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Mat Sabu’s straggly strawman in defence of his DAP best bud

PAN president Mohamad Sabu today trotted out a strawman argument claiming Umno is scaring Malays that the DAP intends to establish “a Christian state”.  That’s just like making the equally strawish argument saying Umno is fear-mongering Malays that Lim Kit Siang wants to become the next prime minister.

We know that DAP would not be grabbing the premiership in name, even if the opposition does win GE14. We’re quite sure that DAP will leave the top job ostensibly in the hands of a Malay to serve as window dressing − as how the president of Singapore is a Malay woman. This is not to say, however, that the DAP will not be the real power behind the throne.

BELOW: In the short-lived state government of Perak where DAP was the Pakatan party with the most number of DUN seats, the post of Menteri Besar was nonetheless given to PAS, the Pakatan party with the fewest seats. But how much power do you think MB Nizar Jamaluddin had in reality versus how much influence the DAP evangelista warlord cousins wielded behind the scenes?

ABOVE: Mat Sabu may be the PAN president but Guan Eng’s hold on him sure is creepy

DAP’s substance over the Pakatan Harapan form

Likewise the case of Muslim vs Christian power brokers in Pakatan at federal level. There is always the frontman, and then there’s the backseat driver.

Just like DAP did not ‘physically’ hold the post of Perak menteri besar in 2008, neither will DAP anytime in the near future openly declare a ‘Christian state’ aspiration. Expect the sneaky bastards to possess a bit more cunning and acting more realistically befitting our Muslim-majority political context.

Only Mat Sabu can be dumb enough to think the general public is actually dumb enough to buy his strawman argument. In fact, Mat Sabu has been spinning the same silly straw since years ago (see tweet below), and like a well-trained minion, he has not changed his tune.

How then will the DAP bring about its much vaunted ‘Change’?

Give the DAP some credit, please. The evangelical party will – for the time being – continue doing what they’re already doing, i.e. promoting secularism, liberalism and religious pluralism which together have the cumulative effect of eroding the formal status of Islam in Malaysia.

This assessment by PAS Youth chief Muhammad Khalil Abdul Hadi is certainly on the ball, who warned last month that “DAP is shadowed by the Christian evangelist agenda”.

A choir performance at the Selangor state Christmas celebration

For a feel of the DAP’s subtle achievement, look at what they have successfully introduced into our system of social governance. They have normalized the overt presence of evangelical Christians in the corridors of power and other high profile roles.

While I’m not sure about the official Christmas celebration since Azmin Ali took over as Selangor MB, but under the admin of the previous Pakatan MB – see YAB Khalid Ibrahim above – a grand Christmas was officially celebrated at state level.

If I were a Muslim voter, I’d be able to easily see through Mat Sabu’s simplistic ploy of exaggerating the DAP’s so-called ‘Chrsitian state’ ambition. Instead what would truly worry me is the infiltration by the DAP evangelistas into the Malay’s masjid and surau, and into Muslim forums and discussions.

You must ask yourselves what is Hannah Yeoh trying to do through her tudung litup masquerade below!

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