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Penang’s botak hills and mushrooming high-rises on slope

I left Penang some 10 years ago. Despite the time and separation of distance, it was still distressing to see the landslide in Tanjung Bungah − practically in my old neighbourhood.

The location where it happened is familiar in memory to me although with the passing of my mom (and recently my dog), my ties with Penang are now rather tenuous.

Nonetheless it’s mind-boggling – looking on from the outside – how the state government approved the building of those two 50-storey (!) residential blocks where the landslide happened.

Refer to my previous posting to see an artist’s impression of the towering twin condos. Do check out what the experts have to say but to my untrained eye, the very tall buildings sure look precarious to be perched on that particular spot.

Tanjung Bungah Adun Teh Yee Cheu has revealed that at least 18 high-rise residential projects between Tanjung Bungah and Batu Ferringhi are in various stages of being approved, an NST report said on Monday.

Seven of the project sites are on risky hillslopes − see also the video below.

Guan Eng’s bad karma will rub off on his fan base

I cannot understand why Penangites still keep giving the dog killer Guan Eng administration a free pass. Back in July 2012, I’d blogged ‘Sitting on a landbank goldmine in Penang hill$’. It was already an open issue more than five years ago.

If only we (Chinese) can be a little bit more objective, we would acknowledge how the Christian DAP is hurting our Buddhist/Taoist community. The brutal DAP regime is cursed with painful demerits for its stray dog butchery in Penang when the streets ran with canine blood.

Remember too PKR Penanti Adun Dr Norlela Ariffin’s crying jag in the Penang DUN? Sungai Lembu in her constituency – where an illegal carbon filter factory is operating – is an area rife with cancer.

Yet the Dapsters prefer to bash whistleblower Dr Norlela for indirectly getting Guan Eng’s crony, state exco Phee Boon Poh into trouble rather than worry about the cancer anomaly, i.e. incidence of the disease that’s way higher than our national average.

Obviously Dapsters have little concern about cancer victims in PKR’s area on the Penang mainland. Their primary concern is that the DAP rule must always look good in the eyes of the public, and how dare this upstart Malay female Adun go public with her voters’ complaints.

To that end, they’re harassing and treating Dr Norlela like a “pariah”.


My Nation News is not being wholly accurate when they reported ‘Penyokong Pakatan mula serang Adun Penanti, Norlela Ariffin’. It is quite clear that the ones conducting the vicious attacks are DAP supporters.

DAP is responsible for the worst political thuggery and skullduggery.

For all of MCA’s shortcomings, the BN Chinese component has not promoted hate. On the other hand, DAP is synonymous with the Politics of Hate.

Since its hardcore followers refuse to face up to this reality, we shall all just have to wait until next year and see how Dapsters cope with the Malay hegemony post-GE14 − an election result that is a direct consequence and reaction to the DAP’s deranged behaviour.


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17 thoughts on “Penang’s botak hills and mushrooming high-rises on slope

  1. Ms H. At the rate Pulau Pinang is developing, it will end up as the opposite of its Vaterland, Singapore. This is 100% indigenous population with crumbling buildings whilst in Singapore it’s 100% glittering buildings with less than 62% indigenous population. Why ? or How ? The smart rulers of Pulau Pinang who have a higher IQ than you and me, decided that it was OK to copy-cat the Vaterland Singapore 8 years ago. Little did they know (because this bit of information was suppressed by the Vaterland) that the whole glittering buildings, Jurong, reclamation, Asian Dollar, Changi Airport,, GLCs but not the human resources, were due to the genius of one Dutchman Dr Albert Winsemius, a UN economics expert who was adviser to the Singapore Government 1962-1984. He left the development of the human resources to Lee Kuan Yew who screwed down the Singaporean Tribe from 100% in 1959 to 62% in 2010 through his 47 Failed Public Policies. The most lethal one was his 2 Child Family Policy 1972-1985. At the end, Dr Winsemius was rewarded with a piece of parchment paper and two medals one of which was gold ! The achievements of Dr Winsemius are seldom mentioned by the Singapore Government. Vide. Singapore Government White Paper on Populatiion. 2011

  2. ‘If only we (Chinese) can be a little bit more objective, we would acknowledge how the Christian DAP is hurting our Buddhist/Taoist community.’

    Previously, the word “fanatic” was usually associated with Muslim fundamentalists or extremists.

    Now, I’m convinced that the biggest and most dangerous fanatic threat from within Malaysia is from the nation’s second largest community. The majority of them are clearly incapable of objective, critical or independent thought and their political beliefs are downright extreme and dogmatic (DAPmatic).

    Its a wonder we haven’t descended into full scale civil war yet!

