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# je suis tudung wearers

‘DAP MP says tudung ban “discriminatory”, offers legal help for court challenge’, according to a Malay Mail report today, referring to a statement by DAP deputy chairman Gobind Singh Deo.

Some hotels don’t want tudung-wearing women to be manning their front desk. DAP is crying foul.

Naturally the DAP would find such a ruling objectionable as the party’s own non-Muslim women leaders often wear tudung voluntarily. It’s called leadership by example.

Below is DAP’s Selangor Speaker YB Hannah Yeoh wearing headscarf in someone’s house.

And above is again Hannah Yeoh wearing tudung litup. Note: She is not inside a mosque.

And here are her fellow evangelistas in tudung too – DAP’s Teo Nie Ching and Yeo Bee Yin, together with PKR’s Elizabeth Wong.

If non-Muslim business owners and managers are still insistent that the free market permits them to lay out a dress code for employees, they should look to their political leadership for good example in multicultural ‘best practice’.

And for the DAP fanboys complaining that non-Muslim women in the military, police, other uniformed services and civil servants might – once in a blue moon – be required to wear tudung for the sake of conformity at official functions, the same DAP ‘Kita Bangsa Malaysia’ argument applies.

Remember, you guys voted DAP.

I mean if your exalted Dear Leaders can do it, and happily too though their own volition, why is it so difficult for the DAP supporters to meet the same benchmark in muhibbah apparel?

But now the non-Muslim hoteliers are blocking Muslim staff from wearing tudung if they’re greeting hotel guests. Shocking!

Here’s what the DAP activists can do: Dapsters working in the hospitality industry can all start wear tudung in solidarity with their Muslim sisters. They should do this to protest such anti-diversity discrimination. After all, the hotel bosses can’t ban everybody, right?

Come on DAP, start showing leadership by example.



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15 thoughts on “# je suis tudung wearers

  1. Election is upon us.

    Anything for political mileage.

    What I do find puzzling is their breakup with PAS. Why did they do that?

    Eugene (Gene)

    1. At the end of the day, oil and water just can’t mix. Even if DAP’s holy water won’t do the trick.

  2. You call this newsworthy?

    What a bunch of hypocrites. There are many ways to show respect to one another. This is plain hypocritical and devious.

    Front liners need to be attractive, pleasant and to speak English well.

    Wearing the hijab robs them of these traits. That’s a fact.

    France has banned the burka so why don’t you encourage burka and niqab clad women to be front liners? To show even more respect? And say ” Je suis burka et niqab “.

    Oh and non-Muslim men should wear the songkok (at least) when they go to such events?

    DAP is full of shit. Everyone knows it’s a Chinese party that hauled in some non-Chinese stooges into it.

    Hannah will of course be seen wearing a hijab at any Muslim function as a show to further her political career and consolidate her status as a rep but do nothing to help her voter who needed her help immediately. Days later her secretary emails, takes credit and says .. problem solved .. when it was solved by her voter.

    I would rather trust Harapan than the deceitful DAP.

    Let me reiterate. The Indians inc Sikhs and a couple of Malays serve the purpose of a multi-racial party in the eyes of the general public. This is DAP’s classic con job from Day 1.

    Three Malays have become greedy. The Chinese have always been greedy. The Indians are still looking for the pot of gold.

    Embarrassing to read this superficial and transparently shallow article.

    S Raghavan

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  3. I really salute the stand Felixia Yeap on the hijab. She now wears a niqab on her free will unlike the Pakatan politicians who wear for cheap publicity.
    Yes. We have not heard the answer from some many Pakatan evangelistas. Bila nak masuk Islam?

  4. Aiyoo….like dis also wanna kecoh ah?? I think you are disappointed DAP did not side the hoteliers…it would have been easier to “char” them ley….firstly, don’t get religion mixed here……it’s clear DAP is advocating for the “right to dress”, and in this matter, head scarf is not an issue at frontoffice. If someone is working at a factory with big rolling machines, head scarves should be more paid attention.

    1. This is all they have. They know the MYR is plummeting, the youth unemployment rate is currently at 12%, national debt is at an all time high, the property market has not been controlled and has been allowed to become so overvalued that the average person can’t afford to enter the market, inflation continues to rise and the economic outlook is bleak.

      They know all the above is happening but choose to ignore it and play with the race/religion card instead. It’s all these UMNO/BN supporters have, it’s pathetic and is a reflection of their own insecurities. In most other countries, these are the critical factors that a government will be judged on. Not in boleh land though.

      1. (1) Does the DAP have any idea of how to keep the cost of living down? In Penang, they have expanded parking charges state-wide and failed to abolish toll.

        (2) How many jobs has the DAP created for youths in Penang? What employment-generating new industries in Penang has the DAP fostered?

        (3) Since the DAP wants to do away with GST, how does it plan to increase national revenue to reduce debt?

        (4) The “uncontrolled property market” is worst in Penang, and escalating prices making home ownership beyond reach is most prevalent due to the Developers Action Party (DAP) being BFF with property developers. Has the DAP’s rule of Penang made things better or worse? Think landslides, floods and denuded hills.

        (5) DAP has not done anything constructive to mitigate the “bleak” economic outlook. All they know to do is play the race/religion card, put on tudung and occupy mosques.

        (6) The DAP gomen has indeed been judged. The floods of biblical proportions happened in Penang, not Putrajaya.

