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Although I do not have any Twitter or Facebook, the hashtag #NotMyPM resonates deeply with me. I find the newly installed administration just as repulsive as how the ‘popular vote’, i.e. Dapsters and Pakatuns, had found the old regime similarly despicable.

And athough I accept the legitimacy of the May 10 vote as “the verdict of the people”, I nonetheless consider a tyranny of the majority has spoken, given the mob behaviour of Harapan supporters.

#NotMyPM Tun Mahathir Mohamad is the legitimately appointed prime minister — I acknowledge this fact. But at the same time, I still view him to be just as objectionable as the previously opposition (but today ruling party) supporters viewed Najib Razak.

It’s still very early and sentiments raw following the tsunami. Its seismic force of hate that unleashed and swept away BN has yet to abate but Harapan deserves no honeymoon, nonetheless. After all, they’ve been agitating against the deposed BN government 24/7 for years and years.

Time now for Harapan to prove how they will perform better than BN from the get-go. I urge dissenters – the millions of us who pangkah Dacing (or PAS) two days ago – to closely observe the perangai of these Great Hopers who have just gotten their first taste of power after six decades of uninterrupted Alliance-BN rule.

Yup, the tables are turned now. Those who called themselves “second class citizens” have become the mightly rulers who can’t wait to move into Putrajaya.

From yesterday onwards, Dapsters and Pakatuns are the new establishment. You’re no longer the opposition, so stop with the endless criticisms and condemnations, and move on please. Start governing pronto. There are 10 lofty Harapan promises to be fulfilled within the next 100 days.

In a nutshell, move on, will ya. The levers of power have fallen unequivocally into Harapan hands. The first thing Big Chief Kerala has promised to do is secure Anwar Ibrahim’s royal pardon. Over the years, Dr M has insisted that jailing Anwar (sodomy1 under the Mahathir watch) was the correct and moral thing to do.

Then when Tun M allied himself with PKR and DAP, he recanted. He made a U-turn and said that his earlier judgment of Anwar’s unfitness for office was an error.

Harapan is a trifecta of parties that have distrusted each other for ages and which have stabbed their partners in the back as happened with the thwarted Kajang Move.

These parties have also flip-flopped  shamelessly — was it a mistake or not a mistake to have jailed Anwar? Was it a mistake or not a mistake to have crowned Mahathir as the Father of Racism? Was it a mistake or not a mistake to have claimed that Umno (then led by Mahathir) was the fount of all evil? Was it a mistake or not a mistake to accuse DAP as being anti-Islam?

The above are allegations which Kit Siang/DAP and Mahathir and his Umno remnants have hurled at each other various times. On the other hand, BN components have never displayed such strong animus against each other.

Everybody seems to agree that Malaysia is extremely polarized. There is one side, and there is the side opposing. We all have to select our side.

I have no regrets whatsover about picking BN — the losing side, temporarily, of our political divide. I exercised my judicious judgment as a member of the public on my choice of a government which is not and never will be DAP.

Those Dapsters embracing Mahathirism for the sake of “Ini kali lah” had instead suspended their judgment – their longstanding, all-encompassing hatred of ‘Mahafiraun’ – because they’re power crazed. They would stop at nothing and are willing to do anything to acquire power.

Now that they’ve successfully gained power, it’s only a matter of time (and sooner rather than later) that daggers will be drawn among the DAP, PKR and PBBM Machiavellites. What a spectacle to behold.




I have no Faceook or Twitter.

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  1. You said you will never support DAP.

    What if DAP, PKR, Mahathir and the rest actually do something good and the people are satisfied with them?

    Still never support? Strange behaviour.

    So tell us. What must DAP or Mahathir do to gain the support of those who do not support it, like you?

    I also like how you try to console yourself by saying ‘the losing side, temporarily’. It’s going to be a long while now, Helen. At least 5 years. That doesn’t sound temporary to me.

    You sound so angry that your anger is blinding you.

    Our goal today should be to wish that the ruling government is clean, does a good job for the people, and takes the nation forward.

    Why do you want them to fail? Strange behaviour, isn’t it?

    Care to explain to all of us why this burning hatred for the current government?

    (I mean, it could very well be an internal ego thing… psychological… to have vilified the opposition so much, that now when you are on the other side, that the pain becomes so unbearable and the ego still dominant that it becomes impossible to even want to see the nation succeed just so that your ego can be vindicated. Happens to many. It’s normal).

    But here’s the hopeful, positive side of the story: a number of your readers are not like this. They have decided to sincerely wish the new government of the people success so that Malaysia lives on. It’s all there in the comment boards in your previous posts.

    I’m glad that they do not keep this vindictiveness and that those who do are a very small minority.

    Good luck, Helen. Take good care of your soul.

    1. My soul is in good shape and I’m proud to be counted among the resistance standing up on 9 May 2018.

      It is the Harapan mob that is vindictive and carrying out their vendetta. Your second-time-around PM has already indicated that he wants the heads of agencies like EC, MACC and others to roll. #NotMyPM

      The Dapsters have also got their own ‘kill list’.

      You lot remind me of the bloodthirsty mob that sent rivals to the guillotine during the French Revolution. Their Reign of Terror did not last long.

      While I would not go so far as to compare the Mahathir 2.0 administration to the French anarchy rule, I would point out something nearer to home. Ahok did not last all that long as Governor of Jakarta.

        1. Yes, I’m indeed depressed by the election result.

          Harapan’s rabid supporters are, however, quite deranged.

          With time I shall get over my GE14 depression. For your derangement there is no cure.

          1. Helen, why don’t you write an article on the fact that many BN MPs are now planning on joining PH. Apparently BN MPs in Sabah, Sarawak and Perlis are now wanting to betray the people that voted them in and join the govt.

            Just how gutless are the members of the coalition that you have spent so much of your precious time defending. Do you feel betrayed at all? At least when the opposition lost the previous few elections, their members didn’t jump ship willy-nilly.

