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Dark beginning for the New Hope government

Abandon hope all ye who enter here.

Mount Hope is really Mount Doom, didn’t you know?

Lim Guan Eng has corruption charges pending against him.

As one of the demigods to earliest ascend the pinnacle of Mount Hope, Tokong is already giving the public a taste of how their just elected gomen is going to flex its muscles. Will his graft case be summarily thrown out of court? Go on, take a guess.

At the same press conference earlier today, the Harapan finance minister designate said that heads will certainly roll, including the MACC (anti-corruption agency) chief’s, for starters.

I see a conflict of interest in this stated intent of the incoming cabinet to “review” corruption cases against the Harapan politicians, particularly since one of the cases is Guan Eng’s own.

Vengeance is Pakatan’s, be afraid

Be very afraid.

In under 72 hours of coming to power, the Hope conclave has already given several hints on how they plan to exercise that awesome power of the state which they now wield.

Among the DAP parliamentarians to practise throwing their thunderbolts are YB Puchong Gobind Singh Deo (aspiring to be Law Minister, eh?) who aimed to decapitate sitting Attorney-General Apandi Ali, and YB Jelutong RSN Rayer’s parallel attempt to incapacitate TV3.

Fret not, there are plenty of newly minted VIPs who think like them.

“It’s hard to be gracious towards BN”

Harapan is replete with the most vindictive politicians out to exact vengeance. Their supporters are streaming through the floodgates too. One of them, Malaysiakini columnist Zan Azlee (above) proclaims, “It’s hard to be gracious towards BN”.

Yeah, we can see that. The last thing the jubilant mob is is gracious. On the contrary, volleys of venom hurled by the new executive rulers, who are wholly lacking in magnanimity, are already in abundance and in plain sight.

Given the revengeful attitude of the victorious New Hopers, it is equally tough on us the losing side to be gracious either.


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9 thoughts on “Dark beginning for the New Hope government

  1. I notice some pro-UMNO and BN bloggers and Facebookers who have changed side, praising Mahathir or close their account. I can understand why they do that by looking at the way Mahathir and Pakatan leaders act by threats and condemnations. Look at what happened to Rafizi. Just because he dared to question Mahathir’s incomplete cabinet lineup, Rafizi got barrage of condemnation from DAP, PPBM and their rabid and abusive followers. I hope your blog will continue to exist and voice out. I fear the beginning of a new terror reign.

    1. Isn’t that refreshing though that Rafizi feels he has the right to question the PM? In the last nine years, hardly anyone from BN questioned Najib and hence why UMNO has become irrelevant. Even the 1MDB mess was covered up by BN leaders.The yes men ultimately suffered big time in GE 14 as a result. Ironically, had Najib taken Dr M’s advice a few years ago and stepped down, BN would still be in power today. You reap what you sow.

    2. Me too..we are moving to a very very dark tunnel..and be vewy vewy afwaid…darth vader is taking over the planet ,huhu..

  2. Sometimes we hate ourselves when we are right and this is one such occasion. We have anticipated as much that the new powers that be will hit the ground running with the witch hunt.
    I thought civility is an appreciated trait but to some it is just another word in the dictionary. So sad.

  3. So much for acountable..
    And much more for freedom of press..
    All gone now..
    But they who vote them dont care much about anything now.. as long as it is not BN..
    100 days? Wait for mathir give the reason why 100 days are not applicable..
    He just cuci mangkuk what Najib and gang had setup..
    Cuci here sikit.. and they say warrr… terror la this old guy..
    Cuci there sikit… and again warrr… geniuos la..
    And yet before he was in BN.. All of them hate him so much.. i was thingking if he fight BN from within.. will they still amazed with him and voted BN?

  4. Actually I don’t mind a few heads rolling. Especially the top brass. Fuckers deserve whats coming to them.

    More important is who replaces them.

    LGE says that all corruption charges against HARAPAN candidates will be reviewed.

    Yeah by whom ?

    If the thinking that all those charges are politically motivated then I think all charges brought against Malaysian by the UMNO regime should be reviewed.

    There’s going to be a year or more of withchunts. Stupid really. Shit like that is what makes people turn against you.

  5. When rumors started to circulate on social media Najib and wifey chartered a plane to Indonesia for alleged ‘rest time’ , people rushed to Subang airport to try stop the duo. Not sure if that was before or after their names were on the immigration “blacklist “ – we had conflicting report from Immigration DG who said the two were not blacklisted. (at the time)

    The crowd was ordinary folks. Old and and young- Many were live streaming on fb.

    People are angry. That is a fact. This is the same anger that drove previous non-Pakatan supporters/fence sitters to go to the polls and vote PH. Now that PH is in power and has the ammunition to probe and bring wrong doers to justice, voters expect the new govt to act on it…..and fast.

    The voters would be even more angry had the new government decide to rest on their laurels man man lai to make good of their reform promises-

    Someone commented up there lamenting about (PH) accountability and press freedom. What was that? No person of interest are currently locked up without trial and as for press freedom, can it be any worse when under former reign? On Awani, guest analysts were happily exhibiting their proficiency in their respective field offering criticism and views … no more bending backwards ass kissing like they used to in the past.

    1. Really? Have they been sworn in? When are the circus going to end? More popcorns…

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