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Dapsters want to lock up Dr Kua Kia Soong and throw away the key

The mother of all U-Turns is surely the apostolistic Acts of DAP evangelistas embracing Tun Mahathir as new political Lord and Messiah. All in the pursuit of their Holy Grail … for the power and the glory. Like Dr Kua Kia Soong said, DAP’s Down-with-Najib politics is “opportunism in its crudest form”.

Evangelistas are the born again Mahathiristas – opportunists in crudest form looking to Tun M as Saviour, and telling the public that together (DAP + Mahathir), they will ‘Save Malaysia’.

And the most crude, grasping opportunist is comrade Lim Kit Siang who used to believe Tun M was a ‘pirate’. In Dr Kua’s recall, Kit Siang had often labelled the crony capitalist privatization of our national assets by Dr Mahathir as “piratization”.

Today, the Father of Lim Guan Eng is BFF with the Father of Crony Capitalism. Yet Grandpa Dapster, among all the people, knows better than anyone else about the scandals estimated by Barry Wain (author of the Mahathir biography Malaysian Maverick) to cost our country close to RM100 billion. Imagine, all that oil money simply squandered during the Mahathir era.

How can Dapsters still insist that the poison must be rebranded to function as the antidote, and we have no choice but to accept their Orwellian formulation or else be branded traitor to country and the Chinese race?

BELOW: Hannah Yeoh trotting like a lapdog at Mahathir’s heels

Love means never having to say you’re sorry

Tun Mahathir has no need ever to apologize to the Dapster evangelistas. He doesn’t have to say sorry because after all they will love him all the same (like how they used also to love PAS in the Pakatan honeymoon period).

Dr Kua Kia Soong gave the opposition a piece of his mind this morning in Malaysiakini. His article titled ‘Mahathir must state what he is sorry for’ is simply too delectable for how it provoked a torrent of abuse and vitriol from the usual suspects. So I’m sharing below in bullet points some of its highlights.

BELOW: The entire Dapster family – Papa Guan Eng, Mama Hannah, Grandpa Kit Siang – fawning on Tun M

DR KUA WROTE (see double quotation marks):

(My own comments are juxtaposed within brackets in italics)

•  Tun M pulled off a de-apology (but the evangelistas are A-okay with that sleight of hand); “If Najib does the same ritualistic apology tomorrow without even mentioning 1MDB, will he also be forgiven by the crypto-Mahathiristas?” (What do you think?)

•  “Mahathir needs to tell us how his thinking has changed from the time he was PM” (Tun doesn’t need to do any changing lah, DAP already UBAH 180-degrees to accommodate the upside down)

  “As one of these PH leaders has recently confessed to being a crypto-Mahathirista while condemning Mahathir for decades: “Under Mahathir, we could hold our heads high, now under Najib…” (I googled but couldn’t find which Pakatan leader Dr Kua was referring to as saying the above. However, the google search result did turn up the following quote by Wong Chun Wai)

“We hold our heads high and proudly tell foreigners that we are Malaysians because of you, Dr Mahathir. You have been an inspiration to all of us.” — Wong Chun Wai

ABOVE: Hannah Yeoh once swore BN lawmakers were “wicked” for supporting detention without trial; today she and her fellow DAP evangelistas are the staunchest supporters of Tun Mahathir who was the Home Minister that oversaw Ops Lalang

•  Dr Kua Kia Soong: “Actually, if I had to say what was the worst thing that Mahathir did during his term in office, I would say it was the forced displacement of 10,000 indigenous peoples from 15 different ethnic communities from their Bakun ancestral lands. It was a wicked thing to do at a time when the Bakun dam project had been suspended as a result of the financial crisis in 1998.”