        1. Vote PH for 2 terms and you will see the difference……cos smart warga like me would see to it and if PH is not up to par, they will be dropped……i am not a dungu voter who’s sticks to one party until the day i die…..i have voted BN, i have voted PAS, now i am voting PH……you may continue with your usual DAP demonizing, what i would expect is result rather than cakap kosong……if DAP has been performing badly in Penang, they will fall next GE…….just like how gerakan did

        2. And fat Helen ang is the tool used to misdirect and distract. Karma Helen…get acquainted with that concept.

        3. 1) We don’t know obviously as they haven’t been even a chance at the federal level yet. You can’t equate how much a government can do at state level compared to federal for obvious reasons. All we know is BN has failed the country over the last three terms at least and it’s rather daft to continue to go with the status quo that has failed so miserably.

          2) Again, you have to realise that a state government only can do so much. They are ultimately dictated to by Federal policies. And I don’t know what the stats for Penang’s youth employment are. Do you know it or are you just spinning once again? You do spin extremely well.

          3) There are other forms of taxes that they could introduce. The country had a better debt ratio pre GST actually. Reduce unnecessary spending, attract more investment, create a more efficient workforce, focus on education, retain Malaysia’s best and brightest talent etc. There are many ways to increase revenue in the long term. The downside of GST is that it reduces consumer spending and hits low income earners harder.

          4) Penang is just a reflection of the entire nation and the state government can only do so much. What did BN do to quell the increase? Why didn’t they introduce lending restriction and restrictions to foreign investors much earlier on for example? That’s something that only can be done at a Federal level. Obviously Penang will naturally have a higher increase than other areas as land is scarce and it’s a major urban centre. Simple supply versus demand logic.

          5) They are not a federal government. Your argument is weak, lazy and frankly embarrassing.

          6) I didn’t expect such an idiotic comment. From Zahid Hamidi maybe but not from you. I guess it proves my earlier statement that you BN/UMNO supporters know that if the Govt was to be critically judged on factors that actually matter, the consensus will be that they have failed. Hence the spin and deflections.

          1. (1) Pakatan at federal level will not rise above their calibre at state level. They already have a lot of financial capital & resources to play with. Selangor is the richest & most economically developed state. Penang people earn among the top incomes in M’sia. If Pakatan had workable solutions, they’d have proven it by now.

            (2) Excuses, excuses.

            I’m for the BN status quo. You’re the one agitating for Ubah. Since you’re the one urging the public to change brands, the onus is on you to show the relevant data that DAP Penang has outperformed BN Penang’s previous record. Remember that Lim Chong Eu brought the FTZ and multinats that provided young Penangites jobs.

            (3) re: “retain M’sia’s best & brightest talent” … yawn. Spoken like a self-referential Chinese. You’re suggest introducing other forms of taxes to replace GST. Same idea. Just a different name for taking money away from people,

            (4) Penang is not “just a reflection of the entire nation”. It is the State of Many Landslides all by itself.

            (5) You (the Penang model) have got nothing better to offer the rest of the country.

            (6) Penang has been raping the hills and the seafront. The recent disasters are DAP’s bad karma.

  5. Ms H. It is time for the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP to down-size their exuberant efforts to try to defeat the gravity of conventional politics by pretending to be what they are not at heart. It is time for the DAP to wake up that their political fortress based on the promises of manna from the Dynamic Tokong Duo will never be delivered due to their thoughtless actions on the Island for over 8 years. Effectively, the solid political Island base of the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP has turned into a desolate political landscape for them. All promises, hopes and ambitions of the Dynamic Tokong Duo have been washed away by just one single flood. But there are many more floods to come even if they give up the ghost and call in the reliable and redoubtable BN. In front of our very eyes, we see for ourselves how God punishes those who are not caring, considerate and compassionate for the Rakyat and have a secret agenda. An agenda which hides the fact that they think we are all stupid. The game is finally over for the apolitical Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP – only 4 years after the demise of their founder and spiritual leader Lee Kuan Yew !

  6. Ms H. What smart ideas are to be announced by the Dynamic Duo from the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP after the deluge in Pulau Pinang causing death and destruction ? What is the Policy now or no Policy at all ? The copy-cat Policy of aping the Vaterland Singapore’s Policies for 8 short years, has failed miserably due to their thoughtless and wholesale adoption of what seemed to be good for the Republic.And think-tanks which do not think ! But as I always said, ‘ History is the finest arbiter of the Truth.’ The Truth of the infrastructural success of DAP’s Vaterland Singapore was not due to Lee Kuan Yew but to the Dutch UN Advisor to the Singapore Government 1962-1984 – the crucial years for Singapore success were due to a Dutchman, Dr Albert Winsmius, whose achievements were based on solid principles which were suppressed by the Singapore Government. Now, the Truth or the cat is out of the bag that the Failed Policy for Pulau Pinang by the Dynamic Duo not only does not work but brought death and destruction to the Rakyat, is there a tomorrow for their leadership anymore ? The lack of intellect, clarity of thought and common sense could not fill in the huge void created by their arrogance, aggression and holier-than-thou attitude in Malaysian Politics. Behind all these,, it is all Money, Money, Money from over 60 years of legal and transparent Federal, State, Party allowances and private donations. Politics has become a huge profitable business with over 100 NGOs joining the fray. There are fellows who go on sabbatical from Oxford just to make sure they do not miss the Malaysian Political gravy train. Are we in the wrong business, Ms H ?

  7. These are all ad hominem argumentum. Rationally speaking, what do you actually think about DAP’s stance, beyond the personal attacks?

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