    1. Indian. Sir, the foreign Lee Kuan Yew founded Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP was founded by him in 1966 for a purpose. ‘The Albatross Files’ 1964. Quote Lee Kuan Yew,’ The picture of a prosperous and flourishing Singapore compared with the rest of Malaysia is most attractive.’ Hence, the DAP a foreign-inspired entity which no country in the World will accept like the United States, Britain, the EU, Russia, India, China, Japan, Australia, Singapore etc. We now observe the unexpected spectacle of a bunch of Income Tax Free and GST Free RM 2 Incorporated Churches’ followers of Singapore and Malaysia with their poster boy and socialite WCW ensconced in a hard-core foreign party of Chinese small-businessmen, teachers, professionals etc. How long this uneasy sleeping arrangement on the same bed can last is yet to be seen ? I expect there will be a tussle for power and seats before the 14th GE between these two hard-core groups. The sprinkling of Malay, Chinese, Indian and other idealists will dream on. This inadvertent schism is the Achilles heel of the previously monolithic and chauvinistic DAP. A week is a long time in Malaysian politics, Sir !

    2. n the third (or forth, fifth, sixth now?) larges community can only continue to kiss the first n second, n wish a civil war could move them to first.

      1. Hai Yan, and for the likes of you who have always had wet dreams about taking over the dominance of the largest Malaysian community, you losers should come kiss my ass.

  3. Ms H. Your visionary comment on the plight of Pulau Pinang due to flooding and the virtual rule by the DAP State Government has now come to pass. This is just the beginning. Before all the debris are removed, it is predicted that more heavy showers will occur. It is inconceivable that the DAP rulers did not think of the huge gush of flood water cascading down the mighty slopes of ye olde Penang Hill through botak hills right into hapless Georgetown. However, this tragedy was the past and will be the future. A huge amount of money is required to introduce a whole new drainage system in Georgetown and its precincts after a careful feasibility study by World experts. This is the only solution. As it is there is no proper drainage from the land to the sea. What happened to the rulers aping the Vaterland Singapore with think-tanks which do not think ? Ms H. I think you and me can provide better inputs and insights at our zero ground level than the lofty Olympian heights of the DAP rulers.

  4. Ms H. In future, we will wake up to many more floods in Pulau Pinang and other places. For Pulau Pinang, it is a National Crisis which should be tackled by the BN Government and not debated over through a forum to be held in January 2018. These floods are nothing new. We knew about these since the 19th century.Only big big bucks and political resolve will stop flooding in future years. And even this will take many years to achieve. Only the BN Government has the wherewithal to do so. Not the DAP which apes its Vaterland Singapore.There are 3 reasons for the present floods in Pulau Pinang :- 1) Climate change. 2) 8 years of wanton destruction of the forest in the hills and environs. 3) Think tanks which do not think and forever leaving their thinking caps at home !

  5. Ms H. Not many people realize that the recent great flood of Pulau Pinang is a disaster of immense proportions. Why ? The pervasive flood water affected George Town and its environs. This puts the buying and selling of properties to a stand-still. No revenue for the State Government. Not only that, the billions of good Singapore Dollar which were invested in the Island by Singaporeans and Temasek in support are now washed-out so to speak. No tourists will arrive either. This puts the GST at risk. The Island becomes a dead place with no activity which is conducive for investments of any kind. The property stake holders are all hit badly, very badly until the State Government can guarantee that there will no more flooding tomorrow. But can they do that ? There are answers. But with a Leadership which does not think but talk. And think-tanks don’t think, we certainly have insurmountable obstacles of immense proportions to climb. Like you and me, it pays to be realistic and humble at all times and help people too !

  6. Ms H. It is crystal clear to observers that the days of the DAP State Government of Pulau Pinang are numbered after 8 years of headlong property developments without a care about the environment by aping its Vaterland Singapore and the consequences of torrents of flood waters invading the whole of George Town. Only the BN Government with its gumption, political will and wherewithal can do the very expensive and time and energy consuming job of preventing further destructive floods which have reduced all investments, local and foreign to nought. The Rakyat are the greatest sufferers in terms of physical and monetary loss. It is time for the DAP to realise its fallibility and hand over to the BN to save the Pearl of the Orient and the Rakyat. The DAP has no tools, humankind or money for such a gigantic project. This is the reality. This is the fact. The rains will come again as surely as the sun rises.

    1. ‘The Rakyat are the greatest sufferers in terms of physical and monetary loss.’

      We can go and on forever about BN, think tanks, reform, lack of political will, man-made disasters, kautim style corruption and etc but it’s the same kool aid drinking, zombified, masochistic, Tokong worshiping rakyat that keeps DAP in power in PG. Seems like they’re being held under a spell by a datok kong up in KOMTAR.

      The days of the DAP gomen in PG are numbered? I hardly think so.

      Penang lang are suckers for taking a beating and conned into taking a beating again and again. Disgusting.