            With UMNO youth now also calling for Najib’s head, we are seeing the disintegration of UMNO and BN right in front of our eyes. I guess it shows the caliber of people who are in UMNO – corrupt, disloyal and untrustworthy. I really hope that PH don’t accept these frogs or they will go down in my estimation as well.

          2. Hahaha, nothing wrong with derangement. Your rantings sound more deranged than me.

          3. Still the same old sad miserable hateful person eh Helen? I guess not everything changes. Poor you. Your dedak bosses all going in one by one. Have you been blacklisted from travelling as well?

            1. But you all love to bersarang here heh? You should all thank helen for she provides you all with the much needed means to dowse your forever vengeful heart. Nothing will satisfy your heart, huh?

          4. Still waiting on you to reply to comment number 5, by user ‘Formerly Known as FHAAHD ‘

            1. Usually her faithfuls will rally around her and reply on her behalf. But they seems to be missing except for one or two of them…

        2. Bro dont waste with her, still intoxicated from too much DEDAK intake!!! Wait for the intoxication to wear off in a few weeks time!!!

    2. why waste time on a lost soul.
      let her rot to the core. she is suffering from hormone imbalance.

      on her statement of losing side temporarily, perhaps she will start supporting PAS soon.
      BN might be history by 2019.

      1. Yeahhh right. Why do you have to waste your time here other than satisfy your hungry soul? I salute helen for her
        undivided stand and staying true to herself. A v.greety lady who is willing to fight it against morons and bullies like you all. Go somewhere la weii and get a life.

        1. no worry. we are having the time of our life now. sheer looking how TDM punish the cash is king couple is sheer satisfaction.
          the fact that umno is imploding and finger pointing by the warlords is icing on the cake.
          seronok betul.
          Azeez will check in soon

    3. The voice?…
      Bullshit wriiting full of vangeance itself. Not worth a glance. Try harder and post longer stuff that nobody reads. Your thoughts and manipulation is misplaced and out of place. We can see through your intention, manipulation, intimidation…You can fool some of the peiple fron your herd some time but not all people all the time.

  2. Saudari Helen,
    Saya rasa Helen patut ada akaun Facebook kerana di situ boleh mendapat audiens yang lebih ramai berbanding di blog.
    BN kalah sebab tidak dapat dipertahankan di media sosial yang mempengaruhi ramai pengundi muda. Banyak berita tak betul dan fake news dikongsi dan mudah tersebar di FB.
    I agree with you they are new establishment and should work now instead of blaming Najib and BN.
    They have made many lofty promises. I remember that LGE wanted to abolish the Penang toll bridge if they capture Putrajaya. They have managed to do that. Do you still pay toll di Penang Brigde?
    It is interesting to watch closely the selection of cabinet ministers. PH promises to not let PM controls the Finance Ministry. And they want to limit PM and CM to two terms.

    1. No, Facebook would be too time taxing and emotionally draining.

      My current flurry of blog posts is because I’m venting … letting off steam for the moment. I’m aghast at how my countrymen voted.

  3. Behold UMNO’s fall from grace, they cut off their nose to spite their own face…

  4. Dear Helen Ang , If you read the books of worlds history you soon realised that for thousands of years the people all over the world would always support a dictator . Mahathir is a dictator . A dictator is a strong Alpha male . The herd will always support a strong Alpha male . This has nothing to do with 1MDB or GST . It is the strong Alpha male that Mahathir represent .

    1. But there are TWO dictators; Mount Harapan is not big enough for both Mahathir and Kit Siang.

  5. It must be really pain in your ass upon the lost of your beloved Najib. Believe me I can understand that !

    1. Aku pun nak ucap takziah dekat Helen kerana dah jadi pembangkang. So aku tak hairan dia nak merengek dan membebel.di blog dia ni. Kita masih lagi di pihak yang bertentang.

      Nasihat aku cuma tak payah nak risau sangat Tun M dan Kit Siang sama2 bertenggek di Mount Harapan. Just worry about Najib, ok. Mana tau mungkin akan ada pilihanraya kecil pulak nanti.

      Bagi aku, sekarang ni tengah tengok situasi di Kedah. Setakat mana PAS dan BN mahu timbulkan ketidak-tentuan kepada rakyat jelata semata2 mahu dapatkan kuasa…

    2. Nandoa,
      What is wrong with you? Why are you being emotional? H.A. is voicing up to her readers. This is not M. Kini where yuu can spew slurs, gutters and rotten stuff. That is the place for people like you and your ilk. Leave your virus and rot there

      1. wawe……..i see your arrogance is growing, even after umno’s loss….feels so good to put your kind in place……

        1. Umno got the highest seats…you are blind? And we did not go full force then. We practised political maturity by letting our children made their own choice.
          So do not be snobbish for your a few days victory. Next time, they are going to change every 5 years especially if they find silly people parading like you. You are not sure wether you ll be safe in 5 years”time.

          1. when i meant umno, i mean BN, duh….you have been snobbish for the last 61 years, i am just putting you in place……and umno doesn’t put up a credible opposition, they have still not chosen a leader….zahid is eyeing, khairy is eyeing, and there’s hishamuddin….umno is lucky Tun did not go for the kill……

            1. I question the legitimacy of their 54 seats. Had we had a fair and clean EC, they probably wouldn’t even have reached 45. Many close fought electorates were miraculously won by the cheats. Am loving the fact that these crooks will all be behind bars soon.

  6. Nothing is perfect in this world. For some, as shown in those comments highlighted, Tun M is not their PM. Prior to 9th May, there are also those that say Najib is not their PM.
    Since the heat has not subside, my question to UMNO is whether the Malays need UMNO to survive or is it UMNO that need the Malays to survive?
    My question to the new government is also very similar to that posed to UMNO. The difference is instead of Malays, it is replaced with the Rakyats.
    Both questions will require one party to serve another. Malays serving UMNO or UMNO serving the Malays. Rakyat serving the government or the the government serving the rakyat.
    For those of us who had realized that we actually had the power to change those in power (even though it still felt like we’re still dreaming), it matters not who the current PM is. What matters most is how UMNO answer that question to us Malays and also how the government answer that to us the rakyat.

