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Evangelical Christian’s uncharitable words on Christmas eve

Well, at least I didn’t say Wong Chun Wai’s load of bullshit in my post title above.

They just can’t stop politicking, can they, even in the spirit of the season and Christmas goodwill.

Chun Wai’s J-Star column today is titled ‘The storm over Jerusalem’. It’s full of – as I put it mildly in my headline – ‘uncharitable words’ and not to mention passages of pure propaganda. I’ve listed below Chun Wai’s propaganda contained in his Church of the Negativity talk today.

Firstly, to start off his Christmas sermon, Chun Wai calls US president Donald Trump an “ignorant leader who spews a combination of toxic religious and political plans”. Chun Wai is describing Trump in the same name-calling way he and his newspaper characterize some Muslim fundamentalist activists in Malaysia, i.e. as religiously “toxic”.

Oh ya, he also says Trump is “dangerous” and “irrational”. Well perhaps, but at least Trump is not hypocritical like the two-faced Chun Wai and the forked-tongued DAP evangelistas.

Next, Chun Wai writes that Trump’s advisors are “a group of people who think they are acting on God’s instructions”. Oh, so Chun Wai is here admitting that the White House is under the influence of end-times evangelical Christians. Take note.

His colleague June Wong thinks rural voters are stupid for not embracing Bersih, i.e. election reform and ‘ubah’ voting.

Chun Wai seems to share a similarly poor opinion of that “bunch of evangelical Christian advisers from the rural Bible Belt” who are in the Trump circle of influence to represent “evangelical voters in the US who backed Trump unequivocally in last year’s presidential elections”. The two J-Star Wongs – June and Chun Wai – have an identical view that these rural folks in the Umno heartland and in the American Bible Belt are “ill-informed people” because of who they vote.

Chun Wai then proceeds to accuse Nikki Haley, the American representative to the UN, of threatening, trying to instil fear and finally “outright blackmail” of her fellow UN ambassadors. And he also calls Ms Haley “a spoilt brat” who “sulked following the UN voting”.

Then Chun Wai returns to bashing Trump, saying the American president “now looks like a bully”. Chun Wai the peace-and-love Christian is exuding a lot of negative vibes today with his name-calling and finger-pointing here and there. Not a Christmasy peace and love at all.

For reasons known only to him, Chun Wai’s bashing of the Bible Belters – (#they’re Christians too) – is relentless, quoting a Lutheran pastor in Bethlehem who reportedly made some remark how American “people in the Bible Belt read the Bible in a way that really makes our lives difficult”.

So evidently not everyone reads the Bible in the way approved by Wong Chun Wai and his ilk. Some of the Subang Jaya urbanites prefer the “prosperity gospel” free-wheeling version for sure.

Our takeaway from Chun Wai’s latest column is how, on the eve of Christ the Saviour’s birth anniversary, he prefers instead to discuss how “anger festers and grows”. Chun Wai’s Christmas message is one suffused in anger, what with his torrent of negative comments about the “evangelical voters in the US who backed Trump unequivocally in last year’s presidential elections”.

The description above within quote marks are Chun Wai’s own words copied verbatim. Observe that he admits the evangelicals (read: highly religious Christians) form Trump’s voter base.

Chun Wai the evangelical Christian hypocrite

On the one hand, Chun Wai tells us that “the legendary Church of the Nativity, [is a] site thought to be the birthplace of Jesus Christ”. On the other hand, Chun Wai claims that “the issue isn’t about religion, but land and resources”.

President Trump and his evangelical support base are not concerned about the resources in Israel, the West Bank, Gaza and in East and West Jerusalem. The “issue” for evangelical Christians is wholly religious. Trump created a storm which became an issue at the UN not because the American president is concerned about natural resources in the area, unless there is oil. It is an issue for the Trump supporters because of religion.

According to what Chun Wai said earlier in his column, the “bunch of evangelical Christians” believe Jesus was born in the Church of the Nativity site – in the little town of Bethlehem. Obviously, Christians regard that site as holy. There’s a good reason the location of modern-day Israel is considered as the Holy Land. After all, as Chun Wai recounted in his article today, he himself made a Christian pilgrimage to Jerusalem in 2005.

Chun Wai additionally explains to us that “restricted trips to Jerusalem are allowed for religious purposes“. Meaning, although our Malaysian passport prohibits us from visiting Israel, a special exemption nonetheless is made for Malaysian Christian pilgrims.

So, again – Chun Wai is full of self contradiction. He states that Malaysian Christians are permitted to make a trip to Jerusalem “for religious purposes” – these are Chun Wai’s own words. But in the same breath, he insists too that the issue over Jerusalem is NOT about religion, but about land and resources.

