14 thoughts on “GE14

  1. Dear helen
    Why no analysis on election fever…😑.BN for me too.seems wong chun wai has mellowed down helen😃

    1. There’s just a propaganda overkill from Pakatan Harapan.

      I hope that when the Dapsters realise their loss on May 10, we shall not be plagued by their inability to accept the results.

      re: WCW, he knows which way the wind is blowing & which side his bread is buttered.

    1. Looks like you were duped by the media’s lies old son. 30k people at oppo rallies was reported as a few hundred by the UMNO controlled media. UMNO better reform pronto or they will be the ones who will be Resting In Peace before you know it.

  2. A Tsunami is coming fast, and it’s headed towards Najib. Once it hits, Najib will terpelanting into the South China Seas… and Malaysia will prosper once again.

    Hidup Tun M, Hidup HARAPAN

    1. As suspected, the EC have gone out of their way to hand over the elections to DUMNO. Thousands of people who have queued up for hours didn’t even get a chance to vote at the end.

      Democracy my arse, but I’m sure Helen and her sheeple will say that its nothing but sour grapes by DAP/opposition supporters.

      1. Casting my vote just now at polling station was a smooth & quick process.

  3. i voted 3rd party in my area, not BN, not PH , and no PAS either. #needbettercandidates

  4. For this election politicking and campaigning started immediately after PRU 13, engulfing the country in a mindset that detracts from nation building. I hope after this election we have a peaceful period for thinking about our long term future

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