  7. Dear helen,
    #NotMyPM too helen.
    be strong helen.the zombies are terribly vicious with their new found power. The dictator and supporters are on the hunt to roll heads they dislike.revenge is possessing them.

    We have to respect BN for the humble admission of defeat and smooth power transition as compared to PH where demos and chaos is their trademark

    Lets be strong helen and fight the return of the dictators era…one good thing though….only dr m can silence the dap😋…so lets enjoy the show. Soon they will be fighting like cats n dogs due to greed for power

  8. Heads rolling –> that’s exactly what the people want and among the reasons voted PH for! Got to fulfill the manifesto kan (1MDB hunt), as you Helen and BN insist? So take it without complaining, please.

    Please also don’t say BN is so “humble in admission of defeat and smooth power” –> first, takde choice. The scale of loss is overwhelming. This is what all international news media are saying, from CNN, BBC, The Guardian, to the AFR below. The sheer scale. Imagine… BN has fewer parliamentary seats than PH did in the last elections!. You are left with Perlis, Pahang and Sarawak. You are about par with PAS, which has two states.

    Painful right?

    Moreover, after all the nasty things BN did (see below, from AFR, in bold), they BETTER be humble. For these crimes, amongst others, the people want heads to roll.

    It’s that simple.

    Enjoy the read. While we enjoy the reformation of the country and bringing of criminals to justice, Helen, happy venting. Don’t hurt yourself.

    From the influential Australian Financial Review, today:

    “He will need to set up a special committee to investigate 1MDB. It’s what the people want. They want the rule of law. Mahathir has said revenge is not on his list, but he is there to improve the governance of the country.”

    These thorny issues will gradually be worked through following a four-day long weekend, declared by Mahathir soon after he claimed victory. For now, many are simply marvelling at the sheer scale of the opposition’s victory, which is also being viewed as a rare victory for democracy in Asia.

    It is all the more extraordinary given the extent to which the previous administration tried to unfairly influence the outcome. Not only was the opposition up against a well-resourced party machine that had won every election ever held in Malaysia, but the National Front crunched the time frame for overseas Malaysians to return postal votes, held the election midweek to lower turnout and imposed an anti-fake-news law to stifle online debate.

    Gerrymandering, a common feature of Malaysian elections, also went into overdrive to counter Najib’s slumping popularity.

    One of the more egregious efforts on this front was to move the national police headquarters into the key marginal seat of Lembah Pantai in Kuala Lumpur just six weeks before the poll.

    1. And remember, many of you are fuming the majority of Malaysians –> PH supporters. You are a minority.

      Respect the democratic process. That’s what Najib and Khairy, your former leaders, said. So why aren’t you respecting the will of the people?

      But I can understand why you are venting. The pain must be devastating.

      Especially knowing that there is no way BN can make a comeback with the number of seats it has (vote-buying won’t work; trying to engineer something with the blue bloods won’t work – Najib tried, though: “no party won majority, let Agong decide”… nice try), and the complete tarnishing of the BN/UMNO brand. And it will get worse as the dirt is dragged out of the closet. Sad.

      Some say better to start a new party with a new name.

      Any suggestions anyone?


      Whatever name they chose, people can smell the rot.

      You’re consigned to many years of political oblivion *yawn*…

    2. Isn’t it , Bullhit writiing nit worth a glance. Full of distottion and manipulation of facts interspersed with fake and manipulative propaganda. The ill ibtention is clear only beleived by the blind and hasty ones.

    1. Haha…you won’t know. Will you? Umno is already infiltrating pakatun. Most of them are exbn. It is a matter of time they ll resurface in their true forms.

      1. Wave, watching you lose it makes me so happy, so very very happy.

        1. me too, man….too bad we did not get to see wawe’s shitty face on that historic day……

          1. You won’t laugh for too long. The next time around, the blow might be most explosive. Glad to have people like helen who are level headed. The game has just begun You’d better watch your words. Jgn kata saya tak payung. You won’t understand? Wll ya?

          2. Either way umno is the winner. You won’t know, will ya? Their pèople had been implanted in ph for them to resurface when the need arises. Just pray fr yr safety.

              1. That is typical of ph clan. When they lack the points they resort to bullying and intiimidating. That is what they hv been doing to Helen, even if she is the blog owner. I wonder what kind of people they are. They are simply out of this world certainly out of touch of the local values.

                1. i did not mean to bully or intimidate you, i was just laughing at your claim that about the “implants” and that we have to pray…i can’t relate, so i laugh….

    1. You will be sad soon. Your new found taste of freedom of the beast is short lived since you cannot handle it. Nothing is for certain. After all, it is not even 1 mobth what more a year conpared to the many years of privileges enjioyed by the previous rule. It will soon rise higher and mightier after the short break.

      1. wei, first of all, make sure umno2.0 is not haram ….then you can dream on higher and mightier……these goons don’t even know how to become a credible opposition……and lastly, go and console rosmah, your idol kan??

  9. #NotMyPM to helen

    We have to be strong and support to our beloved NAJIB TUN RAZAK.

    Kita semua kenal siapa itu TUN dan siapa itu DSAI kita lihat sahaja game mereka sampai bila DSAI boleh tahan menunggu untuk jawatan PM. Suatu hari nanti gabungan ini pasti akan meletup.

    Menghairankan kemana perginya Lim Kit Siang? Adakah kesihatannya kembali menyerang (kanser prostat) kalau betul baguslah ada harapan 3 PRK bakal berlangsung.

    1. I’m curious. Why does it have to be Najib? Do you not want someone else to lead BN? A lot of Malays would have still voted for BN if Najib was not the president.

      1. It is said bn lead its own downfall coz of him. They ll soon recuperate and rejuvenate to rise again, higher and mightier.

