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Ho ho ho … is Mat Sabu your Defence Minister?


Exhibit 1 of meritocracy

Congrats Dapsters and Pakatuns, you deserve what you voted for.

Zippity doo dah, and behold the highly qualified, meritocratic Harapan cabinet member.

Allow me also to suggest the icon below to represent Harapan’s “Competency, Accountability and Transparency” credo:



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11 thoughts on “Ho ho ho … is Mat Sabu your Defence Minister?

  1. if ms can make decision base on what is morally right n lawful, plus integrity n dun simply buy bangalooo not knowing market price, i believe he is able to handle.

  2. Nobody in the cabinet is qualified for the job.

    LGE says he’s “Malaysian” not Chinese but yet the appointment by all accounts was celebrated by the ape shitters over at Malaysiakini as some sort of post racial Malaysian moment…..wait for it….because LGE is Chinese and he got the job held by Malays for the longest time.

    Wonder if he is even going to make policy considering the way how Daim is talking, the Council of Elders – which sounds sooooo stupid – has power way beyond the advisory capacity. Maybe that’s a good thing.

    Which is not to say that the finance minsters do not have advisers, but rather this dog and pony show is for the dumb harapan legion who think LGE is the best man for the job based on his ethnicity and whoring Penang out to all and sundry.

    As for Mat Sabu, I do not know ever where to begin making fun of this…..

      1. What the hell does this even mean ? Please translate for those of us who don’t understand Harapanspeak.

  3. Edit to add.

    And I voted for these clowns ?

    Stupid BN.

    Just should have got rid of Najib.

    Where’s a fucking coup (in UMNO) when you need one.

  4. The President of UMNO can’t even speak English and wasn’t even born in Malaysia. People in glass houses…..

    1. really…??? how about Lim Kit Siang…can’t even speak BM fluently and wasn’t even born in Malaysia…
      anyway from which cave you were born and breed…???

    2. You volunteer for Harapan during the campaign period ? I did. Want to trade war stories?

      Some Chinese candidates could not speak the dialect of the target audience so they spoke in broken English and Malay.

      Of course they could do not do this with the Tamil speaking non Hallelujah crowd so they tried speaking in Malay which I suppose demonstrates how Malaysian they can be when pressed.

      With the Malay audiences espically in the so called rural heartlands it was different. All this talk of Tanah Melayu being sold of to the PRC. Hell man, half the time I could see the target audience bored out of their minds and not really buying that. They just no likey Najib and were pissed of about the GST,

      But what the hell does language have to do with this anyway ? I don’t give a crap how you self identify. Either you think this cabinet is great or you don’t.

      Jesus, I am the guy standing outside glass houses and throwing stones at them.

      It’s fun you should join me.

        1. Yes but why do you ask ?

          Are you going to tutor them ?

          Wouldn’t it be easier if you just said you don’t believe me ?

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