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Dapster mob will continue making life hell for Maryam Lee

If Maryam Lee believes that the attacks against her are gutter level, she needs to brace herself for worse to come so long as she persists in her #UndiRosak activism.

Columnist S. Thayaparan wrote in his Feb 1 Malaysiakini article:

“I know one pro-establishment blogger who has received abuse in the form of rape threats, death threats and pictures of her posted on pornographic sites, much like the kind of online abuse Maryam has received.”

The retired commander might well be alluding to me when he referred to the “one pro-establishment blogger” above. Back in GE13, I had considered to personally spoil my ballot paper but at the eleventh hour, I decided to vote BN.

Harassment by the Dapster thugs has been going on for long enough to be utterly predictable.

Maryam is correct to tell Utusan, “Apabila pemimpin pun mengamalkan politik toksik seperti itu, maka tidak hairanlah kalau pengikutnya juga taksub berlebihan dan membuli sesiapa sahaja yang dilihat lawan”.

The toxic politics comes from the opposition camp and it is their cytros that are carrying out the cyberbullying.

As far back as December 2010, MCA Beliawanis national treasurer Jessica Lai had complained how Ong Kian Ming and Hannah Yeoh are “DAP SuperCyber Bully” (see screenshot of her tweet below).

Oppose the DAP agenda and see what happens

Veteran journalist Joceline Tan and I have had our photos superimposed onto porn material, together with threats of rape. I had blogged about this in May 2012.

Wanita MCA politicians Chew Mei Fun and Tee Hooi Ling (Beliawanis chief in April 2012) have also been subjected to the same pornographic treatment. See ‘Siasat blog kaitkan Ketua Beliawanis dengan imej lucah’ report in Utusan.

Penang MCA Wanita chief Tan Cheng Liang was labelled a “Chulia Street prostitute” – see report by The Star on 14 Oct 2011 – in distressing online entries.

A young friend of Shen Yee Aun was deluged by rape threats for uploading a home-made advertisement in favour of BN just prior to the 2013 election. See ‘Gadis Cina yang diugut rogol oleh Red Bean Army didedahkan’ in Dr Novandri’s blog.

I’ve not been keeping track of other incidents in more recent years but I’m certain they generally keep to the same pattern of DAP opponents being targeted by Dapsters.

Dapsters take their cue from DAP politicians

It’s a case of ‘Monkey see, monkey do’.

Thayaparan’s observation, “Honestly, if they [opposition leaders] did not want this they would make a clear and unequivocal statement that this type of abuse is not tolerated and cite specific cases – such as yours – to demonstrate their sincerity” is on the dot.

Suaram founder Dr Kua Kia Soong has several times mentioned the “Rottweilers” that are unfailingly sicced on him whenever he threads on the toes of the Lim dynasty. One consistent feature of the attacks on Dr Kua is how the Dapsters hit below the belt.

BELOW: Typical foul language from the DAP hardcore – comment aimed at me

The most gangster-like politicians are in the DAP. Lim Guan Eng cautioned reporters “See what I do to you” when warning them against publish the Rainbow Connection story.

PAS secretary-general Takiyuddin Hassan has called DAP a “gangster-like party” – see NST report on 3 Jab 2018.

The ‘fruit’, i.e. DAP supporters, does not fall far from the tree.

Joceline and I have been been called “prostitute” and “MCA bitch”. In fact, the nasty insults (“piece of shit”, etc, and worse) do not stop at my person but extend even to my parents and dead grandmother. The Dapsters called my late granny a “prostitute” too.

DAP’s scorched earth savagery

Practically anyone can be lynched by the Dapster mob for any reason.

On prominent physician in Kuantan Dr Looi Hoong Wah commented in my blog:

“The anti-Lynas Red Guards have deployed an army of cyber harassers and cyber thugs in all the Malaysian blogs and other news media to intimidate anyone who oppose them and they are very successful so far.”

Dr Looi was only trying to explain that the Lynas was not “radioactive” as claimed by the Dapsters. The DAP candidate for the Bentong parliament seat had campaigned as an anti-Lynas greenie.

For trying to scientifically clarify the situation, i.e. rebut the DAP fear-mongering, Dr Looi was harassed by the “cyber thugs”. He referred to them as Red Guards. I see them as Bintang Tiga.

Maryam has noted the attempt at “menghasut kebencian orang ramai ke atas individu-individu tersebut” who have a target pinned on their back for disagreeing with the opposition’s political imperative.

Thayaparan has related something from his own observations and experience which is true. He wrote in his Malaysiakini column titled ‘The cowardly attacks against Maryam Lee’: “Pro-establishment writers who argue on the facts and contradict opposition narratives (especially if they are women) [receive] the most horrific kind of online abuse“.

Yup. The dictatorial DAP brooks no dissent.

Thayaparan further wrote:

“The funny thing is, I have more rational engagements with establishment supporters in terms of articles they write about my pieces than the apparatchiks who have hurled abuse, racist invective, built elaborate straw men and, yet, who pride themselves on being the people who want to ‘save Malaysia’.”

I concur. From my own experience, the BN or pro-establishment people are more decent. They don’t treat you as a mortal enemy just because your political opinion differs from theirs whereas with Dapsters, you can expect the vilest smear campaign to be launched.

Woe betide the Chinese young lady who is Muslim

The current Dapster target is Maryam Lee Mohamad Ramli Lee who is a UiTM Shah Alam alumnus.

It is more than likely that Maryam is getting savaged so viciously because she is Muslim. The Dapsters despise mualaf and mamak.