        1. ya i believe bn will be mightier one day since they hv many Phd holders around like ahmad zahid or said keluark.

          1. Phd holders? That is an outdated interpretation of wisdom. Overseas, they are going for skill-based. Follow the herd you are with and be damned.

            1. yup. now, BN is damned. could it be due to herd thinking? when others hv a ” Dr ” title, the bn morons also want to have. hence we have stupid ” Dr “s like
              Dr Ahmad Zahid
              Dr Kadir metallic
              Dr Azeez baling
              Dr Salleh keluaq

              anyway, actually good for PH. much easier to handle with these ” Dr”s around.

    2. You want to support a thief and a liar? What makes it even worse is the delusional UMNO goons and Kak Ros saying it is God’s will for UMNO to rule? Don’t play with or take God’s name in vain.

      1. Julies apa dah jadi dengan seruan PH tak terbukti bersalah selagi tidak didapati bersalah. NAjib belum lagi diadili kamu semua dah menggelarkan dia pencuri. Apakah ada bukti dan saksi.

        Sedangan Tan siew giau sendiri menyatakan Najid tidak. Bersalah. Apakah kamu melebihi Mahkamah.

      2. Jules,
        Haha… You and your illusion. Many of you feel threatened and insecure by a humble person like helen? That you have to flood her page with explosive ammunition and barrage of words. You still are losers in spite of seemingly winning coz you are still trapped in your dark and restless mentality.

        1. we come here to celebrate actually. celebrating the reborn of malaysia. celebrate the 1malaysia boleh tag line.
          celebrate the victory over the umno tyrants. celebrating the fact that najib’s hse got ransacked like how his regime used to do to the rakyat using LHDN.

          god is great! karma is always around the corner.

    3. cencaluk, you are the type who blindly follow a leader, even if he turns out bad….btw, i can predict you won’t be supporting Najib anytime soon, and you might even forget him…….you wanna bet?

      1. Sorehead,
        The pot calling the kettle black. I see that your pot is more tarnished. Haha..stop your ugly intention no matter how you want it covered up within your filthy self. A deed is only worth its intention no matter how glossy you want to paint it.

        1. well, pakatan won….take it in, live with it…..Mahathir has proved to be a People’s person….you can’t do nothing about it…..he’ll be remembered as a LEGEND, nothing you can do about this too…wish you a life with hatred and spite always… should worry about umno haram, bulldozing their way when in power, now risk being label haram……..instant karma at work…..

          1. It ll be short lived. It is part of a game planned. You cannot be hiding behind tun’s image all the time. Wonder why your ilk had never won before? You ll have to bear with it again soon. And life ll be most difficult by then.

            1. i guess you overlooked, after Tun, we have Anwar, and a team of learned candidates…….and you have Ahmad Bashah, Shahidan, Tajuddin….can you see the difference….Now, who in umno is as influential as Anwar?

    4. silap silap you get wht you wish for. 3 funerals for your family members instead of 3 Prk.

      watchout lo. karma is always around the corner.

  10. The people have spoken Helen. Najib’s brand is too toxic and he brought down the BN house.

    I am actually sorry to see MCA being wiped out, I know a lot of good people there but you pay a price to be associated with a renowned kleptocrat. In the end, it isn’t so much the white-washing of Tun that bugs me (it is still a fairytale ending), but the continued blindness of the masses on what counts as a mandate.

    The Chinese have long given up on BN, but with this victory, the extremists will have forgotten by now who truly got them here today – the silent Malay voters.

    Can PH handle power and being in power? We will know soon enough. They better learn quickly because we need a viable two-party system, not monkeys who have gotten flowers.

    Despite the self-professed love for Malaysia and proud to be Malaysian (now), I noticed many in the FB comments during live events who asked for help translating because they cannot understand Bahasa Malaysia.

  11. GE14 outcome is good for Msia. It proves that we are a mature democracy that is capable of changing govn without street protests, riots & bloodshed. Ordinary msian have shown the politicians that we are the boss. I hope this is the start of a 2 party system. It is not good to be beholden to one party forever. I hope Umno will now reform itself starting with having elections for all party posts. I also hope a stronger truly Msian party will emerge out of the ashes.

  12. All’s well that ends well. The feel good euphoria sweeping the nation will last for months to come. The confidence is returning to the rakyat and things are moving up again. As for UMNO, they have to reform or implode from within.

    Everyone that voted for HARAPAN deserve a pat on the back. The most gutsiest performance ever seen in the democratic world. Defying the odds and winning in style. Fuulamak… knocked BN off their pedestal and brought Najib down to his knees, people powah

    Well done guys, well done. Peace

  13. I realize I may not be welcome here after our dust up but there is no schadenfreude on my part. Harapan did not win on policy but rather on personality. If UMNO had done the right thing and removed Najib, there would be no tsunami.

    Indeed BN lost because the component parties could not mount a credible defense against all those all those allegations buzzing around like flies around Najib’s head.

    If UMNO had removed Najib and played nice with Mahathir they would not be in this mess. The fact that Establishment supporters (formerly Oppo) don’t seem to care is an indictment of this election.

    Having said that, no party should rule in the manner BN has for decades without challenge. The fact that some people are jumping ship is indicative of how fragile the coalition is – was.

    Yet if UMNO survives and it could survive, they could become a stronger Malay based party. If they reform and have a coherent – not virulent – Islamic agenda which could win broad based appeal, they could supplant the current Establishment which does not really have broad based Malay support.

    They could do this by running the states they are in control of in a manner which is counter intuitive to the old UMNO way. They could set up their own online propaganda media and harness the inevitable dissatisfaction which comes when the silent majority realize that the current Establishment has no real reform agenda beyond removing a kleptocrat.

    Furthermore the way Harapan supporters behave will eventually be reflected in how their political master behave. You can get away with that shit online but in the real world there are consequences.

