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A tale of two First Ladies and their boutique apparel

Malaysiakini columnist Mariam Mokhtar talked today about the use of tudung “as a political tool, to manipulate the masses”.

Several of the Malaysiakini subscribers commenting on her article predictably criticized Rosmah Mansor for not wearing tudung.

Well, the reason could be that the PM’s wife is not herself a politician. After all, as Mariam avers about the tudung, “its use [is] as a political tool, to manipulate the masses”.

But guess which politician often wears tudung for her photo ops?

BELOW: The first lady Speaker and her political wardrobe


Hannah Yeoh bertudung litup

Yup, it’s Hannah

Will any tudung-ed woman ever object to strengthening syariah?

Err, “the manipulated masses” who unwittingly became political stage props?




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17 thoughts on “A tale of two First Ladies and their boutique apparel

  1. Hannah has shown a good example of muhibbah, by donning other culture’s attire……it’s that simple…..

    1. In the same spirit of muhibbah exemplified by the DAP Christian leadership, I hope that Chinese & Indian staff don’t complain if they’re asked by their company or civil service employer or the uniformed forces to don hijab as part of their work attire.

      1. nope….you got it wrong….again……it’s quite explainable that HY covers her head when visiting a surau, and she wears hijab without being forced on…….cos to force someone to use a hijab is a no-no, just like the case of hotels don’t favour hijab wearers at front office is a no-no

          1. it think the problem is you have this warped idea of only Muslims ladies must wear tudung, and it’s a religious attire……ok, in this case, HY is visiting a Malay family, and she was in baju kurung and tudung – could she has worn the tudung in respect of the host? and i fail to understand how is this wrong…..

      2. Ms H. Some of the women you mentioned, are already doing the half-way house on Fridays. So, for the WOMAN and the women, it should be no problem becoming Muslims !

          1. Ms H. Is the Woman already a Muslim ? By doing this, the Woman resolves her marital problem and gain more Muslim votes. Maybe a Mentri Besar and Prime Minister in later years. Acheh to the Woman who claims to represent all Men and Women ! If the Woman is not a Muslim, why not become a Muslim and be the President of the ex-Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP. After all, this Woman came from the Government subsidized Tax Free and GST Free RM 2 incorporated churches of Singapore and Malaysia. The Woman has nothing to lose but every sen to gain in this profitable industry which is Malaysian Politics. The Woman is also well-equipped with the Gift of the Gab, the essential qualification in Malaysian Politics. Who says there is discrimination in our beloved Malaysia on Women ?

  2. Ms H. What is in this woman’s heart and mind ? No one knows. But we all know what are in the hearts and minds of the leadership of the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP in Pulau Pinang. Maybe the woman has changed her religion. Who knows ? Why was she not in the CEC ?

  3. The family of Ramachandran Muniandy are the epitome of the Malaysian identity. India, Cina and Muslim/Malay (wannabe but can’t make up her goddamn mind) semua ada.

    I bet Mr Muniandy is going bonkers wondering just who the hell he married.

    1. Be that sure he doesn’t give a flying F as to who or what you married. Small town stupid you are.

  4. Ms H. Maybe this analogy applies. Someone asked my friend why he was so happily married for 50 years. He replied that he just turned off the lights and thought she was not his wife ! With your gracious permission this answer to a vexed problem since Eternity between the Man and the Woman !

  5. That is the problem with many DAP politicians today like Hannah Yeoh. They are too cowardly and politically opportunistic and this is political cynicism at its best. Gone are the days of Karpal “This is who I am, like it or not, but I am at least straight-shooter-grumpy with you” Singh.

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