5 thoughts on “Hannah Yeoh: Are Christians a threat to the nation?

    1. The real threat is scum like you and Helen. Hate inciting scumbags. Karma will surely visit you.

  1. Muslims fear a lot of things – some of it are unexplained,like this Christian threat…..
    Malay Muslims fear more – i.e. pocong, hantu dsb nya
    Muslim kids from small are taught to fear……have anybody came across a Muslim kid who prays before he steps into a bathroom? The idea implanted in his head is that there are demon in the bathroom…..which i find to be very wrong……..

  2. Ms H. Do you know that there are two cliques now in the foreign Lee Kuan Yew founded Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP ? The original hard-core ageing 1966 mob and the Evangelists as led by the Poster Boy and Socialite WCW. The former is foreign inspired and chauvinistic.The latter is care-free and Malaysian with roots to the deep American South via Singapore. With so much Income Tax Free and GST Free cash in hand, it is time for the Evangelists to make their move now or never ! The Twain will never meet. And the dreaming idealists, the Malays, the Chinese, the Indians and others ? They can go on dreaming with their bed-mates who have different dreams ! It’s a wonderful World, our Malaysian politics ! There is a chap offered an Oxonian Scholarship but refused to take. This was what he said. The reality is that he is just taking a one year sabbatical to make a try for the 14th GE.so that he can have the cake and it too. Smart boy ! Good PR ! It’s alleged, he even said it’s a great sacrifice for him. I did the same too decades ago. and took a luxury cruise around the World. Acheh !

  3. Ms H. I have never seen so much excellent BS dished out by twenty some things until now. It is the sign of the times when suddenly all and sundry realise that there is gold in damned thar hills which is our unique Malaysian Politics full of brilliants with the gift of the gab ! The distinguished veteran Opposition leader who was the aide of my late brother-in-law in the Third World comes to mind ! One can be very rich by just talking with no tangible capital. What a wonderful World our beloved Malaysia is ! Acheh !

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