    Already vengeance is on the mind of Harapan supporters and what I hope is that the vocal minority who are Harapan online supporters are reminded by the silent real world majority that nobody wants a BN 2.0.

    Anyway, hope you get over your depression, Helen. This is all bullshit anyway. At the end of the day, the euphoria will evaporate and Harapan supporters will come to understand that all their hopes for ubah have run into the brick wall of realpolitik which is what Mahathir is all about.

    Or that the eventual squabbling will be a war of attrition that favors UMNO providing UMNO reforms and does not dissolve into a puddle of has beens controlled by the dumb racists and religious nutters.


    1. I agree with you. You have summed it up really well.

      For a great number of voters who formerly supported BN, voting for PH is about voting for the removal of Najib. He may not be guilty of any wrongdoing but there are just too many allegations to which he refused or could not answer.

      For the supporters of Umno who had no way of getting Umno to hold elections within the party to oust Najib, the GE14 was a way to get their voices heard.

      Beyond that, the going is going to get real tough, real soon.

      1. What does a “fake” or “faux” scumbag sound like ?

        You are posting on a blog where Harapan people regularly use the most vile invective against a BN supporter who runs the blog.

        I do not think any rational person would subscribe to your definition of what a scumbag is.

    2. Conrad, you got it all wrong….we at pakatan controls our MPs, cos they know who’s the boss, where else you guys in umno can’t do shite…….can you see the difference?

      1. Oh I see the difference claimed, I just do not think it is a credible claim.

        Besides what does this have to do with calling someone a scumbag. I disagreed with Helen very often and it was only at the very end did we bring out the ad hominems.

        This thread is supposed to be why some BN supporters reject the current government and a postmortem of why BN lost. Mindful of that, I contributed even though I voted Harapan.

        Then a Harapan drone does a drive by and I’m supposed to just ignore it ?

  14. still being a stupid cunt I see. GURL, there’s a video of you posted by Mkini on youtube, moaning and groaning about how THE NAJIB ADMINISTRATION INVESTIGATED YOU WITH THE SEDITION ACT. and you have the nerve to support Najib and BN now? TOO FUNNY.

    anyway, your whole blog, full of bitterness and irrational anger, are probably caused by the fact that your pussy is like a desert, dry and wrinkly, because no man, or woman, wants to touch it, because you remind one of a fat and ugly toad , or an overgrown person with Down’s Syndrome, with a ten foot pole.

    Oh wait, I’m sorry for that last insult.. I don’t mean to lump Down’s Syndrome and toads with you. They deserve better than to be associated with a nasty BITCH like you.


    1. i know u people r always full of hatred, that’s y u need mahathir dick to cheer u up. suck it boy wakaka.

      1. on. Those who always hate others have a black and ugly dot in their chest. No amount of cleansing could wash it away until kingdom comes when they themselves rot with the dot.

    2. We all will see how is going to be cried. PH or BN.

      Uoll seem not knowing how is TUN M and Anwar.

      Uoll will see their game that will make Malaysian KHABUSSS….

      Now uoll can smile and laugh or happy. But when the time up well see how much uoll can laugh or crying

    3. And the people who voted for PH refused to be associated with a nasty bully like you. PH has won. Celebrate but don’t be an ass about it.

        1. At some point I had to say enough was enough with the Najib administration. It started with the so called donations & the 1MDB. Appointing Isa as Felda chairman, someone who was disciplined for money politics in their party was another black mark against the Najib administration. Then there were the mega China deals. Can you really not see what happened with all the China mega deals in other parts of the world & think that we are smarter and will benefit from all the mega projects?

          If it was just PH they might not win but more than a few BN supporters rallied with Tun M to get rid of Najib & his administration. Do you believe that if BN had remained, Umno would vote out Najib at their next Umno elections? No! They would rapatkan saf and continue in their merry way, enjoying the here & now & to hell with the rakyat.

          So yes, if it takes a tyrant to get rid of the Najib administration I am at peace with my decision in voting for the tyrant.

          1. And I believe that if Umno gets its house in order, get rid of the cabals within & face their failures & change, it will be comeback stronger & better. It’s gonna take quite a while since from what I can see happening in that party now, they are making the right noises but not the right conclusions or decisions.


  16. Imagine what this cunt would have said had BN won this election. I voted DAP purely for that reason.

    So yes, you contributed to BN’s loss.

  17. I was not a fan of Tun but I am willing to give him the benefit of doubt when he said he wanted to right the wrongs of the past.

    Will PH be a success?

    Too early to tell. But I am glad PH won. Of course one can sit here and ponder what could go wrong within PH in the coming months but I choose not to. Just let them run their course and be happy with the fact the will of the people has prevailed. Just 3 days ago many people went to the polls with suppressed optimism of beating the odds. The previous 2 loss has admittedly taken the gung go-ness out of the ‘Ubah’ crowd. Many were doubting if that thing called “people’s power” truly exists.

    No matter how PH performs, the empowerment of the people is the thing each and every voter can take home with them.

    Btw, I see this loss as a win for MCA, Gerakan etc. To be honest, I do hope they can now be effective opposition and regain the people’s trust…. that won’t happen if they remain as ineffective partners in the (former)ruling coalition.

  18. He’s #NotMyPeeEm too, Helen! I just couldn’t stand another era of Mahathirism. Can’t even stand seeing his face! And the corrupt tokong is the finance minister and the clown Mat Sabu as the defence minister? WTF? Lucky thing I don’t live in Malaysia!

  19. Hi,

    I just want 2 say that there r consequences if we back d wrong n lame horse.

    Iike u said b4. I wld hv lost my pants (deposit) if were 2 stand against Najib in Pekan.

    well he won d battle handsomely (in Pekan) but lost d war (Putrajaya).

    Now i m pretty sure that he is going 2 lose d family honour n d positive legacy of d late Tun Razak.

    it is truly a very sad ending 4 n ‘illustrious’ family.

    No thanks 2 Rosmah Mansor.

    1. I do expect some kind of response from d blog owner.

      but d sound of silence is definitely deafening.