  7. Ms H With one more gigantic flood in Pulau Pinang, the DAP State Government will have to invite the BN Government to join them in a Coalition to save themselves from the wrath of the Rakyat and God. The next step I am not telling. Where is the subject of the fancy costume who traipsed around the Selangor Ulus these days ? She does not want to get her feet wet ?

  8. Ms H. The veteran of the DAP wrote a book,’Time Bombs in Malaysia’ in 1978. The first Time Bomb has exploded on the night of 4 November 2017 in the DAP fortress of Pulau Pinang. It was a Water Bomb which was more effective because the water could seep through every part of the hapless George Town and its environs without any restriction. Another Water Bomb will spell the end of DAP in Pulau Pinang and the rest of Malaysia as it could be confirmed that the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP could only rely on the BLUFFOLGY of its Spiritual Leader, Lee Kuan Yew to achieve its aims. This has now proven to be unable to deliver the goods to the RAKYAT as it has no tools and wherewithal unlike their Vaterland Singapore which is an independent State. Ms H. Akan Datang.

  9. Ms H. With a beautiful hindsight, we can now see how wrong it was for Tokong Senior and Tokong Junior to ape the Policies of their Vaterland Singapore i.e. the headlong rush into infrastructural development etc to boost the GDP by raising revenue from developed properties. Pulau Pinang is the Pearl of the Orient. It is part of our beloved Malaysia and does not need to boost its GDP unlike the leadership’s Vaterland Singapore. Even now Singapore has misgivings about the GDP which she can only boost by importing more and more FTs. Thanks to Lee Kuan Yew’s Two Child Family Policy of 1972, Singapore has less than 900,000 able-bodied Chinese aged 21 – 50 ! For the very first time and in one fell swoop, the credibility and the reliability of the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP after sailing in fair weather for over 60 years was destroyed right in the heart of its fortress Pulau Pinang. It does not pay to support the DAP any more by the Rakyat. Only the BN can deliver the tools and the wherewithal to protect and create the frame-work to prevent further floods in the future for the long suffering Rakyat in Pulau Pinang. And yet, the Tokong Duo still sit on their backsides and not invite the BN to resolve all issues on the island amidst the deaths and the destruction ! This crisis is not Political but Humanitarian ! As the Dynamic Tokong Duo could not differentiate a State which is part of our beloved Malaysia and boosting the GDP is not required (unless for some secret agenda), from the requirements of an independent country which is Singapore, their Vaterland, they have committed the biggest mistake of their political lives which will put an end to their fantastic exploitation of the innocuous Malaysian Political industry for over 60 years, legally and transparently by way of Government Federal, State, Party allowances and private donations. Man proposes. God disposes. And the Water Bomb has exploded in the DAP fortress. Vide. Lim Kit Siang. ‘Time Bombs in Malaysia.’ 1978 !

  10. Ms H. I love to visit your visionary and prophetic comment on the botak hills as created by the Failed Dynamic Duo of the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP. How many of us realise that the Failed Dynamic Duo failed because when they captured Pulau Pinang in 2008 and thought they were greats like their spiritual Leader Lee Kuan Yew.without getting a Starred Double First at Cambridge ? Even with such pukka credentials LKY ended up with 47 Failed Public Policies at the end of the day ! They mimicked all his Policies without thought. When they had a problem they copied LKY’s ideas like referring to the Oxford Dictionary. So easy lah, Ms H ! Now the Failed Dynamic Duo pay the price of their arrogance, insouciance and laziness. Years of easy money by just saying, ‘No” when it was ‘Yes’, have corrupted the Failed Dynamic Duo legally and transparently. WHO SAYS THERE IS DISCRIMINATION IN MALAYSIA ? The Failed Dynamic Duo have proved otherwise – they can be multi-millionaires with tax free allowances from the Federal and State Governments in our beloved Malaysia by just saying, ‘NO’ !- if you choose the right profession and do the broken mirrors and thick smoke magic shows all the time. We the naïve Rakyat will believe ! But Man proposes. God disposes. Like in LKY’s siblings conundrum. By now the Failed Dynamic Duo realise by the next Great Deluge to come for Pulau Pinang, they can pack their bags and go home to Singapore. Ms H. Here are some tips which they failed to realise because of their arrogance, insouciance and laziness. A State in Malaysia need not have any GDP ! No need to build concrete buildings for revenue. Pulau PInang is a World Class holiday resort and should not be industrialised. Tourism will provide all the jobs in pristine, clean and green surroundings. The Failed Dynamic Duo would be very good if they just balance the books. No need to make an extra sen. Instead, they battled the BN Government and said they were/are smart. Who wants to care for such people ? With their antics, the Rakyat suffer ! The Failed Dynamic Duo may as well get their bags packed and ready to return to Singapore. The next Great Deluge will come as surely as the sun rises. Man proposes. God disposes. The answers for a wonderful Pulau Pinang without the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP which ruined the Pearl of the Orient are available.

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