(Helen Ang: And today, the ever-preaching, forever-pontificating DAP evangelistas have cleansed Tun M of his sins and past Umno “wickedness” … for the DAP, wickedness is not a constant but a variable that can be ‘ubah’, easily adjusted according to political expediency)

Hannah Yeoh and her new purple Star of Bethleham

•  Dr Kua Kia Soong: ‘Then there were the hundreds of plantation communities and urban settlers displaced through Mahathir’s privatization policies.” (Helen: Hindraf classed them under the term DEWs, Displaced Estate Workers)

•  Dr Kua: “Taxes on the rakyat will continue and income disparities will continue to widen while the working class will continue to bear the burden of so-called development.” (Helen: Ditto under a DAP regime.)

Trust that Dr Kua holding up a mirror to the DAP hypocrisy is certain to draw unhinged responses from rabid Dapsters. The reaction has been fast and furious and in the vein of the type of attack that evangelistas usually direct at Ridhuan Tee.

Among comments by Malaysiakini subscribers: “Kit Siang has forgiven Mahathir for the sake of saving the country. You [Dr Kua] are a small minded fellow who should crawl back into your selfish hole”.

See link at

Malaysiakini subscriber comments

ABOVE: “How I wish Tun Mahathir had put Kua Kia Soong in jail forever!”

Dr Kua is told that he “talk shit” and asked to “shut up”. Another Dapster says, “Stop your personal vendetta or just get lost!”

A Malaysiakini reader calling him/herself ‘CQ Muar’ tells Dr Kua to “stop harassing the nonagenarian” while the anonymous ‘anonyxyz’ claims, “KKS is very sick mentally”. Another fella is relieved, “Thank god you are not in DAP”; “Frankly you are rubbish … like dung!”

“Kia Soong, Kia Soong…… You really want the pound of flesh from the Tun. If you are a Christian, may God forgive you,” comes from someone calling him/herself ‘The Mask’.

Confirmed. The DAP evangelistas have become Maharistas alright.

Malaysiakini subscriber comment













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30 thoughts on “Dapsters want to lock up Dr Kua Kia Soong and throw away the key

  1. Ms H. There is an article in Harakah postulating that Malaysia’s very own Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad will be returning to UMNO soon after his present flirtation with the Lee Kuan Yew founded Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP, the party of Dreamers or Dreamers Action Party. Tun has never aligned himself with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck or Snow White in the past. I do not expect him to do so now, because the end result could be that he will be shown to be a Great Pretender without any clothes on – a naked Pretender.

  2. Ms H. In Malaysia, a few hours is a long time in Politics, Malaysian Politics. We have all seen the demagogic political manoeuvrings of the Lee Kuan Yew founded Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP or Dreamers Action Party – the Party for Dreamers. There is no doubt that Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad will live up to 101 years of age. He will out-live many of his supporters who think otherwise. Hence, he is to stand as a candidate to be our next PM..He is likelyto stand again in 2023 at 98 years old even though he will modestly deny this. But the fact that the Tun is now willing to align with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Snow White of Disneyland, Anaheim, US of A speaks volumes of his resolution and will to achieve his ends unlike those parasites and hangers-on surrounding him as displayed in your photos. A picture is worth a thousand words ! They cursed him one moment and kissed him the next. As I have said many times before, the DAP missed 3 easy chances to be in Putrajaya e,g, 1998, 2008 and 2013. My comment on the DAP’s latest foray is that they are definitely NON-STARTERS ! This 14th GE is the most insurmountable of all the previous GEs faced by the DAP ! Akan Datang, courtesy by Shaw Bros.

  3. Ms H. ‘Forget the past’ Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad tells the cheering crowd at the PH convention. This showed that the Malaysians have a very short memory which the brilliant Mrs Lee Kuan Yew pointed out to me in the early 1980s. She said that the news today would be forgotten by tomorrow. ! There is a saying,’ The Americans forget easily. The British try not to forget. The French never forget.’ To me Malaysian Politics have become clashes between personalities and not political beliefs Like this, big money will now come into play. I dare not fathom the ultimate amount disbursed in this Malaysian play for Power. Definitely, a couple of Billions of ringgits here and there. A crucial play for Power in a strategic geo-political country which stands astride between the East and the West – ranging from the Andaman Sea to the Sulu Sea !