      1. I think we should understand what she is going through as a result of the GE14 outcome and sympathize with her predicament. Also, those regular commentators who used to support her (Calvin S, Shamsul, Annuar, Mulan etc) where are you all?

  20. It’s only 5 yrs, and you will get your chance again…..keep on supporting umno 2.0/3.0 race agendas,that is a sure winner…. #ilovemypm, we are using it now…. and Mahathir is a legend…….And watching him destroy the umno he created……what a remarkable irony…….BTW, are you one of those dumdums who believes that umno will rule forever?

  21. Hey. You said PH will be cruel and unfair and act like a dictator the way BN was. But see this!

    PETALING JAYA: Rafizi Ramli mengingatkan Pakatan Harapan (PH) supaya tidak membenci pembangkang, termasuk Barisan Nasional dan PAS.

    “Pakatan Harapan ingat kita perlu sayang kepada pembangkang kerana mereka perlu menjaga kita.

    BN dan PAS ada tugas besar sebagai pembangkang memastikan hak dan kepentingan rakyat di angkat,” katanya kepada ribuan penyokong yang berhimpun di Padang Timur, untuk meraikan pencetus reformasi Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, yang baru sahaja dibebaskan dari pemenjaraan.

    Rafizi juga mengingatkan media supaya berlaku adil dan memberi liputan kepada pembangkang.

    “Saya minta TV3, RTM, Utusan Malaysia dan semua media supaya berlaku adil kepada BN, PAS, PH untuk rakyat.

    “Saya minta terakhir sekali supaya sahabat dalam PH bahawa setiap sen yang dibelanjakan ialah milik rakyat. Yang meletak dan mengangkat kita ialah rakyat,” katanya.

      1. Helen,

        The thing is, we heard nothing like this ever before from BN about freeing up the media and giving all political party access to the media.

        That’s already better than BN.

        This is something not just what Rafizi but what PH has been talking about all this while.

        So let’s see what happens.

        The point is, PH will be better than BN on many scores, including these sorts of issues. Even if it is just marginally better, still better.

        And the best thing is the people will see it. And they will know how they were hoodwinked before.

        Which will make a possible UMNO-BN come back that much harder.

        1. So how does it feel like to be opposition for not just the next 5 years but possibly also the next 10 years?

        2. Do you know the moment they announce media freedom yada yada, PH gov also made the move to replace the administrations in media prima, tv1 n tv2? How is that media freedom when you remove people with dissenting views n replace them with peoplr favourable to their cause?
          Isn’t that sama mcm BN juga? Lagi teruk i think sebab cakap tak serupa bikin.
          In the media cakap one thing, but in reality buat lain.
          Where is the transparency?

          1. not remove people with dissenting view, ph remove people that dun know what is media freedom.

  22. LOL how the fuck are you still allowed to talk cock and sing song? I better tell Tun and the new administration about your idiocy polluting the cyberspace. Hahaahaha. You better watch you back ;)

    1. It’s called media freedom, buddy. Look it up, your new government endorses it. Or is that talk cock also?

  23. Helen,

    I disagree that Pakatan won because of this:-

    “I nonetheless consider a tyranny of the majority has spoken, given the mob behaviour of Harapan supporters.”

    I believe Pakatan won for the following reasons:-

    1. Rising prices and cost of living since the 2013 GE, coupled with the effects of the introduction of GST in April 2015, which burdened not only the urban middle class but also the urban lower income group, the rural and semi-rural voters who traditionally delivered the majority of seats in parliament to the BN, especially UMNO.

    2. The dissatisfaction of FELDA settlers.

    3. The “Mahathir Effect”, where Mahathir loyalists amongst the UMNO vote base who would have voted BN just because Mahathir was in UMNO, hence in BN, switched their vote to Pakatan because Mahathir’s Pribumi was part of Pakatan. That is where a Pribumi candidate was not standing, they voted for the candidate of whichever Pakatan party was standing in that seat.

    In short, the Mahathir Effect split the UMNO/BN vote, thus enabling Pakatan to win with the largest minority in marginal seats.

    Without Pribumi and Mahathir in Pakatan, I believe that BN would have won, even with a reduced majority of seats in parliament.

    Rocky is right to describe this change of government as being due to a TUNAMI, rather than a tsunami.

    BN could have done more to contain rising prices and it’s now paying for not doing so.

    Now BN is breaking up, with MyPPP having left BN, plus Sabah BN member parties jumping ship to Pakatan and it looks like Pakatan is heading towards becoming BN 2,0.

    You may want to read my reply to the e-mail I received from Ong Kian Min’s office.

    In his e-mail which I received, Ong Kian Ming analyses the election results in detail but does not explain why it happened.

    The kind of feral Pakatoon behaviour you attribute this Pakatan win to only predominates amongst urban voters, many of whom rely almost exclusively on social media messages received, teh tarik and bar talk for their political information and are either incapable or too lazy to search for and verify what info they received or even to research more about it for their own knowledge, so they can make their own independent conclusions.

    Anyway, it’s still very early days for the new government and how this marriage will fair after this honeymoon period is over is left to be seen.

    FYI. I voted Rajiv Rishyakaran for state assemblyman because he had been very supportive of my fellow residents in our opposition to the PJD Link elevated highway through my neighbourhood.

    However, I spoiled my vote for parliament because I did not want to vote for Maria Chin, considering that some BERSIH member NGOs had received funding from the Neo-Con backed NED and/or Soros.

    If the incumbent Hee Loy Sian had stood, I would have voted for him, because he too had helped my residents in our opposition to PJD Link.

  24. I am glad that PAS got wiped out in most states. I can’t stand their religious bigotry. Pffftt

    1. On the contrary, PAS has returned stronger. At the time that parliament dissolved in April, the party had 14 MPs. Today it has 18 MPs.

      In the last election, PAS only ruled Kelantan. Today it rules Kelantan, Terengganu and is the biggest single party in Kedah.

