“#Thoughts & Prayers” for all those perpetually enraged people

November 9, 2017 at 6:41 am Leave a comment

A Subang Jaya municipal council enforcement officer was (pepper?) sprayed in the eyes by the driver/passenger of a Honda City on Tuesday. The car had been clamped for parking outside a restaurant during lunch hour.

The assailants, a man and his wife, are now wanted by police to be investigated for assault. See Nov 8 story ‘Polis buru suami isteri kasari penguat kuasa MPSJ’ in Utusan.

This particular area coming under Subang Jaya jurisdiction has the highest density of evangelical churches. It is also the same area which every now and then is reported in the news for incidents of road rage, i.e. motorists threatening the traffic authorities.

Kung Fu Fighting

The Subang Jaya state assemblywoman cum Selangor Speaker should consider setting up a Peace and Harmony Centre specially to counsel her always angry people with the hair-trigger temper.

Since she herself is so super duper religious, an outreach programme under such a proposed centre to promote spiritual calm and feelings of peace and harmony among her constituents (those who drive) could be coupled with pastoral care.

These temperemental foodies need to be taught and guided that “sabar itu separuh daripada iman”. And that there is the civilized option of paying a fine to unclamp your wheel.


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