Can he keep to a logical consistency for only one minute? Why is Jerusalem important? Because it is the destination for Christian pilgrims and it is the Holy Land. As Chun Wai informs us, “most of the Biblical sites in the towns of Bethlehem, Jericho and Nazareth, all important names in the Bible, are in predominantly Muslim areas”.

How more holy can you get?!

“All important [place] names in the Bible” are located in the Holy Land over which the three Abrahamic faiths are fighting for control. That’s why it is called the Holy Land, duh. An overwhelmingly R-E-L-I-G-I-O-U-S reason … elementary, my dear Watson.

The Church of the Nativity is built on the site where Jesus was born – in Bethlehem. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre is built where Jesus was crucified and resurrected – in Jerusalem. There is no place holier for Christians than God’s ‘Promised Land’ Israel.

As Chun Wai has taken great pains to stress to us, “the Jews do not accept Jesus Christ as the Messiah. In fact, ultra-Orthodox Jews openly dismiss Christ”. The Church of the Nativity and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre are not sacred to Jews who don’t pray in churches. These are holy landmarks for the Christians.

And the Christian pilgrims to Jerusalem are apparently big business. In his article, Chun Wai claims that the pilgrimage provides a livelihood for the Palestinians who – in Chun Wai’s account – “sell Christian religious items”, and work in the support services such as becoming tour guides, caterers, etc.

Now let’s say there is a piece of land in Timbuctoo which is rich in resources. Would Christians and Muslims have fought the Crusades over it? Not! Timbuctoo may be a rich land but Christians and Muslims will not wage holy war over it because it has no religious significance for either faiths.

Why did Christians and Muslims fight to control Jerusalem? It is not a city rich in natural resources. Jerusalem does not have oil or timber or diamonds or rare minerals to be mined for export. The very importance of Jerusalem is its “religious purpose” for Christians, for Jews, and for Muslims. Yet Chun Wai has the cheek to make his blanket declaration “the issue isn’t about religion, but land and resources”. Hidden agenda much?

Malaysians of all faiths should beware the propaganda being peddled by The J-Star and its evangelical Christian CEO when they subtly try to feed readers bullshit.

The following is Chun Wai’s concluding spin. He claims, “For the Palestinians, their plight is not an Islamic or Muslim issue, as widely assumed by many Malaysians, but a case of injustice and violation of human rights, including being stripped of the land belonging to them”.

From the Palestinian perspective, we can grant the “land and resources” factors that Chun Wai is attributing to them. However from the perspective of Malaysia and the rest of the Muslim world, the Palestinian jihad is indeed an Islamic issue. Najib Razak has made it clear that Malaysia stands in solidarity with the Palestinians because Muslims must defend Islam.

Consider a counter example: Like Palestine, Tibet is being occupied by a foreign power. The Han (China Chinese) are steadily taking over the land and growing in population displacing the natives. Like Palestinians, Tibetans are also victims of injustice and having their human rights violated. Do we see the OIC passing resolution after resolution in the UN on Tibet?

Do the Muslim capitals hold rallies and Day of Rage for Buddhist Tibetans? Have Malays ever held mass protests here after Friday prayer for the Tibetan cause?

What a load of bullshit Chun Wai is crapping to try and deny the primary role of religion in the Jerusalem conflict. There’s definitely a hidden agenda. His too earnest denial is just too obvious.



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14 thoughts on “Evangelical Christian’s uncharitable words on Christmas eve

  1. Ms H. A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you. Is’nt the poster boy socialite CCW in the same mould as President Trump. Or he is just a confused kid out of water ?

    1. Uncle, WCW is an evangelista who made a Christian pilgrimage to Jerusalem – as he has written about publicly several times.

      Are his feelings for the city just like other evangelical Christians or is he being hypoctical about Trump’s Jerusalem decision? You can make a pretty shrewd guess.

      1. Ms H. I use the cliché, ‘ Your guess is as good as mine.’ Being Chinese, of course, we know their Fables and Foibles. Remember the Bengali lady lawyer who had only a set of 2 rooms in my friend’s Wisma MPI. She sang the song of ‘sixpence’ and put on a clean yellow Bersih shirt. Lo and behold.’ She was ennobled and free access to Oz with pension for life. Malaysia now has over 500 NGOs like we now have over 50 universities. NGOs is the best for business as it is said. I believe our beloved Malaysia has the most number of copy-cats in the World !

  2. This whole article is on a personal attack on Datuk Seri Wong. That is your personal matter. That has been your habit for a very long time. Old habits dies hard.