      PAS may have lost the Chinese votes in the mixed areas but it gained many Malay votes at Umno and Pakatan Harapan’s expense.

      Mahathir’s Pribumi contested 52 seats and won only 12 — a success rate of 23 percent or in other words Pribumi lost more than three-quarters of the seats it contested.

      You better get used to PAS flexing its muscles.

      1. Mahathir’s Pribumi contested 52 seats and won only 12 — a success rate of 23 percent or in other words Pribumi lost more than three-quarters of the seats it contested.

        Helen lupa ke nak bagitau yg PAS bertanding di berapa kerusi yg hasilkan 18 kemenangan tu?

        Helen sengaja lupa ke nak bagitau yg ini kali pertama Pribumi bertanding. Dan utk kali pertama juga orang tua nyanyok tu terus sebabkan Najib dan UMNO/BN tersungkur.

        Tetapi sayangnya orang tua nyanyok itu terlupa nak lantik anak dia jadi TPM.

        1. Bagus juga PAS bertanding terlalu banyak kerusi. Ia strategi ‘testing the water’, yakni uji di mana letaknya kekuatan dan kelemahan parti di pantai barat. Tapi betul QQ cakap PAS kalah lebih banyak kerusi lagi berbanding Pribumi.

          Ada banyak sebab BN kalah. Antaranya GST/kos hidup, 1MDB, gelagat Rosmah. Dan jangan lupa juga prestasi Khairy yang begitu hambar!

          Umno ingat PAS boleh pecah undi pembangkang lalu memenangkan BN. Terkhilaf dari segi percaturan.

          Takpe. Pada PRU akan datang nanti, Najib dan Rosmah tidak akan lagi menjadi isu. Kalau masa itu Umno dan PAS mampu mengusahakan satu ‘straight fight’, Harapan akan kalah kerusi-kerusi majoriti Melayu.

          Sabar itu separuh daripada iman … I can wait. Time is on our side.

          1. > Ia strategi ‘testing the water.
            Itu yg dilakukan Pribumi, parti baru. PAS dah lakukannya setiap PRU yg lalu. Dapat kerusi pun tumpang sokongan parti lain dalam Pakatan Rakyat. Ini kali pertama berdiri sendiri tapi raih undi sebab Melayu meluat dgn Najib (dan Mat Bashah di Kedah). Namun kena ucap tahniah jugak dekat depa, dapat rampas Terengganu dan lebih berjaya di Kedah dari BN.

            Helen, lupakanlah Najib. Banyak sangat kesalahannya yg dah terdedah. Tak cukup sekadar nak bagi alasan derma dari orang. Kes 2.6b dulu pun aku dah bangkitkan beratus kali, tak ada siapa yg dapat bagi penjelasan yg munasabah, walaupun Najib sendiri. Sekarang kita sama2 tunggu verdict saja sebagai kata muktamat.

            Tak ada siapa dah dalam UMNO yg boleh diharap, Helen. Pemangku Presiden UMNO sekarang lagi menyecewakan, bukan saja menghina mantan Presiden selama 20+ tahun tetapi sanggup menipu rakyat jelata. Kamu nak harap orang macam ni nak jaga Malaysia lagi? Kamu nak harap Khairy yg bermain politik wang utk jadi Ketua Pemuda? Hishamuddin sorang saja yg nampak bersih sikit, tapi dia pun masih di sebelah Najib, Itu dinamakan bersekongkol dan bersubahat dgn segala perlakuan pemimpin suci UMNO itu. Jika Najib didapati bersalah, maka bersalahlah setiap orang UMNO yg menyokong dan mengampunya kerana isu 1MDB ini bukan isu baru, bukan berlegar dalam Malaysia saja.

            Don’t be a braille keyboard warrior Helen, open your eyes and your mind. Aku tak suruh masuk jadi ahli mana2 parti dalam PH, tapi hentikanlah ‘belittling’ apa yg kerajaan baru ni nak buat. Depa nak cuba buat yg terbaik untuk Malaysia.

  25. Omg so many triggered PH supporters here. Talk about being gracious winners eh. Stay strong Helen. Don’t mind the insults. We know you are a strong principled lady who are aeons better than these holier than thous. In an era of political zombies, we need your voice more than ever.

  26. Soon Najib will be found guilty of stealing Malaysians money.

    And you will still back him.

    You are sad, Helen.

  27. I would like to see more WOMEN filling up the top posts in UMNO and PAS. They seem to be sorely lacking.

  28. oh course you don’t have Facebook. who would show their fucking ugly face and body to the world? much less your own blog? please, you look utterly deformed. i would gladly sponsor a trip to Korea not like it helps.

    1. Fuiyo… cilakak punya komen

      Tapi Helen masukkan jugak. Kenapa ya? Nak raih simpati kot? Atau sengaja nak tunjuk komen dajal dari puak DAP?

  29. Yo, I just wanted to park this moniker alongside my other monikers…hahaha. In mid 2016, this one was the loudest…FOR FREEDOM!!!…hahaha I must have been crazy.

    I didn’t know that toppling the BN government can be so much fun. We should do this more often. And Helen, you’re cool in my book, you have your views and I respect them just the same way you’ve respected mine.

    Peace… FOR FREEDOM!!! hahaha crazy

  30. I just want to ask you, Helen, as a Chinese, how do you see PAS? Is PAS is too extremism and a racist party like most of Chinese said?

    Because of me as a PAS voter never heard our leaders said anything about racism, or be harsh to other Chinese or Indians or other non-muslims, but just want to improve our Syaria Law to decrease crimes made by Muslims in Malaysia. And because of most our leaders practice Islam the right way, the corruption can be avoided rather than those in UMNO who is “muslims” but not practicing it right and most of them just thinking about power and money.

    What do you think PAS should do to get non-muslims vote, but still can continue our mission to improve the Syaria Law in Malaysia? Most rakyat now is a just short thinker like those leaders in Harapan who just think to drop Najib, but not thinking or strategize the plan to improve the economy or law in Malaysia but still throwing fitnah/ slander just to slack from doing their manifesto.

