to broader trends? Your guess is as good as mine. I only know a Chinaman flouts the rules if he can once it is justified in his mind. I am a Chinaman too.

  7. Ms H. Correction on your headliner. It should be, ‘ H, the Malays and the Kingdom of Income Tax Free and GST Free Money, Money, Money !’

  8. Ms H. In the old days, this type of Christians was called ‘rice Christians’. The wonderful discovery of the beauty of Money Money Money through the Income Tax Free & the GST Free RM 2 Incorporated ‘churches’ was not known until 1976. Since then, my illiterate sister-in-law who rinsed hair in a hair salon in Jalan Imbi, KL formed her own RM 2 incorporated church and made millions of ringgits which she invested near Marble Arch London and made millions of pounds more. Not only that, my cousin, the head of a temple, rides around in a golden Mercedes driven by a chauffeur !

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