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Pg maid treated like puppy scalded with boiling water, thrown off 4th flr for chewing mobile

The difference is that the Indonesian maid Adelina Lisao died while the pup lived to tell his sorry tale.

Photo and Vine clip below are of Tuffy.

A ‘human’ beast did this to 1½ month-old puppy

When he was a six-weeks-old puppy in Chengdu, China, he chewed on his former owner’s precious cell phone. For his unpardonable ‘crime’, the little pooch had boiling water thrown over him.

Following which the puppy, already suffering 60 percent burns over his tiny body, was thrown out of the fourth floor balcony of an apartment building. He landed on concrete ground; it was a wonder that Tuffy did not die on the spot.

Various media in end Nov/early Dec 2015 reported on the extent of Tuffy’s injuries: “His elbows and knees were fused to his body from the burns, his ears pulled back – making it impossible for his eyes to close, even when he slept.”

Needless to say, the poor pup was in unimaginable pain and misery but he survived largely thanks to the intensive care provided by his rescuers and dedicated medical teams, and his own indomitable will to live.

There is no need to reflect how can some people do such a horrific thing. We also have such what-kind-of-people-are-they! right in our own midst. They live mostly in the Dapster towns.

BELOW: Tap on image to play video

How maids are treated like dogs

Adelina, the 21-year-old maid, died recently in Bukit Mertajam, Penang, after being rescued and taken (alas too late) to hospital. In the final weeks of her life, she had been made to sleep outside on the porch in the company of her employers’ Rottweiler.

The names of her three suspected abusers have not been disclosed to the public but they – comprising three family members remanded by police – look Indian from their photographs in the press.

On the question of torture carried out by maid abusers that is similar to the said animal abuser – story above – from Chengdu, here are some descriptions from past court cases in Malaysia. Although I’ve not collected any fresh data for maid abuse incidents ranging from 2015-2017, I doubt that the general pattern will be any different.

On 12 Jan 2010, the Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court was told that Hau Yuan Tyng had splashed hot water on her Indonesian maid Siti Hajar Sadli. According to Siti Hajar’s court testimony, Hau also used mortar to pound the maid’s feet and toe nails, gardening scissors to stab her thighs, chair and hammer to hit her as well as a parang and small knife finally to slash her neck.

Hau was sentenced by the court to eight years’ jail. She is pictured below wearing baju kurung and tudung (her Muslimah costume rather reminds one of Hannah Yeoh). Refer Utusan article ‘Henti persenda pakaian Islam’ – commentary by the paper’s Muslim writer on 28 Jan 2011.

Hau Yuan Tyng

I would strongly urge Utusan to direct an identically titled ‘Henti persenda pakaian Islam’ editorial to the Wanita DAP Selangor chief cum Subang Jaya evangelical Adun.

What kind of people are they?

Ong Su Ping aka Serene Ong was charged in the Ampang Sessions Court, KL on 21 Nov 2014 for allegedly pulling out her Indonesian maid’s teeth with a pair of pliers. Ong was also accused of kicking her maid in the head, administering electric shocks plus inserting object(s) into the maid’s vagina.

Yim Pek Ha’s infamous torture of her Indonesian maid is widely known to the public. Her victim, Nirmala Bonat, became a cause celebre for the issue of domestic worker mistreatment. The former air stewardess was sentenced to jail on 27 Nov 2008.

Fong Kong Meng and his wife Teoh Ching Yen starved their 26-year-old Indonesian maid Isti Komariyah to death. Isti weighed no more than an 8-year-old child when her battered and bruised body was sent for postmortem.

Soh Chew Tong and his wife Chin Chui Ling not only abused their Cambodian maid Mey Sichan, they also subjected her to prolonged starvation leading to death.

Tan Mong Huwai and his wife Eng Lay Sang slapped their Cambodian maid Chea Phalla in the face until her jaw broke.

Yap Sow Li beat her Indonesian maid Nurjanah Matiah around the head with a rattan cane causing cuts and bruises.

Cheah Lai Mooi was taken to court on the charge of injuring her Indonesian maid Kusiah Manijan who required hospitalization in the ICU for a fractured skull, swollen legs, badly scarred hands and injuries on her abdomen and back.

A must-read story about how low the Dapster scumbags can go is available HERE. It’s a related reminder with regard to the dirty and vile character assassination (hit job) perpetrated by opposition supporters against a female MCA politician.


The J-Star’s useless bullshit

Yesterday, The J-Star published an editorial on the deceased maid Adelina as well as an entreaty to employers to be nice. A portion of the paper’s editorial is excerpted below:

“Treat maids as helpers, not as people lesser than you.

Think of yourself as your maid’s leader, and be a gracious, inspiring and compassionate person.

Be a family with such dignity and moral standing that your maid is proud to serve and protect.

When your own maid looks up to you respectfully, you can be sure you are someone worthy.”

What pure hogwash for the MCA-controlled newspaper to appeal to Dapsters to be gracious, inspiring, compassionate, dignified, moral snd respectable. Such positive traits are simply alien to the Dapster DNA. These are people who observe no ethical boundaries.

The J-Star editorial yesterday was nothing but pure pablum meant to deflect from calling out evil by its true name. The nature of the Dapster beast has already been publicly exposed. We know what they are.



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  1. Mana you belajar tentang the so called “pakaian Islam” ? I dont wish to insult you but kalau kurang cerdik ,tolong belajar secara mendalam tentang the so called “pakaian Islam” sebelum nak keluarkan sebarang komen yg cuma menyerlah kebodohan anda. Mana mana ajaran fahaman ataupun agama diajar berpakaian secara sopan tidak kira dari mana asal usul sesuatu bangsa itu. Kenapa asyik asyik pakaian si Hanna yang jadi masalah buat anda. Masalah nya dgn diri kamu ni sebab penuh dengan kebencian terhadap sesuatu pihak sehingga semua apa yg mereka lakukan itu tak betul belaka tapi banyak kecurangan besar oleh puak “baju merah dan biru” kamu senyap pulak – Who is actually the bigger hypocrite ?

    1. There’s no such thing as “pakaian Islam” , Islam hanya menuntut umatnya berpkaian menutup aurat .

      Aurat bagi lelaki dan wanita bebedza sebagaimana yang tentukan .
      But why Huan Yuan tiang chose to dress that way ?,is that what she used to dress everyday ?.

  2. Court should fair. If starving people to death = killing. 302 sect applied.

    Killing slowly & softly is purely intentions to KILL..

    Death sentence is must.

    Or else you believe money is God..

    LESSON to your justice.
    Killing must be punished as crime.
    Not be entertained as artist.

    Nabi bersabda: janganlah kamu berasa kasihan ketika menegakkan undang2 Allah..

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