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The shorter you are, the higher you can soar

Gymnast Simone Biles (below) won four gold medals in the Rio Olympics last year. She is four feet nine inches tall.

Simone Biles − gold

Gymnast Morgan Hurd (below) just won the the all-around title in the World Championships last week on Oct 6. She is four feet five inches tall.

Very unusually for a gymnast, ‘Morgi’ – her nickname – wears glasses in competition.

In case you’re wondering, she was born in Wuzhou in Guangxi, China and adopted by an American woman as a baby.

Morgan Hurd − silver (balance beam)


The video below details the gravity-defying feats that Simone is able to accomplish due to her lack of height. Imagine what a pocket dynamo like Morgi is capable of as she progresses further in her training.


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