  4. Ms H. The Dreamers of the Dreamers Action Party want to lock up Dr Kua and throw away the key. OK ! That’s great ! On the same token, they have just elected a retired BN and UMNO politician which they hated for decades, abused, insulted and cursed him to kingdom come as their Big Chief, a PM in waiting ! No wonder the Lee Kuan Yew founded Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP never gained political power since 1966. They really do not know whether they are coming into or going out of power. A whole bunch of confused non-starters who are now hi-jacked by a retired BN and UMNO politician aged 93 with his ultimate retirement in 101 or more ! Some of them even put on fancy dress to please concomitant to spouting ‘nothings’ to attract attention. One thing is clear, the Opposition which is headless has sunk to its lowest depths in Malaysian politics and the whole Opposition show is just a pantomime with the cast of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Snow White and Rip Van Winkle.

  5. Ms H. With the toeing and the froing concomitant with greater and greater intensity and frenzy amongst the supporters of the Lee Kuan Yew founded Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP or Dreamers Action Party, this Opposition’s fire and fury only add up to a few simple words, nothing great or no big deal i.e. A Tan Sri once told me,’ Today is today. Yesterday was yesterday.’ Nothing substantive.

    1. Sir. Down in the deep south, Singapore, the Lee Kuan Yew created his Anti-Cambridge Godless Neo-communist Political and Socio-economic System imposed on the citizens without their knowledge and bolstered by the Apparatchiks (meritocrats) and the West. This was known from the beginning by the West but not the Singaporeans or Malaysians due to brainwashing as ‘authoritarian capitalism’ or ‘benevolent dictatorship’ or ‘rich Cuba without the havanas but the bananas.’ So far, only world class Indians like Amartya Sen, and TJS George wrote against this Lee Kuan Yew confection. And one sole author Lingle from the West. So successful is the cover-up by the Western media. The only dictatorship propped up by the West. Those in South America have gone !

  6. Ms H. With a superb hindsight, I must take my hat off to our Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad for brainwashing and hi-jacking the whole of the Opposition consisting of hard-core and die-hard types sworn to be against the BN ! With a few real tears, our Tun softened the political will of these former die-hard enemies of his. Lo and behold ! All is forgiven in order to bash down the BN. Only the crying Moussadeq the PM of Iran in 1he 1960s beat the Tun by the teary index.. Here is a political maestro of our beloved Malaysia who can teach a trick or two to those Opposition weak brain sycophants who tried to up-stage and pour tons of vitriol of insults, abuses and vulgarities on his head just only a few months ago. Before we could finish singing Negara Ku, all these horrible fellows were down on their knees salaaming the Tun. who is now their Big Boss democratically elected without any doubt. I Even the HY woman with a weakness for fancy dress and always tried to have her photo taken next to a big shot,. was seen doing her thing.

  7. Ms H. Despite all the Fire and Fury as exhibited by the Lee Kuan Yew founded Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP or Dreamers Action Party for over 2 generations, this party could not even produce a leader to head the Opposition. This aside, it is time for all Malaysian Chinese to grab back our precious Malaysian Chinese Political Space stolen from us for 2 generations by Lee Kuan Yew using his apparent brilliant Cambridge credentials to impress the education minded Chinese. Thus, he turned us into Political Eunuchs and divided us into fractions by brainwashing us through recalcitrant Chinese school teachers, journalists, Chinese media, hawkers, tycoons, bankers, academicians, swallows, ducks, etc. By his cunning, the Malaysian Chinese could not contribute fully to the National Interest in the National Development of our beloved Malaysia and sometimes were called all sorts of unsavoury names by others. Lee Kuan Yew got into the bottom most non-collegiate Fitzwilliam House, Cambridge without Latin or Greek, did not take the Open Examination and was over-age 23. In the important Bar Finals London he was last, Third Class. His wife was place 3rd out of 200. Later my wife was place 7th out of 700. It is time all the Malaysian Chinese vote BN and grab back our self-respect and dignity, and our precious Malaysian Chinese Political Space – parliamentary seats from the ineffective DAP which rocket did not take off since 1966. Now, DAP could not even provide a leader for the Opposition after having shouted the anti-Constitution ‘Malaysia for Malaysians- unceasingly since 1966.