    Thanks. And don’t mind all cakap kosong from Harapan voters. They cant see that their leaders are just a politician with big talk, small minded and still full of conspiracies

    1. I dunno but I agree that PAS leaders mostly stress on Islam and perhaps not the racial angle, i.e. PAS would not, for example, approach the Tommy Thomas controversy by pointing out that he’s not Malay. To PAS, the angle is instead that he’s a non-Muslim.

      Also I have to give your question deeper thought. Remember 93% Chinese voted Harapan. I’m among the miniscule 2.4% Chinese who voted BN.

      Not sure if PAS can make any headway with Chinese voters. PAS’s GE14 loss of the many Selangor state seats it previously won in 2013 indicates that your party was resoundingly rejected by the non-Muslim electorate.

      However, I’m convinced nonetheless that PAS has greater structural cohesion, sense of purpose, fighting spirit, volunteerism, moral credibility and confidence that you’re on the right side of history.

      Umno lacks ideological depth and good leadership.

      PAS will grow stronger and steadily gain more support. Unno, I believe, will try and become more Islamic.

    2. “What do you think PAS should do to get non-muslims vote”

      pas already got it in ge13, but yr myopic hadi ruin it.

      1. Yeah, we know that we got the vote from non-muslims only from the support from DAP, not purely because non-muslims accept or really understand PAS vision about Islam. It’s not our mission to turn Malaysia into Arabs country but just to implement the real Syariah Law, which not all Muslims country all over the world really implement it correctly. That is our mission. And it’s not just TG Haji Hadi decision to break with DAP, it is the decision of all Ulama Council in PAS that we decided to part away with DAP after realizing there is more demerit from merit. It is the behavior of DAP leaders that make us turn away. I do think that DAP just cover behind the Malaysian Malaysia brand realizing it actually the thing that turns on the heat about racism in Malaysia. DAP is the cause for the racism that happening in Malaysia right now. If you really learn history you will see, but if you love just short thinking about it without sees the history, you’ll never see.

        We accept that PAS doesn’t have many resources/money like DAP to explain the Syariah Law correctly to non-muslims yet, so mostly non-muslims in Malaysia only think about hudud is like cutting hands or something that which shows some kind of violence to non-muslim making them afraid or reject it fully. The Syariah law PAS want to improve it just for Muslims, which non-muslims shouldn’t need to worry at all. Actually, the step to apply hudud is also very strict. And hudud will always the last thing PAS want to bring for now, but the first step we want to take is to improve the Syariah Law first from RUU355 which not about hudud yet, but to increase the sebat/whip law to maximum 100 whips(Islamic way which to teach and embarrass(fully cloth in public), not the pain way like we are using now), the fee and jail period. Keep in mind it is maximum, doesn’t mean everyone making the mistake will get the maximum like PH leaders keep telling to us. They just want to make PAS looks bad.

        If you watch the video from DAP leaders when PAS was in PR, they can accept it because of it just for Muslims, but now when PAS is not together with them, they use all their power and resources to make PAS looked bad. I don’t hate the non-muslims who support DAP but I just sick of all those drama/wayang/fitnah DAP uses just to win. PAS learned it the harsh way after 2 times we’ve co-operated with them. When they need us to win they use all sweet words but when we(PAS) try to bring the bahas/debate about to improve the Syariah Law in parliament, they fight us just not to debate, it’s not to implement the law or anything yet. So there is no way PAS can be together with DAP again if they still don’t accept PAS. I do think that most non-muslims in Malaysia have been brainwashed by DAP and they will never see DAP as we see DAP.

        Thanks for those who reads. Sorry for my bad English grammars.

        1. i think pas got the chinese vote bec u r in a coalition against bn, not really due to dap. let say if dap join bn, would u think dap will have the same level of support from chinese?

          most chinese (not christian) dun bother to know syariah, just like we know very little about taoism, confucianism or buddhism, we r superstitious, secular n less fanatical. we care very less of pas mission as long as it wont affect us.

          racism is 2 or more way, everyone have a role, dap can not be worst if compare against bn. u better re learn history.

          my reading of ulama council decision to break with dap 1) najib n his promise on something 2) pas progressive (now amanah) out maneuver the ulama 3) pas realised the fundamental support is malay vote, that’s y u all turn to malay nationalism to win vote, n hadi sound more n more like umno. its a strategy, I dun mean pas is racist. in short, dap is merely an excuse.

          hudud/syariah/355 is limited to muslim is an old rhetoric n cosmetic political talk, lately many in pas b4 ge14 changed tune, its shd be on par or supreme to our civil law. n no nons would believe this would not affect us, u can re read many helen/ktemoc past writes on tis.

          n to be honest. i personally prefer pas to bersatu or mahathir. I used to trust pas more than pkr n dap. I still hope pas could revert to welfare ideology before venture into hudud or 355. I think some punishment can only be fair if the people r generally out of poverty.

  31. “What do you think PAS should do to get non-muslims vote”

    Stop being so Islamic. You might think that I am trolling here but that’s the truth. Most non Muslims are gravitating towards liberalism.This is in total opposition to what PAS stands for. I get the sense that many Malays are moving towards religious fundamentalism however which will definitely favour PAS in the long term, but they can forget about winning over us non Muslims if they stick to their brand of Islam. The truth is many of us fear even the moderate version of Islam, the version that PAS adheres to truly terrifies us.

    1. Please read the reply above. And what kind of moderate version of Islam that makes you or other non-muslims fear and terrified? Is it because of the Islamic law from JAKIM about raids for the gambling and sex raid?

      And yeah we totally object liberalism at all course because of it oppose with Islamic teaching and it will bring much more disaster as the population of Muslims in Malaysia is more than 60%.

      1. If you object liberism, it’s fine……but you can’t stop others from practicing it. You have no right to do that…..kapish??

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