  3. Your hypocrite post: “Oh ya, he also says Trump is “dangerous” and “irrational”. Well perhaps, but at least Trump is not hypocritical like the two-faced Chun Wai and the forked-tongued DAP evangelistas.”

    Well, not like UMNO, PAS and Amanah? So hypocrite your statement.

  4. So you love Trump, right? Why not write a whole article on why you love Trump. Looking forward to read it.

  5. How come no article on Abdul Hadi Awang’s statement about Muslims only in cabinet and the fact that not a single dumbass DUMNO member has criticised his views? Those words not deemed to be uncharitable ah?

    You are a hippo…crite

  6. Ms H. As Chinese, if we put all these Government subsidized Income Tax Free and GST Free Rm 2 incorporated places of worship or churches with the support or linkage with Singapore, as a form of worship industry which is a very profitable business with no capital required from the promoters. Only the gift of the Gab ! . It is alleged a 12% levy is placed on the salary of a worshipper. For example, my illiterate sister-in-law who worked as a hair washer in an Jalan Imbi Hair Salon, Kuala Lumpur formed her own Church and collected tax free ringgits which she invested in the Marble Arch area of London. She made millions of pounds sterling more. My cousin who is the head honcho of a place of worship rides around in a chauffeured driven golden Mercedes Benz S. Likewise the 500 NGOs in a very profitable business of stirring up emotions and hidden animal instincts. Who says we Malaysians live in trees ? And the 50 universities which even out-ranked the Philippines !

  7. Ms H. For the business uninitiated who may ask how to launder black or illicit money from say property developments through a Government subsidised Income Tax Free and GST Free RM 2 incorporated place of worship or a church ? It is so simple as to be astounding ! It is exactly how the illegal gangs launder black money in restaurants owned by them. In a restaurant, , no one actually counts the number of patrons. Phantom patrons are produced to match the black cash. It is as simple as this. To avoid income tax, such a restaurant does not make money or just a little bit to keep off the wary eye. Since our interloping RM 2 incorporated churches promoters are all in property development, it is useful to own such a RM 2 incorporated church a sort of ATM for the Boss.. A case of having the cake and eating it at the expense of the innocents, both Government and the worshippers who are really not praying for money !.Who says the Malaysian Economy is half-past-six ? It is alive and kicking with these ingenious Chinamen with a long nose for money !

  8. Hi Helen, I hope you can remember me. I commented before on your blog over 2 years in Aug 2015 on the topic of the RBA. Is there anyway for me to send you an email? I want to include you in the message to be sent to RPK (Malaysia Today), Raggie Jessy (Third Force), Sebastian Loh (Malaysia Impact), and Malaysia Outlook.

  9. Ms H. A person must have cogent reasons to denigrate another especially a prominent politician and President of the World’s only super-power. For those who take part in such negative activity only show that they are ignorant and confused about World affairs. They forget the raison d’etre of their existence. There are only 3 American Presidents which I admire and respect. after World War II. Truman, Nixon and Trump. These are genuine personalities even though the latter two might not come to the standards of some. Truman, not because of the 2 atomic bombs but that he was a person with no pretensions. On his retirement, he drove his wife home to Independence, Kansas.. Nixon had the commonsense and courage to establish diplomatic relations with Mao’s China. And Trump being anti-Washington establishment truly serves the American people. I admire him for only one thing. On his first day in office, he threw the Lee Kuan Yew confection TPPA wrapped around Obama into the dustbin. The TPPA is a Malaysia/Malay/Chinese/Indian Killer concocted by that ‘Devil in the details’ fellow Lee Kuan Yew in 2002 to bash down the tariff walls of our beloved Malaysia. With facts, we can see that those who run amok over President Trump do not know what they were doing. Without the true information, these poster boys and socialites only made fools of themselves to the World. I do NOT condone the rest of Trump’s actions like his Jerusalem faux pas.

  10. Hahahaha……..Happy New Year…..though it’s clear you are not happy seeing a Christian is against Trump’s decision. You would sleep better if they are fighting over this shitty piece of land, right??
    Have you tried listening to Jerusalem Christians on Trump’s decision?? They don’t like it too……..just like rest of the world. There are actually a lot of nice, peace loving people in this world. It’s people like you, trump, hardcore religionists plus assholes who would prefer to make people’s life hard, and prefers death and bloodbath. My advice to you, try harder in keeping people apart…….if i can read your game, many can too……

  11. Helen Ang,
    Go get a life. Go play with some pussycats. Go eat KFC. Go do something. Just get all that very personal non-intelligent hatred out of you. It just does not give you zero credibility. Just like WCW.
    Happy Year of Doggie to you.

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