  8. So what more is there to say? The die is cast. Tun wants to defeat the monster he helped create, before sailing off into the sunset forever…

    Godspeed old man, GE14 be the final hurdle

        1. Not sure about that, Mad Hatter. There are still plenty of dumb Malaysians around.

          1. O ye of little faith, everyone will come around eventually for GE14 to vote out Najib-BN. You will see…

  9. Well, it’s the usual, dirty politics…..and of course, umno can see that Mahathir is used to bring in rural votes. And to bring in these votes, Mahathir must be displayed as the leader…..not only the opposition is going to keep Mahathir in check, but the people voting opposition will see to it too….Keep up with demeaning techniques, while PH work on workable strategies that will do good……….isn’t it nice to know PH can go as low as Umno too?…….i hope Mahathir brings Umno down, cos it will be a great historical moment to pen…..and Mahathir can leave this world as a “Legend”

  10. Ms H. You must be smiling with glee at those Dapsters who poured vitriol consisting of abuses, insults, lies and vulgarities on the Tun not too long ago, and I believe on you too. I also took some. Now these Dapsters not only crawl on their four legs, lick the Tun’s boots, eat out of his hands and call him BOSS ! What do we call these brainless and spineless creatures including their very own HY -worms. Giving the Malaysian Chinese a bad name.

    1. Keep it up, boy…..keep it up…..please feel free to add on to demeaning, if that does release off some steam……end of the day, most of us would still sleep over the night, and back to seeing umno going down the next day……(smiling gleefully)

  11. Ms H. The aforementioned are not the end of the Dapsters Self Inflicted Farce. The Honourable CM of Pulau Pinang took it upon himself to be like his Vaterland Lee Kuan Yew’s Singapore ! Independent and financially strong ! So he aped Lee Kuan Yew from day one, building concrete structures endlessly, more mega infra-structures etc. putting more and more pressure on the Rakyat by way of property prices, cost of living, transportation etc. in his quest for more revenue. He did not really know what made Lee Kuan Yew ticked. It was only a few years ago that I discovered the Singapore Government engaged a Dutch UN Economics expert Dr Albert Winsemius who advised on the infrastructural development of Singapore e.g. Changi Airport, reclamation, Jurong, Asian Dollar, glittering buildings, etc.,but the development of human resources was left to Lee Kuan Yew. The significant achievements for Singapore by Dr Albert Winsemius were suppressed !As it is alleged the Honourable CM took it all upon himself to push Pulau Pinang in the mould of his Vaterland Singapore as a One-Man show by the brain lazy way of copying without finding out the real reason. and how it was done.. Yet he forgot one thing in his zeal to copy – there must also be a tender for granting the Feasibility Study which he did not do. This fee is purported to be over RM 200 Million !
    It is only a matter of time this copy-cat edifice collapses. Then, who will take the place of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Snow White ?

  12. Ms H. Only Malaysia’s very own Political Maestro Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad could convince those who poured vitriol consisting of abuses, insults and vulgarities on his head and hated him for over 1 generation, to give him a chance to have another bite of the cherry !

    1. What’s there to lose?? PH loses nothing, they have been bitten before, and they always go back to the drawing board……but umno can’t afford to be bitten, not even once…..

  13. Hello everyone, it is me again, your world famous Atheist. Just wanted to say hi, so-hai.

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