When will more Penangites start questioning their state gomen?

I don’t see DAP losing Penang in the coming general election. What I do see, however, is Penangites becoming more and more like North Koreans in their Dear Leader and ‘All Hail the Party’ cult. To them, DAP can do no wrong and will be defended at all costs.

A hill-slope landslide on the island at a construction site in Tanjung Bungah killed 11 workers Saturday. Eleven people perished but the Penang government still can simply dismiss the matter. “Work site accidents happen almost every single day, so imagine if ministers have to resign because of them,” said the DAP Penang chairman, according to the NST‘s report.

And the pro-opposition media is downplaying the tragedy. Imagine the finger-pointing and blame game should the deaths have happened in a BN-ruled state.

Incidentally, the location of the landslide is very near where I used to live for a few years during the mid-noughties, i.e. more than a dozen years ago back when I was based in Penang. I would walk my dog along a hiking trail in the hills that led to a water catchment. She died earlier this year at the age of 15 human years (in dogs years = octogenarian).

“The Penang government is open to criticism”, claims Penang deputy chief minister (II) P. Ramasamy. What bullshit! I still remember how they demonized Hindraf for calling out the Guan Eng administration’s unforgivable betrayal of the Kampung Buah Pala villagers.

In fact, RBA and Dapsters will character assassinate anyone who dares to question or disparage the Penang chief minister or his party.

DAP cannot be criticized, period. This attitude comes from their Dear Leader who refuses to submit to any form of scrutiny. Listen HERE to his intimidating threats – “You see what I do to you, ah…” – when reporters a few years ago tried to ask him about the Rainbow Connection.

DAP is the party that will admit no fault. Say something negative about them and you must be racist, bigoted, extremist or plain evil.

The Department of Environment had previously objected to the ill-fated Tanjung Bungah project that has taken a toll of 11 lives. See below artist impression of the condo in that hilly area coming up from Vale of Tempe.

Despite not getting the DOE’s green light, the Penang government still allowed the land development to go ahead.

Source: Anil Netto’s blog

It is not for nothing that the DAP is nicknamed Developers Action Party.

As early as 2011, I’d blogged ‘Guan Eng bergesel bahu dengan tauke-tauke besar Cina’. For a party calling itself “socialist”, its top office bearers sure appear to like being cheek by jowl with greedy capitalists.

There is plenty that’s wrong with the party and just as much also with its hardcore supporters.

For one, don’t forget that the party sec-gen is facing court charges for corruption over his bungalow.

When one criticized former Selangor MB Khir Toyo (later jailed for corruption over the purchase of his palatial home), Umno members did not attack the critic like a pack of unhinged hyenas. This is in contrast to how Dapster gangsters behave whenever Guan Eng or DAP start to feel the heat.

With regard to the Tanjung Bungah landslide, Gerakan and MCA critics of Guan Eng and his state government are predictably being called “BN running dogs” by the DAP Rottweilers, and asked for their comments on 1MDB instead. This diversionary tactic is called ‘whataboutery’ and Dapsters are its chief practitioners.

Without fail, Dapsters prefer to accuse critics of ‘makan dedak’, being ‘macai’ or wanting to install an Umno government whenever anybody brings up legitimate concerns about how DAP is running Penang.

What is clear is that the DAP will always find scapegoats. Guan Eng secured his place in the annals of Malaysian political history with his infamous saying “Tak hujan tak banjir” when responding to flash floods in Penang two years ago.

It is nothing short of political gangsterism – this concerted harassment of critics – that has been cultivated and honed into art by the DAP.

What Dapsters are displaying goes beyond an attitude problem. The problem lies in the nature of the support for the DAP itself.

There’s nothing wrong with voting for the federal opposition. And there is nothing wrong either with desiring to change the federal government. This is all part and parcel of democracy.

Nonetheless, the way DAP followers adhere to their ‘the ends justify the means’ approach of grabbing power is deeply wrong. It is concerning too when they’re unable to admit that their party should rightly be questioned in many instances.

The intense tribalism that makes for demented DAP support is something wrong, and dangerous.



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4 thoughts on “When will more Penangites start questioning their state gomen?

  1. Dear helen,
    Its mind boggling that Dap as the big bully in msian politics,has no shame,no regrets, nor any empathy yet still command huge support in penang. with the recent landslide and major floods, the ‘Tokong’ still rules.wonder what other catastrophies are they waiting to happen!!!

  2. Ms H. To ape the building of many high-rise buildings like in their homeland Singapore is the wrong way by the Pulau Pinang State Government. The island is the No 1 in the World as a holiday destination because it has everything a tourist desires. Efforts should be directed at the creation of projects and improvement in services to serve the needs of such a destination. Revenue should be from this source. Not by building gigantic buildings for the quit rent and assessment.

  3. Ms H. I would have thought that these smart DAP fellows who have an IQ higher than you and me would have made our beautiful Pulau Pinang a paradise for all. Lo and behold, we now observe and sympathize with the bereaved families of the dead, injured and infirmed from causes which a responsible Government could have prevented. What a shame in our beloved Malaysia, a land of happiness and harmony ! What is Power without the Compassion ?

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