Maryam believes that she is viewed as a “traitor” to the GE14 cause for opting out of the opposition movement to oust Najib Razak. “Oleh itu, sebarang panda­ngan yang tidak membantu ke arah penyingkiran itu dianggap sebagai pengkhianatan sehingga saya dikecam dengan teruk.”

Aside from her #UndiRosak stance, I’m hazarding she also is considered a traitor for being Muslim. Maryam should google “Alifah Ting Abdullah” – then a young college student who openly endorsed Isma.

Screenshots of the avalanche of vicious Facebook comments directed at her can be viewed at ‘Alifah Ting membayar dengan harga yang sangat tinggi’ – see my blog entry on May 2014.

Maryam says that her detractors accuse her of being paid by BN. Such character assassination is par for the course and the hatchet job (on the chosen target) comes in the most diabolical ways that an ordinary person would be unable to fathom.

Dapsters are congenitally unable to counter someone’s rational arguments with their own persuasive facts, so they just mindlessly scream “makan dedak”.

BELOW: The FB account ‘Helen Ang’ using the fat cat avatar is NOT me

The fake ‘Helen Ang’ Facebooker called Maryam Lee “Mari ayam” in an FMT news article comments thread

Fake news and the dirty tricks imposters

Maryam Lee said in her Utusan interview:

“Pernyataan penafian boleh dilakukan oleh para mangsa fake news. Tapi kalau dah banyak sangat, itu susah nak nafi satu-satu. Saya buat laporan polis ke atas gangguan seksual dan ancaman keselamatan supaya ada rekod formal yang saya telah melakukan sesuatu.”

For the record, the public also needs to be aware that I do not make comments in other blogs. I certainly do not comment in the ‘Stop the Lies’ blog even though I’ve been informed that a regular commenter by the name ‘Helen Ang’ appears there. He’s fake.

One political operative impersonated Gerakan Youth chief Tan Keng Liang to call the IGP “anjing”.

Someone similarly once created a Disqus account under the ‘fake’ name “” to leave comments on the message board (responding to TMI news articles) insulting Deputy Home Minister Nur Jazlan.

These scumbags hijack the names of real people who are pro-BN to bash establishment figures. They do not themselves dare to slam the IGP and the minister using their own names. What kind of people are they who would do such a scummy thing? The simple answer is that they’re Dapsters.

Malaysian Olympic medalist Pandelela Rinong’s Twitter account has been faked to tweet pro-opposition political views. Even Royal Professor Ungku Aziz was victim to an imposter’s FB account.

Most recently, the culprit continued impersonating me on FB. See ‘Somebody has been impersonating me on FB’ – my blog entry on 23 Sept 2017.

The fake account was terminated by Facebook after my friend complained under some public figure protection clause. That time, the imposter had used my real photo but which he hatefully defaced. After FB removed that fake account, the imposter created another ‘Helen Ang’ using the cartoon cat avatar as screenshot above.

This harassment by the Dapsters is unceasing. They do it as a form of heckler’s veto, to deter ordinary Malaysians from participating online if we disagree with the opposition’s political narrative.

Hence if Maryam Lee continues to thwart the opposition’s Putrajaya aspiration with her #UndiRosak push, she can expect arson in her kitchen. (Her detractors like to say, “If you can’t stand the heat, don’t stay in the kitchen”.


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

8 thoughts on “Dapster mob will continue making life hell for Maryam Lee

  1. If you can’t take the heat, just take a back seat and enjoy the show….maryam was promoting #undirosak, which invites repercussion, duh…… write for all read and comment, and you demand all to be nice?? I get backlashes just for commenting!!!

    1. There is a difference (no demand for anyone to be ‘nice’, unlike the J-Star editorial entreating employers to be nice to maids) between criticism of ideas and the deranged savagery of the Dapsters.

      Remember Newton’s Third Law of Motion – for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This behaviour of Dapsters “invites repercussion” too.

  2. Been a while since I commented…Been too busy putting out fires in my company due to all the restructuring and lay-offs.

    Anyway I did notice the fake Helen Ang FB account. Someone used it to post some nasty comments, claiming he was you. I think you should complain to FB and also to MCMC. This is a really serious offence, especially when it is used post highly defamatory comments.

  3. I’ve experienced the same thing Cmdr Thayaparan described:-

    “The funny thing is, I have more rational engagements with establishment supporters in terms of articles they write about my pieces than the apparatchiks who have hurled abuse, racist invective, built elaborate straw men and, yet, who pride themselves on being the people who want to ‘save Malaysia’.”

    This brings to mind Clinton calling Trump supporters “deplorables”.

    Well, Trump won thanks to the votes of the “deplorables” and if these idiots want the help their party lose, please be my guest.

    I’m not pro-BN but just an independent observer of the political reality-soap opera that is Malaysian politics.

    1. Hmm…soap opera too much. And I am losing interest in them.
      But bn political leaders, you’d better pull off yr socks too. While some people are of the species’ to see is to beleive’, I am also surrounded by those who jump on the bandwagon of rumour mongering, some just for the fun of it, or whiling their hours away, nevertheless equally distructive.

  4. They are LOW CASTE ppl. Gangster not behave in civilized way.

    still remember LGE with Father step on ex pakatan ADUN photo.

    from that moment I believe they are not SUITABLE to LEAD humanity every where in the WORLD.

    LOW MINDSET, SAMSENG & RUDE back in 18 th to 19h centuries.
    They not more than “crook in Wong Fei Hong era”.

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