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The best CNY ever!

Chinese new year brings us many glad tidings.

First off, there is the good news materializing on March 15 – Papa Dapster’s date with destiny. On that auspicious date, Lim Guan Eng will have to present himself in court for his corruption trial. I can’t wait for the verdict.

BELOW: Enjoy the happy song :D

The last time, the DAP sec-gen was locked up was for the crime of sedition, i.e. inciting hate. Papa Dapster is a hater, period.

Back then unfortunately, they forgot to throw away the key of his cell. This time around, Guan Eng is facing a much, much longer jail sentence if found guilty.


Giving a Christian testimony in Sibu previously in 2010, Guan Eng ‘witnessed’ for his evangelical faith, saying (video):

“By the miracle of God, here I am and remember a phrase [in the Bible] where He said, ‘the last shall be first and the first shall be last’ and I was in prison and now I’m the chief minister – not of Sarawak but of Penang – praise God, for the first shall be last and the last shall be first”.

By the miracle of God, it is certainly possible that “the first shall be last” after another turn of fortune’s wheel. All is good indeed should the ex-convict that is now Penang CM once again become a Kajang prison inmate.

BELOW: More happy songs :-)  :-)   ;D

Under Guan Eng’s watch, Penang not too long ago massacred thousands of stray dogs – making the streets run with blood.

Many Dapsters cheered on the killing of these hapless creatures with ghoulish enthusiasm, on top of smearing dogs as rabies vectors, i.e. persistently plastering their blogs with angry pictures of rabid dogs with foaming mouth and fangs bared in order to justify Guan Eng’s decision on the canine cull.

Double bonus, twin happiness

A further piece of splendid news is the anticipated spring cleaning of Bersihkan Pulau Pinang. To usher in the new year, we all want the bad and dirty to be swept out, don’t we?

BELOW: Giving Guan Eng the “Bersihkan” he wanted 

It was recently reported that several politicians were believed to have “received a significant amount of money” as kickback to approve the controversial Penang undersea tunnel project.

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission is probing the RM6.3 billion tunnel project that included the atrocious RM305 million cost for “feasibility study”.

Guan Eng has however issued a denial on behalf of the Yang Berhormats under investigation by the authorities. But at the same time, he also wants action taken against the whistleblowers who leaked damaging infomation. Yeah, shoot the messenger like how his administration wantonly ‘shoot’ innocent dogs.

There are possibly more arrests to come of Penang’s corrupt political bigshots if MACC can manage to build its case against the culprits. Isn’t that great news?

After all, Lim Kit Siang ostensibly supports the anti-corruption agency doing its job (see his photo ops below at the MACC headquarters).

So let the chips fall where they may as we remember that DAP is today allied with Dr Mahathir – the man the party used to call ‘The Father of Corruption‘.

Bless the dog lovers, banish the DAP dog haters

The Year of the Dog will be a good one for promoting peace and harmony in our country. Once the DAP haters are nabbed by the arm of the law, they will no longer be able to carry out their hateful demagoguery with impunity.

As one example, Demagogue-in-Chief Dr Mahathir has never had anything good to say about China. Ever since DAP became a “running dog” (borrowing the epithet DAP bestows on MCA and Gerakan) of Tun’s Pribumi, the evangelical party has followed in Tun’s footsteps to demonize my motherland.

What the new zodiac year has in store hopefully is a check on the DAP’s endless demonizing of others – even dogs – and its politics of hate everything. Just imagine! The Dapster cybertroopers had even conducted a smear campign against Penang dogs.

Thus it is only fitting that in the Year of the Dog, the balance of karma is restored. Just desserts is a sweet dish to be served cold to Lim Guan Eng when the dog bites back. This calls for a hearty yamseng!



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